How do you define "affordable fashion?"

Happy Friday!  Today, I am asking for your input, How do you define “affordable fashion?”

This term is used throughout fashion media land, and I am just curious as to what it means to the clothing consumer located here. 

What is affordable to you may not be affordable to me.  So, what does the headline with the words affordable fashion say to you?


How do you define affordable fashion?

For some, it might mean shopping at retailers with lower price points.

Often low/fast-fashion price points make it possible for women to own more trends and styles.

How do you define affordable fashion?

For others, it might mean purchasing higher quality clothing with low cost -per- wear in mind.

For many of these consumers, clothing purchases are about less trends, and higher quality pieces which meet their needs and personal style.

Perhaps this consumer is more willing to pay a higher price because it is all about wearing clothing they love (no matter the trends) that is well constructed and will sustain time.

How do you define affordable fashion?

Or affordable fashion to this same consumer may mean finding high quality at great sale prices!

Everyone loves a sale…right?

How do you define affordable fashion

So, where do you fall?  Of course, you do not need be solely one or the other.  Many fall a little bit into all three camps. 

But you certainly know what the phrase “affordable fashion” means to you when it appears in a headline or post.  Please explain what that would be.

Also, does your opinion have anything to do currently with higher prices (in everything from gas to groceries) and your outlook has recently changed?

Please share…I believe this is an important discussion for all of us.

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By Pamela Lutrell

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