How I wear the nautical trend

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s look at how I wear the nautical trend, where I was going, and a little reader style adjectives!

First off, I apologize that I was not here yesterday.  My family guests were having so much fun over Easter weekend that they decided to stay another day!

It was great fun with everything from egg hunts, two barbecues and an amazing church service…I hope your weekend was also special.


How I wear the nautical trend

The nautical trend is one of my favorites and has been since I was a little girl…who didn’t love the red, white and blue sailor outfits and hats?  

It is always in style, but tends to trend bigger about every other year.  This year I wear it with my Talbot’s jeggings, my Calvin Klein double breasted blazer from Dillard’s and my Ann Taylor stripped tank.

When it comes to wearing a horizontal stripe, I am pretty picky about fit because most make me look larger than I am.  That is why I have enjoyed this tank for several years…it is designed with great fit.

The shoes are my favorite sneaker-type leather slip ons by Cole Haan that I found at Nordstrom Rack a few years back…they are a fave. 

Now for a touch of nautical slideshow:



How I wear the nautical trend

I wore my nautical-trend-inspired outfit to the grand opening of a new location for Goodwill San Antonio.  

I want to look casual/professional when I go out to cover an event like this which also includes a ribbon cutting with local officials.

As a GoodwillSA ambassador, I try to make all of the grand openings and this one did not disappoint!  So many fun items to see!

I did not bring them home, but they were fun nevertheless.  I did bring home a fun smaller items.

How I Wear the nautical trend

For those who are in San Antonio, this new location is at Blanco and Highway 1604 right across from Target in the Vineyard.  

Our San Antonio Goodwill organization is amazing and does so much for our community.  We owe them our hearts and gratitude.


How I wear the nautical trend

Yes, be my guest and pull up a chair as we help another reader discover her personal style!

Today, I am here to assist Diane B who told me a lot about herself in addition to the adjectives.  That is very helpful when working with readers I have never met or laid eyes upon.

Diane recently updated her Foundational Five.  With her style, she desires to tell the world she is confident, fun, creative, classic romantic, and empathetic.

I have never had a woman want to communicate empathy with her clothing, but I believe that would be similar to approachable. 

Clothing which shows the ability of the woman to understand and share feelings with another would not be pretentious, overdressed, or designer styles.

Diane also loves statement jewelry and scarves and has quite a collection…she says!   She is like many of us and is challenged after COVID with extra weight, but unlike many of us, is also challenged with MS.

So she desires her clothing to be fun and I concur that it should be. 

Diane, I have selected pieces with details and designs I believe communicate your adjectives.  If I select a sleeveless item, then it is meant to be worn with a topper of some kind. 

In my slideshows, I link to the brands who work with my affiliate providers and they generate slideshows.  But, Diane, if I could for you, I would include styles from Soft Surroundings and Marketplace India.  

Both would have garments you would like. Also, I really want you to think about adding some fun sneakers to your shoe collection!  Here is the Diane-style slideshow…I hope you like it!

Let us know if you have ideas for Diane…and of course, anyone, can send their five adjectives to me at and I will put you on the list to get your own style show! 

Thanks for being here…so nice to have spring arrive and to be here with you…now, make sure to always…………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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