How to dress with “I’m Not Done” Confidence

How to dress with "I'M Not Done" Confidence

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s keep the inspiration from yesterday going and discuss how to dress with “I’m Not Done” Confidence!

Yesterday, I encouraged you to live one day at a time with renewed purpose and joy…so of course, we need to dress for each day!

I want my community to know that I am here…and engaged…active…and definitely NOT DONE!


How to dress with "I'm not done" confidence

When I get dressed each day, I am looking to hit these goals:

  1.  I want to wear clothing that builds my confidence and joy….and tells the world I’M Not Done!

I am the type of person who is motivated by dressing well every day…especially during the week.  If I take the time to look nice…fix my hair…fix my makeup, then I am going to get more done.  That is just the way it is.

I was headed out to meet Iris for brunch the other day.  It was chilly and I was about to put on my solid black trench coat…then I remembered this one…which has been in my wardrobe for a few years.

It put such a smile on my face to make this a more creative look and, therefore, meet my style adjectives.  I felt very confident entering the day in this look.

Some of you may have felt more confident in the simpler style with the black trench…and that is, of course, fine.  But, dressing with confidence is the key…no matter what your style messaging is. 

  1. I want to wear clothing which fits well, and looks like I put thought into it.

Every now and then during 2020, I would look in the mirror and think…you look like you just rolled out of bed! Don’t go out this way.

It helps my attitude…it motivates me…to do more with my style each day…though I no longer enter a professional workplace. 

If I am doing yard work…or working out…or cleaning cabinets…then of course that is a different game.

How to dress to dress with "I'm Not Done" Confidence

I was standing in line to vote yesterday, and a woman (I would guess) perhaps in her 80s, went to the back of a long line with her walker, in a walking boot and also wearing a very chic mask.

I only guess at her age by hair, hands, and slightly bent posture. 

She was dressed impeccably in a colorful spring outfit…she made me smile.

By the way, others offered her a closer place in line, but she refused to accept and went to the back of the line. 

I would also guess her to be a woman of great strength and dignity.

Are clothes that important that they can affect our mood and attitude going in to a day?  I believe they certainly help to brighten things up a bit.

Why not dress nice?  Life is short.

Here are some ideas for fun ways to top off an outfit:


How to dress to say I'M not done

Meet Kathyt!  Kathy Is a retired history teacher in the Pacific Northwest.  They recently moved from Seattle to an active 55+ Retirement Community near the Washington State Capitol.

“We downsized to a quieter landscape. Until COVID, we were active in the social life and various classes. Thank goodness we still have hiking trails and lots to do outside.”

Now here is the fun part….Kathy asked her friend Carol to describe her in five adjectives…Carol said CLASSIC, CONFIDENT, MINIMALIST, CREATIVE, AND HAPPY!

So, today’s slideshow is for Kathy and women like her….but come back tomorrow, because Kathy describes Carol!  I will feature her then!

I just told you I went to meet Iris in today’s featured outfit and speaking of Iris, one of her fabulous recipes will be featured in Thursday’s posts…tomorrow is the mid-week Would You Wear It…now, 



By Pamela Lutrell




  1. Years ago I was introduced to the Fly Lady who has a daily blog that encourages women to approach a different area of your home daily to clean, organize, refresh. One major obstacle she “preached” was to always get dressed down to your laced shoes so you could do what needed doing. I too realize that if I get dressed, I get more done so when I dress, I put on a little makeup, brush my hair, and am prepared to accomplish something worthwhile whether at home, or going out. I never throw on something to run to the grocery store which is about the only place I go right now. I might not look as polished as you in your pretty coat, but I’m presentable.

    1. Sounds like you are dressing for the day, Celia! That helps with motivation to experience it to its fullest right there at home!

  2. I prefer to dress up so to speak. I’m a college professor and it’s finals week. I am dressed for a warm spring day in a maxi skirt, embroidered knit shirt, and my sneakers. I just got my second Covid shot. The delightful technician told me I looked young for my age. Made my day because I am 53. Have a wonderful day and happy I am fully vaccinated.

    1. Hi. Kathy from the Pacific Northwest here. My goodness, Pam, you sure nailed how I like to dress in the slide show. I actually bought that first outfit this month!
      I especially loved the black and tan three quarter coat on You today. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all and sharing such great fashion and life insights.

      1. Thank you, Kathy for joining in the fun. Come back tomorrow for your friend Carol’s inspiration slideshow!

  3. Once again, I completely agree with you! Your trench coat example makes your point perfectly. Taking time to fix up and look polished, pulled together, and like we care about ourselves enough to make the effort goes a long way. Even on the now rare days that I’m home, I put long makeup, fix my hair and dress nicely. It’s a boost and I get more done. I remember your “”I Matter” sign. We DO matter!!

    1. We do matter… all people do. I hope to remind the readers here often that we must be on our own priority list at the top…not the bottom. My new mantra is We are Not Done!

  4. That is a lovely outfit on you, Pam! I agree that putting a little effort in helps me to feel more confident and prepared for my day. And it helps me to get things done. I also enjoy some weekend days at home – I call them “pajamas days” and lounge in soft sweats and tees – every so often as a way to recharge. I watch movies and read and nap.

  5. Looking very chic today and do love your coat, Pamela! Having lived in pyjama bottoms most of the winter due to issues with my back (they were easy to get on and get off) I am now so enjoying getting completely dressed … ☺.
    As our stores are still not open for shopping; do appreciate your ‘slide-shows’ and ‘would you wear it’ segments to keep me up to date as to what is available. -Brenda-

    P.S.: Leigh Anne’s dress for the Rehearsal Dinner was definitely made for her and IMHO perrrr-fect for the occasion.

  6. I, too, believe I accomplish more when I dress for the day. Even if it is house cleaning day, I put on makeup, dress in clothes that fit well & wear earrings in my pierced ears. It makes me feel confident & up to whatever the day might bring my way. The print coat you’re wearing really adds just the right note to your brunch outfit.

  7. Love that coat, Pamela! And I also love Kathy’s slide-show. There are some ideas in there I might have to steal. My “getting dressed to go out” look is pretty similar to my “getting dressed to stay in” look: usually jeans & a tee, sometimes with a shirt worn open over it. If I’m running out to do errands I’ll swap the shirt for a leather jacket if the weather warrants it (or a smarter shirt or lighter jacket if it doesn’t) & shoes, sandals or boots (again, depending on the weather); I’m barefoot in the house. If I’m meeting someone for lunch (or going to lunch with my husband), I’ll step it up a notch with a prettier top & skinny pants. I always wear multiple earrings & rings but will add a necklace for going out. My goal a year ago was to downsize my wardrobe by 3/4 & I’m close to that (I did give up trying to downsize my beloved collection of leather jackets & boots 🙂 ). I know what I look & feel good in & I’m not the type who cares if people see me in the same outfit twice & for some reason after this Covid year I just want less “stuff” in my life & that includes clothing. I want to open my closet & see just a few things there, everything coordinating & going together, nothing I don’t love, nothing that doesn’t look great on & that doesn’t make me feel great. Almost there! And it only took me 62 years. LOL!

  8. Catching up on posts, so I don’t know if you will see this comment, but I am right there with you Pam, about dressing up and doing make-up each day. Both things give me a boost and I do feel like I get more done. In fact, maybe once or twice during the winter, I dressed in leggings and an oversized sweatshirt and I felt so out of sorts. It was like I was staying in bed all day. It really is worth it to make the effort to look nice, even if it’s just for yourself!

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