How to dress with "I'M Not Done" Confidence

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s keep the inspiration from yesterday going and discuss how to dress with “I’m Not Done” Confidence!

Yesterday, I encouraged you to live one day at a time with renewed purpose and joy…so of course, we need to dress for each day!

I want my community to know that I am here…and engaged…active…and definitely NOT DONE!


How to dress with "I'm not done" confidence

When I get dressed each day, I am looking to hit these goals:

  1.  I want to wear clothing that builds my confidence and joy….and tells the world I’M Not Done!

I am the type of person who is motivated by dressing well every day…especially during the week.  If I take the time to look nice…fix my hair…fix my makeup, then I am going to get more done.  That is just the way it is.

I was headed out to meet Iris for brunch the other day.  It was chilly and I was about to put on my solid black trench coat…then I remembered this one…which has been in my wardrobe for a few years.

It put such a smile on my face to make this a more creative look and, therefore, meet my style adjectives.  I felt very confident entering the day in this look.

Some of you may have felt more confident in the simpler style with the black trench…and that is, of course, fine.  But, dressing with confidence is the key…no matter what your style messaging is. 

  1. I want to wear clothing which fits well, and looks like I put thought into it.

Every now and then during 2020, I would look in the mirror and think…you look like you just rolled out of bed! Don’t go out this way.

It helps my attitude…it motivates me…to do more with my style each day…though I no longer enter a professional workplace. 

If I am doing yard work…or working out…or cleaning cabinets…then of course that is a different game.

How to dress to dress with "I'm Not Done" Confidence

I was standing in line to vote yesterday, and a woman (I would guess) perhaps in her 80s, went to the back of a long line with her walker, in a walking boot and also wearing a very chic mask.

I only guess at her age by hair, hands, and slightly bent posture. 

She was dressed impeccably in a colorful spring outfit…she made me smile.

By the way, others offered her a closer place in line, but she refused to accept and went to the back of the line. 

I would also guess her to be a woman of great strength and dignity.

Are clothes that important that they can affect our mood and attitude going in to a day?  I believe they certainly help to brighten things up a bit.

Why not dress nice?  Life is short.

Here are some ideas for fun ways to top off an outfit:


How to dress to say I'M not done

Meet Kathyt!  Kathy Is a retired history teacher in the Pacific Northwest.  They recently moved from Seattle to an active 55+ Retirement Community near the Washington State Capitol.

“We downsized to a quieter landscape. Until COVID, we were active in the social life and various classes. Thank goodness we still have hiking trails and lots to do outside.”

Now here is the fun part….Kathy asked her friend Carol to describe her in five adjectives…Carol said CLASSIC, CONFIDENT, MINIMALIST, CREATIVE, AND HAPPY!

So, today’s slideshow is for Kathy and women like her….but come back tomorrow, because Kathy describes Carol!  I will feature her then!

I just told you I went to meet Iris in today’s featured outfit and speaking of Iris, one of her fabulous recipes will be featured in Thursday’s posts…tomorrow is the mid-week Would You Wear It…now, 



By Pamela Lutrell



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