How to look nice and comfortable for chilly spring weather

How to look nice and comfortable for chilly spring weather

Welcome Thursday, and welcome YOU!  Today, I am discussing how to look nice and comfortable for chilly spring weather.

In South Texas, we are having chilly weather this April…not rainy (though we need it), and not cold.  But, just a little bring-on-a-shiver...chilly.

The outfit I posted about on Tuesday, and today’s look would be typical nice comfortable style for me right now.

How to look nice and comfortable for chilly spring weather

This time of year, I love bright happy tops to go under my different toppers…jackets and cardigans.

This top is a past purchase INC wrap top from Macy’s…it is a favorite of mine because it is flattering and, as I said, Happy! The top underneath is where I bring on SPRING.

I am a huge fan of this long Easy Chic Jacket from Chico’s.  Specifically, this is the Drape-Front Jacket in Classic Navy.  It has a gathered waist in the back for a very flattering fit.


I am seriously looking at it in OLIVE for a transition to autumn piece.  If the weather continues like this, I could wear it now as well.   It is  classy, soft, chic, and comfortable.

I also like the way it pairs with skinny jeans.   This overall look is very nice for being out and about. 


How to Style for Chilly Spring Weather

You can see this jewelry combination on my right arm above and I am wearing it with almost everything these days.

I have worn often on the blog my silver bracelet collection from James Avery Craftsman Jewelry and I just added the Sculpted Hearts and Tulips White Doublet Ring in Sterling Silver.

It is also beautiful in Blue and Lilac (purple).  James Avery is always a perfect call for Mother’s Day gifts

I am honored to wear their jewelry and represent the company as a James Avery Ambassador.  You can also shop them at Dillard’s


How to style for chilly spring weather

I think all of us want to look nice and comfortable these days…so let’s go a little deeper for reader Linda D. 

Linda desires to tell the world with her style that she is artistic, confident, casual, current and friendly.

She is like many petites in that she struggles to find a good fit.  I do not know if I can help with that, but perhaps these pieces will inspire Linda and women like her.

I do want to encourage everyone who loves artistic clothing to consider sizing down on over-sized pieces.  It can make a definite difference.

First, Linda might want to consider the page for petites at Anthropologie.

Next, here is the slideshow for inspiration style….

Thanks for being here today, everyone….lf anyone else would like to send five adjectives, just send to…and make sure you…


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There are items within this post I was sent for review, but the words are my own.



  1. Love your look today! I have sone longish swingy but lighter weight cardi sweaters that offer the same look. One is a pretty blue from Talbots , the other us camel from Loft fall collection. They are not really heavy but top off tees or shirts really nicely for an added layer.
    I love that they are swingy when I walk and yes, do wear them with skinny jeans or black or navy leggings! You look so slender! Love this total look!

  2. Thank you, Paulette! You made my day with the slender comment. This is a great piece and not heavy at all. Have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. That jacket is a very versatile piece! I checked it out at the Chico’s website, and I love that saturated olive, a color I’m looking to add to my wardrobe in a pair of colored denim jeans. Sometimes, olive is faded and one of the “dreaded” pastels that wash me out. As for the chilly weather, here we had 3 inches of snow fall on trees that were in bloom, smothering blooming daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. It’s taken two days to melt. This is very, very unusual in northern Ohio, where spring is usually firmly underway here.

  4. Also, very unusual for South Texas to be as cool as we have been. I also like that the olive is more saturated…it is a great piece.

  5. Love this look on you! So classy!!! I’m always looking for ideas since spring is often cold here. The snow on the ground for the past two days kind of cold! I have long cardigans like your jacket and need some that say spring for these beyond chilly days!

  6. IMHO, I feel the saturated colors (to-day’s and yesterday’s tops) look fantastic on you. As for today’s ensemble, super choices. Re your chilly weather, we woke up with a skiff of snow on the ground which is very unusual even for us. Brrrr! -Brenda-

  7. I like the idea of putting the spring in a top under the neutral cardigan or jacket. One way to say we love the new season.

  8. Thanks so much, Brenda. Saturated colors are my favorites…I am so glad we don’t have snow…hang in there…hopefully sun is on the way!

  9. Thanks Pamela for my Inspirational style slideshow today. I am drawn to the geometric prints and you have given me some new avenues to pursue such as Etsy. Anthropology has a few stores in southern Ontario and a visit may make a nice day’s adventure once they are open again. I will have to check first as many of the chains don’t carry their petite lines here. I certainly miss my visits to the US as you have more petites in one mall than we have in any of the cities here. Shipping, duties and exchange rates plus return fees make ordering fashions on line a no go for me.

  10. I hope this gave you some inspiration, Linda and perhaps some new places to shop. Hope it works out!

  11. Your bracelets are beautiful. I have admired your James Avery jewelry.
    I really like that you do the “5 adjectives” slide shows. This has become one of my favorite things.

  12. I too am petite like Linda D. and like many of the tops that you selected for her. I also enjoy wearing ruanas and kimonos but find that the “one size fits all” pieces overwhelm my body. I’ve bought a few and sadly had to pass them along to taller friends. The ones I do wear are from Chico’s where I can order a size. My tendency of late has been to buy solid tops, but I’m going to my closet to look for something printed to match your suggestion today. Thank you, as always, for making me smile.

  13. And thank you, Celia for making me smile. I am now doing the same and only purchasing ponchos, kimonos and ruanas I can size down. Makes such a difference.

  14. While it has been downright cold here for the past two days, that jacket is the perfect piece to wear on those days when we have two seasons in one day. It is good to have multiples of those items we really love & wear often.

  15. I always love your blogs and especially your jewelry selections. I think you wore a large, open heart on a long chain with one of your outfits a few weeks ago. I have tried to find that post but haven’t been able to find it. Can you help me? I hope I didn’t dream this lol!

  16. Hi Linda, I think I know which one you are referring to, but I am not 100% sure. The majority of my accessories are a part of a collection I have built over several years….right now the newest pieces I can link to are the James Avery Pieces and a very Chico’s. If you do happen to see the one you are thinking of…let me know and I will respond as to where it is from.

  17. I love this piece and I am so happy to now have it coming in olive. Thanks Becky!

  18. That Chico’s jacket looks fabulous on you & I really like it with the blouse you’re wearing under it. I just wish they had it in red or steel grey, two colours I’m actively looking for to go with my “new” grey hair. I never wear navy or olive & have a closet full of black jackets/toppers already but am going to spend some time poking through the Chico’s site to see if I can find something (they make it fairly easy to shop from Canada, which is great). You’ve also inspired me to dig through my own closets (again!) to see what “spring-like” tops it’s time to bring out 🙂

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