Shopping Dillard’s with Leigh & Me

Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Today, we are shopping Dillard’s with Leigh & Me!

As I told you earlier, Leigh Ann is the soon to be Mother-of-the-Groom.  You saw in this post the sandals she selected for her MOG wedding attire.

She specifically said let’s go to Dillard’s to look at jewelry for the dress since their selection is so good…and we might look at dresses for the Rehearsal Dinner.

Of course, I am always open to some fun at Dillard’s in The Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio…so we headed out!


Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

I hope to show you Leigh’s complete look for the evening.  The dress is lovely and is soft blues and metallics in a floral print.  It is an off the shoulder top.

So, she has decided to go with her hair up, and long earrings and a bracelet with no necklace.  At first, both of us were leaning toward blue in the jewelry.

While we wandered from case to case,  a very knowledgeable sales associate asked if we were familiar with Gemma Layne…and I am so glad she steered us that direction. 

Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

All of the selections were lovely…and we loved the blue.  But, ended up really loving the champagne statement drops which match her shoes and she texted later to say they go beautifully with the dress.

This jewelry brand looks much more expensive than it is…very reasonable! 

Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me


Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

With the earrings and bracelet literally in the bag, we headed to dresses.  Leigh Ann and her husband are the hosts for the rehearsal dinner which is more casual and outdoors and a lovely Mexican venue.

She wanted something colorful, casual, yet communicated “I am the hostess of this special event in San Antonio.”   She started with a very simple Tommy Bahama Sunset Cove Sleeveless Round Neck A-Line Dress…cute, but not special event enough.

Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

Next, she tried this Calvin Klein Short Puff Sleeve Floral A-Line Dress.…cute…still not special.

But, then she met this dress…..WOWZA!

Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

This is the Belle Badgley Mischka Taylor Floral Embroidered Ruffle Dress..and it Is perfect…and stunning on her.  And on sale!

Talk about a successful shopping trip!  We did find everything we set out as priorities at Dillard’s. 


Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

Since so many readers have asked me for brands that are creative,  colorful, and a little-bit boho, I decided to show you a few tops from the John Mark Line. 

This is the Mixed Media Floral Embroidered Chiffon Printed Back Tunic. If you click on the link, make sure to look at the back of the top…different and just as lovely.

Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

This one would be cute with leggings…or even capri leggings.

It is the Embroidered Hammered Satin Scallop Hem Tunic. 

Shopping Dillard's with Leigh & Me

Finally, we will end this trip on a colorful but more subdued note.

This is the Woven Crinkle Wire Collar Pintuck Detail Button-Front Top and it comes in bright green and pink.  I love the wire in the collar to help it stand up.

If you want a little fun in the closet, check out John Mark at Dillard’s.


Is anyone else shopping for weddings?  Please share and let us know what you are looking for….thanks for being here…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. oooooh, dont know that John Mark, but he seems to know me! love those!
    and Leigh’s dress….so perfect! i love everything about it.

  2. Congratulations for Leigh Ann and the dress she chose is absolutely beautiful! Such a fun post thank you Pam.

  3. Oh I just love the Mother Of The Groom rehearsal dinner dress! So beautiful on Leigh Ann, as the fit is just right! Pamela , you’d look nice in that dress too! And Pamela, all those stunning bright tunics and shirts that you’re wearing! Great looking! Take them home! Our springs and summers seem longer somehow these days….longer than wintery months so I’m beginning to add to my warm weather wardrobe too! Am I the only one who sees warm weather right into October? ( and I’m in the northeast USA. )

    1. I can’t see my hips in this dress…but it is a great one for Leigh Ann. You are so sweet Paulette!

    2. You and Leigh Ann found some beautiful clothing at Dillards, but your earring search reminded me of my past earring search as mother of the groom. We have only two sons so I’ve been MOG twice. For each wedding, I too went to Dillard’s in Tallahassee to find earrings. And each new daughter-in-law liked my choices so well that I said I would gift them with the pair I wore to each wedding. They were a special accessory to me, and I hope each DIL will also consider them special.

    1. It is fun to do this with a friend and gives us more options to bring to you…I hope we can go out again soon. Thanks Diane!

  4. Nice work Leigh Ann! I’m shopping today for wedding guest outfits. It’s a destination wedding. The event features a girl’s wine tasting, sunset cruise, beach ceremony and reception. That’s a lot of dressing up for a jeans girl.

  5. Leigh Ann’s dress is perfect! She looks fantastic. Thanks for such a fun shopping trip that introduced us to some new brands.

  6. Such a perfect dress for the rehearsal evening at a Mexican restaurant! I was zooming in to see the embroidery more closely, and noticed the two of you in the reflection shot up and to the left. You have such a big smile on your face as you take Leigh Ann’s picture – your happiness for your friend is beautiful. 💖

  7. I love on the UK, but always make a beeline for a Tommy Bahamas store when we holiday in Florida and I love the TB Sunset Cove dress you are featuring here!
    I also spend a fortune in WHBM when we visit!

  8. I love Leigh Ann’s dress ! I am a MOG with the wedding in November. I am shopping for earrings and a necklace and a rehearsal dinner dress. Like Leigh I want to say “I’m the hostess of this special event” You two were so successful I’ll have to check out Dillards online as we don’t have one near me.

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