Shopping JCP with Leigh and Me

Shopping JCP with Leigh and Me

Time to join in with another adventure as we take you shopping JCP with Leigh and Me.

I have not been by JC Penney in a long time, so I talked Leigh Ann into joining me.

It turned out to be a very valuable stop for her!  You will see why soon. 

JCP has a big sale going through April 18.  With the CODE: NEWLOOK7, you get an additional $20% off.

I do have a sad admission.  Sometimes I get so excited about what we are doing that I forget to wipe the camera lens.

You will especially see this grievous error in one photo!  Ten years of blogging…still learning!!


Shopping JCP with Leigh and Me

Let’s start with this fun piece…the Worthington Women’s Tie Neck Bow Blouse. 

I think this is actually a fun casual top…the tie is not attached so you can easily remove it.  

The front enclosures are SNAPS not buttons, which to me, would say casual and not professional wear.  I also rolled up the sleeves.

ON SALE:  $19.99 with the code!

Shopping JCP with Leigh and Me

If you love the print, but do not want it in a blouse.  THINK SCARF!  This is the MIXIT FLORAL SCARF…for $12!

Shopping JCP with Leigh and me

I like this little top a lot…it would be fun under some of my warmer weather toppers.  I even have a very sheer black kimono.

This is the Liz Claiborne Women’s Sleeveless Regular Fit, Button Down Shirt in Rose Essence Palm.  Only $17.76 with the code.

Also, speaking of toppers…there is a really fun one in the slideshow that would be great with a sleeveless dress for a summer event. 

Shopping JCP with Leigh and me

Well, there it is the smudge on the lens.  But please try to ignore it and look over this great little BLACK LABEL BY EVAN-PICONE SUITE JACKET.

At least the jacket looks great!

I know it is meant to be a part of a professional suite, but I like it with denim.  Can add a touch of spring to your jeans!


Shopping JCP with Leigh and Me

Leigh Ann is the Mother of the Groom in a soon to happen Spring Wedding.  She needed dress sandals to go with an evening ensemble full of ice blues and metallics.

She was shopping for a particular shoe…heel height, comfort level, and color.  We all know how difficult it can be when we have a specific item we need.

Thank goodness she found it at JCP and it will look lovely with her outfit.  

These are the I. Miller Nannett Women’s Pumps in Plantino Champagne.   With the code?  $35.99!!

Leigh Ann said they are very comfortable…though she does plan to change into fun sneakers at the reception.

She believes she will wear these often and they are not just a one time wedding purchase.

Shopping JCP with Leigh and Me

I am very impressed with JCP’s shoe offerings…particularly online  I put a few in today’s slideshow.

Shopping JCP with Leigh and Me

Finally, if you are looking to update your workout/at home casual style, JCP has many fun options in that department.  Nothing like a fun pair of leggings or capri leggings to get you out for a walk!

Here are a few more pieces which stood out to me, but with affordable prices like these…you might want to spend some time on the website…just click through to their site with the slideshow images….

Hope you enjoyed our trip to JCP today….anyone else shopping for a special occasion like Leigh Ann….please share…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. You both found some real treasures! That first blouse is such a good color and print. I really like the way that looks on you. And the one with the palm leaves is something that would work so well under a solid topper. Love the pink jacket!! I have some Evan Picone jackets from JCP from when I was working, and they have held up beautifully. I kept them to wear with jeans and also over dresses. They are good quality pieces. Leigh Ann’s sandals are gorgeous! The straps are so well placed that they’d work with my (unfortunate) bunions!! I’m always on the lookout for strappy sandals that hide this issue. I’m going to have to look at those again! Fun shopping trip, and always nice to get things for good prices!

  2. Pam, the blue floral top looks really nice on you. I recently bought a max dress from JCP online. Can’t wait to wear it.
    JCP sells my favorite ss tshirt – all cotton not see through St. John’s Bay tshirt. Our dressing rooms are still closed.
    Happy Wednesday.

    1. Thanks for sharing about the tee shirts! I am going to return and spend more time there when new clothing comes in. Happy Thursday!

  3. First of all, those sandals that Leigh Ann purchased are IMHO perfect for her ice blue ensemble. Re the 1st blouse you modeled, I know I would get a lot of wear out of it even as an overlay as often feel cold in air conditioned environments and it being a polyester is a plus as probably little ironing if any required … ☺. Absolutely super prices as well!
    P.S.: All of our dressing rooms have been closed literally for months now. Also as we are in a 3rd wave ‘P’ lock down; noticed the other day in stores that carried clothing but deemed necessary and still open (due selling of foods/pharmaceuticals), their clothing sections were even roped off preventing access to such.

    1. So sorry to hear about your lockdowns. I know that is very difficult. I hope going into our dressing rooms on the behalf of the rest of you helps.
      Thanks Brenda

  4. I wore those exact silver sandals (found at JCP) for my daughter’s wedding. They were super comfortable – and I wore them again at formal night on a cruise after that! Hope Leigh Ann likes them, too.

    If you’re like me, I do not like to show my arms – but that sleeveless blouse looks really good on you!

    1. I am like you, Andrea. I have several lightweight toppers I use for warmer weather. Leigh Ann did take the shoes home with her. They are wedding bound. Thanks for more affirmation!

  5. Good Morning Pam! Thank you for the trip to JCP. I worked for them as a salesgirl on and off when home from college and have always appreciated that they offer affordable clothing and home goods. Unfortunately we lost our local store about two years ago, so I miss popping in as I did before. Leigh Ann scored big with the sandals!! Would love to see her all decked out when the time comes. The slideshow has a couple of cute wraps which I will possibly pick up, as we just booked our first return trip to Mazatlan for late May and I’ve been meaning to at least replace my white swim cover up and love kimonos for this purpose. Then they pull double duty for evening patio dining.

    1. So happy to hear from you Connie! I will ask Leigh Ann to share a picture when she is all decked out. She found online a long dress that she really liked, but decided to take it to a seamstress and go tea length…it turned out just the way she wanted. I can’t wait to see her myself. You are right about kimonos for traveling…they are great to serve multiple purposes.

  6. I too am a Mother of the Groom this year. The wedding was originally planned for May but was pushed to November because of Covid. I’m keeping my dress but am on the hunt for a rehearsal dinner dress. I can’t wait to see pictures of Leigh Ann’s dress.

    1. Leigh Ann’s rehearsal dinner is very casual. It will be outdoors at a favorite Mexican Restaurant…hopefully including mariachis! I will see what she plans to wear for that dinner.

  7. I haven’t shopped at JCP for quite some time, although I did receive two long sleeved St. John’s Bay t-shirts for as a gift for Christmas. They are very nice quality. The items you found & those in the slide show have peaked my interest. Leigh Ann’s shoes are lovely, & an excellent values.

  8. I’ve been going to JCP for clothing the past few years and have been pleasantly surprised with their merchandise. I like the Liz Claiborne and Ana line of women’s clothing .

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