Would You Wear It – Dark Spring Tops

Would You Wear It - Dark Spring Tops

Mid-week already and time for a pop-up Would You Wear It – Dark Spring Tops!

There are some who believe warmer weather is only for pastels and lighter colors.

Then there are some who believe dark colors may be worn all year long.

Here is a spring fashion display from Nordstrom.

Would you wear it dark spring tops

On this day, we ask that. you look the display over and tell us if you personally would wear the style.

Then explain with constructive thought why you would or would not wear it.

Remember to be constructive and instructive with you comments.  Do not say something that might offend a reader who believes differently from you.

We learn from each other…but learn nothing if you label the display an ugly name.

Would You Wear It - Dark Spring Tops

So please look today’s display over and tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


More Spring Styles from Nordstrom:




Today, I am working with reader, Mari, who desires to find pieces which tell the world that she Is casual, classic, refined, intelligent…yet, fun!

Mari, here is a slideshow just for you and women like you.  Let me know how I did and hope it inspires your style.


Would You Wear It - Dark Spring Tops

I saw this on a wall recently and wanted to share its inspiration for you.

Says everything I would want to say for a successful week!  

Please tell us what you think about the display…no matter what you think…and make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I love the jeans and would be likely to buy them. The top is not really my style. I prefer to transition to “lighter” colors for spring and summer, plus I am not a huge fan of the flower design.

  2. I do wear dark color blouses year round and avoid pastels year round. The one shown here is too volumous for me, but the overall outfit is cute.

    1. I love dark floral print blouses. I have a couple in my wardrobe that I can wear year round – alone in spring and summer or with a blazer or cardigan in fall and winter. I think they look amazing with jeans in any color or wash and with white or camel slacks.

  3. I prefer 3/4 length sleeves or at least elbow length all year round as I prefer not to show my upper arms. We do tend to ‘think’ we cannot wear darker colors in the spring and summer; however, if the colors flatter you then by all means wear what you love and feel good in. This blouse has one of my favorite colors so it might be a contender and the sleeves are sheer so it would be fine to wear in the summer and the pleating at the neckline is interesting. I do think a lot of it is perception that we need to wear pastels in the spring and summer. I like the jeans also and am learning to wear jeans with dressier tops and not just for casual purposes.

  4. I love the jeans, and would wear them…..the top I do like, surprisingly. I usually avoid large prints, but this more paisley design just speaks to me, and since Spring weather here is typically cool and sunny, I’d definitely wear this. Id wear it simply, as shown.

  5. i do like the print, and i would wear it. the only thing i would change is the cut of the hem.
    straight across at that point on my body usually doesnt work…if it were shirt tail hem, perfect for my pear-morphing-into-apple body. or a side tie blouse, which at first glance i thought it was, but it was the angle of the photograph.
    those jeans would not be my first choice…i insist on longer jeans, and darker jeans i have learned are more flattering on my thighs.

  6. Love the style. Yes I would wear it. Although the color is dark it has a soft and light appearance. I also like the long sleeves due to the air conditioning even during the hot summer months. I find the slim jeans a great compliment to the outfit since the top does project volume. Have a wonderful day ladies!!

  7. I love the look of the blouse, and would check it out if it was not just a pull on style. I wear some darker styles in the spring and summer if they are flattering to my colours. I really like he dressier style blouses with jeans and have worn the look for a fun touch. The first outfit in the slide show is a stunner and something to look into as well. We are enjoying a bit of a warm up and it is bringing lots of thoughts of spring.

  8. I would definitely wear this outfit! As a matter of fact, I have some similar things in my closet right now! Since going totally white/silver about 6 years ago, I am really drawn to the darker top/lighter bottom combination. Pastels do not appeal/work for me – I feel really washed out if I ever wear them, so I never go baby blue/baby pink/pale yellow in the Spring. I really like that shade of blue denim as well as the pant length. Put black booties and a blazer or shawl with it instead and I could wear it 10 out of 12 months!!!

  9. My credit card totally loves that we don’t have a Nordstrom in the area. But loving the top, great dark floral. I would add a pendant necklace to create a v illusion, because jewel necklines are not flattering on me. The jeans, loving the high rise look, and the rinse/color, but would go with a straight leg rather than the skinny leg.

  10. While I’ve had my fill of dark for awhile, I’d wear this top in the fall and winter. It’s gorgeous!! I’d say no to spring and dark colors except black and navy which are year round for me. This top and dark ones like it just don’t say ‘spring’ to me. But I’d wear it for certain at other times of the year. It’s just beautiful!! I can really relate to Mari’s adjectives. I’ll bet many of us can!

  11. I always have to think about the climate I live in, which is Florida— hot and steamy Florida! I would not wear the top. I rarely wear long sleeves after March. I also do not wear florals. I like dark colors for summer and spring because they look great with white pants and shorts. I have not worn a pair of “regular” heavy jeans for five years!

  12. When I had “my colors” done years ago, I saw that I am a winter so I now buy darker jewel color clothing. My only light clothing is white or light blue denim tops and white, khaki, and light blue bottoms. Therefore, in order to lighten up my look for spring and summer, I might wear my darker tops with my lighter colored pants, but also with my blacks and navy bottoms. I do like this darker blouse very much, and would wear it with both dark and light bottoms. I just feel more comfortable in darker clothing whether cold or warm weather.

  13. First off on today’s would you wear it. I definitely would wear it. I might want to dress it up even more and wear black jeans, but I would just have to try it.
    I am Mari, the slideshow girl for today. Pam, thanks so much. I actually own some of these pieces as they come from Talbots which happens to be my go to. I love them all. I’m not totally sure about the duster length jacket in the very first slide as I am pretty short, but I would definitely try it on. Thank you so very much for giving me a lot of inspiration there.

  14. In my climate a ‘yes’ to both for either Spring and Summer wear however I would not wear the blouse necessarily with jeans and would choose it for an evening out on the town or a special occasion, paired with a compatible fabric in a bottom most likely in black. i.e.: A Polished Cotton/Viscose/Silk/Crepe/Polyester and/or their blend. The choice in bottom (style of skirt or pants) would dictate my footwear and accessories. As to the shoes, a definite ‘no’ as for myself prefer a lower heel.

  15. Hi – I would wear the outfit, but don’t think I’d wear the blouse in the spring. To me the colors scream “FALL”. I do like darker blouses in the spring, but prefer them to have a dark background with brighter colors in the design.

  16. I love the blouse, but I wouldn’t wear it. It does not fit my style uniform of a plainer top to show off jewelry, and I like florals on me in smaller doses. I would love to see it on someone else, as it looks very well made and cut, and the floral looks like “boho elegance.” Styling it with a slightly lighter wash jean, something I added to my closet (twice!) this spring freshens and lightens it. I often wear dark tops even in the hot summer, as pastels tend to wash me out. Black linen with straw accessories gives a lovely, hot weather French Riviera vibe.

  17. This appeals to me very much, both the cut and the print. I would wear it to the theater year round with black dress pants. Should the theater ever return. It would be a perfect piece for a travel wardrobe. Should we ever travel again. Can you guess that we are going back into complete lockdown tomorrow because of the variant spread? Ugh.
    In Spring I’d wear it with my red jeans just because. I think that would make it cheerful. The only thing I might have to do is sew up the slit in the back a bit because it looks long enough that your bra may show and I’m not one who likes that look even with straps.

  18. I didn’t even look at the jeans because the blouse is the star of the show. I love it, and with the sheer sleeves, would be perfect for warmer weather. I would pair this blouse with a pair of white jeans for a dressier, casual date night with my husband. I love to pair darker colored tops with white jeans or lighter wash denim during the summer. I definitely do not stick to wearing only lighter colors in the warmer months.

  19. I love the print on this blouse! Spring and summer in the Santa Cruz mountains can be foggy so dark colors work year round. If it was a high/low hem though I wouldn’t buy it. I’m not fond of that design element.

  20. While this blouse would not help me look my best, I wear dark tops all year long. Because I’ve a heavy bust, I wear monotone or a dark top without a crew neck with a light bottom. Usually, if I wear a light or bright top, it is worn under a kimono or cardigan. Like one of your readers, a 3/4 sleeve length is ideal. I steer away from elbow length, again, to underplay my bust line.

  21. I would wear this top. The fabric & sheer sleeves would make a good choice for a special occasion or dinner at a very nice restaurant. It is sometimes nice to have a little coverage in a chilly indoor space. I would likely wear it with white pants. While I likely wouldn’t wear as an everyday piece in the heat & humidity of a Midwest summer, for that special occasion it would be lovely.

  22. To me, this says ‘cold weather’ so I wouldn’t wear it in the spring. It would be a nice look for winter holidays, date nights, etc

  23. For me, it would be less about the colors, which I think are beautiful, and more about the fabric. If it is a lightweight, breathable fabric, I would definitely give it a try.

  24. Oh, I love it & would SO wear it — in fact I have a blouse that’s very similar (V-neck, though, which works better for me) & wear it exactly as shown with light wash jeans, black leather boots with a bit of a heel & lots of jewelry. If I want to dress it up a bit, I’ll go with black jeans or pants. I like the loose fit & sheer sleeves with slim fitting jeans. And I like those jeans, except I want full-length legs (I flatly refuse to buy the shorter style) & more of a “slim” fit to a true skinny fit. I don’t know if those are real terms, but I know them when I try them on. 40+ years of yoga, walking & even horseback riding have kept my backside up where it should be & in pretty good shape, but a 62 y/o butt is still a 62 y/o butt & I think benefits from a slightly looser fit than it did when it was 20 🙂

    Love that poster, Pam — it encapsulates most of my belief system! And although I’m late, I’m glad you had such a great Easter with your family. I think maybe one benefit of this past year has been underscoring how valuable our time together is.

  25. I love this look….from the floral top to the slim jeans. I would definitely wear this. I could also wear the top with white jeans, black or beige trousers or a skirt. Change up the shoes. I think dark floral prints work in any season.

  26. My closet has two seasons: winter and summer. It just happened this way, without trying.

    However, it makes sense. Winter has slush, road salt, sand and gravel. Dark clothing hides stains better. When the sun is at its weakest, dark outerwear absorbs whatever heat better. Summer sun is hot, and light colors reflect heat better. I’m fine with that. It makes sense where I live.

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