Would You Wear It – Spring Trends

Would You Wear It - Spring Trends

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Spring Trends.

On Saturdays, my friend Jennifer and I select fashion displays to bring before you for your scrutiny.

We ask that you tell us if you would or would not PERSONALLY wear the styles and explain why, so the other readers learn from constructive comments.

Would You Wear It - Spring Trends

This display at Dillard’s grabbed my attention because it shows several spring trends happening with pants and sleeves.

Remember, tell us which pieces or looks you would or would not actually wear and why.

Would You Wear It - Spring Trends

So, give my family of three your best fashion-stylist-eye, and tell us………………………


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Would You Wear It - Spring Trends

During a recent thrift shopping trip at Goodwill San Antonio, I saw this little bag and thought…What a great graphic for Would You Wear It? 

Of course, I did not purchase it, but this image may pop up from time to time.

Would You Wear It - Spring Trends

I stuffed 104 Easter eggs with surprises last night…so let the grandchild hunt begin!  In the early days of our family, we were known for our Easter Egg hunts in the neighborhood.  I still think there are eggs we never found.  

Now that the “crew” is growing a little older we can return to the fun.  Five of them are 8 and under….it is going to be a crazy fun day!

Make sure you go over to A Well Styled Life and see what Jennifer has for us today!  I hope everyone has some joy planned for this weekend!  Make sure whatever you do, that you….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like the scarf! Other than that, no for me, I would not wear these. Wide, cropped pants are not my style asthetic and it’s a trend I won’t be participating in. The “big-on-big” look with big, oversized tops and wide, loose bottoms are no doubt comfortable, but just not me. I will wear an oversized top with slim bottoms, but that’s just me. The dress is too unstructured for my taste. Nothing here really draws me in. But I do like the scarf!

  2. I do not like any of these pieces as the appear way too shapeless and, therefore, would not be flattering on me.

  3. I like the fabric but wouldn’t wear any of these outfits. They are all too voluminous for my frame and would wear me, rather than the other way around. I like the black and white blouse but would need to try it on to check the length, as I’m long-waisted. It could look cute with skinny black pants or capris.

  4. I understand the appeal of loose clothing on a hot day but everything shown is too loose and shapeless for me. Happy Easter!

  5. If the fashion industry can’t do better than that to revive things after the pandemic, They should just quit! I might be willing to buy the polka dot blouse if the price was right! However,the puffed pants,I hope is not a trend coming. I would look like a lost balloon in them.. The other outfits I would just walk on by.. NO offense to anyone.But! I look forward to your post next week.Happy Easter!

  6. These would be good looks in July and August, when it is super humid here. The middle outfit, with the striped cropped pants, and loose top, total yes, in fact have similar top now in my closet that is a favorite. I always love a striped pant. The linen dress, it would not do my busty rectangle any favors, but it would hide the post menopausal stomach. The blue outfit, sorry no harem pants in linen, but the polk a dot top, terrific with any pant or shorts in a primary color. I have a Dillard’s trip on my to do list for today, nothing like a last minute Easter outfit. I have couple of dresses that would work for Sunday, but of course the dress I want, don’t have a hat and sweater/wrap to finish it.

  7. Hi Pam, nope, not a thing in this display would I wear. They are all much too shapeless, I understand it’s supposed to be cool for summer, but there’s something about the blah mannequins, color, and shapes that I wouldn’t even pause here. The colors don’t say fresh and spring and joy to me….we all need a little something-something after the pandemic. Amy

  8. I would possibly wear the striped pants and top. I bought a pair of striped pants and still deciding if I should keep them or not just because the stripes are wide. Will they overwhelm my petite frame? I’d have to try on the other pair of pants. It’s back to my height. I’m not sure about the dress. It would be cool for summer and I prefer dresses be right above the knee on me. Linen can also be a beast so I’d want to know if I will looked wrinkly immediately.

  9. The linen dress would make a great beach cover-up. It is too short for me to wear as a dress, but I would definitely wear it as a top with skinny ankle pants. I am surprised that I am loving the wide leg crop pants, but would wear them with a more fitted top.

  10. The only thing I might wear would be the pants, but would wear it with a more fitted top. I am not a fan of loose tops and bottoms. The others are just too much. The dress is cute, but like others it is too short. Happy Easter.

  11. I am a bit frustrated at all the pant lengths so far above the ankle. I like my pants to hit the top of my shoes and if really loose, even longer. If the pink stripe was that length, I would have them for sure. The dress is too short for me and if it is made to stay cool, it sort of defeats the purpose if I have to wear pants under it. I have nothing to say about the look on the right for me. That purse is cute and is a perfect W for Saturday start off.
    We are unable to see anyone for Easter as we are back into a stricter lockdown for another month, so enjoy your family for the rest of us who cannot.

  12. Ditto to most of the comments about large over large. I’d look like I was trying to hide. I love wide legged pants, but at 4’11” I make them reach almost to the ground! I wear them with 3/4 sleeve thin knit tops, either cropped to the waist or tucked in. I also wear them with heeled or wedge sandals, a minimum of 2.5”. So I’d try on the striped pants- maybe they’d be full length on me! Don’t have a Dillards here in Connecticut, so not a possibility.🥺

  13. I would not even try these on. The striped pants might look ok (I tried on a pair of wide legged crops the other day and decided I didn’t hate them on me, and I’ve added straight leg jeans to my wardrobe this spring). But they are too memorable for my wardrobe. The dotted blouse is nice but not with the lantern pants. It might look good with navy pants or a navy broomstick pleated skirt. I’m not opposed to a nod to a trend, or going whole hog if a trend happens to match your signature style, but I never want to be walking around in clothes so trendy that I can only get a season or two out of them.

  14. I think who ever set up the display did a disservice to the fashions. In attempting to show the trends they oversized everything so much, especially in relationship to the size of mannequins, that nothing looks attractive. Each piece individually could be versatile in a wardrobe in the right size. Even the dress with a bright scarf or print crossbody purse and colourful sandals could look cute.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  15. I have a small frame so these all look like they might overwhelm me. The chambray dress on the left and the polka dot blouse on the right are the pieces I would be most likely to try. Have a blessed Easter!

  16. The outfit on the right, polka dot blouse with uniquely designed pant just don’t appeal to me. The center grouping is pretty on the mannequin, love the scarf, but on me? No. I see a taller, younger woman wearing this with a heeled sandal.
    The simple linen dress looks cool, and I would wear this on a hot humid day or over my swimsuit.
    All three outfits are tough to comment on as our weather is pretty cold (30s) right now although the calendar says April. I’m freezing after my long walk on the beach thus morning! Layered up as I was including gloves, the winds off the ocean really affected me. Brrrrr.

  17. I am not a fan of lantern pants. I am a fan of wide-leg pants for summer, but my taste runs to full-length. I bought several pairs of linen wide-leg pants on deep discount at the end of last summer. I guess they were too formal during lockdown for most people, or a bit ahead of the trend. I never wear patterned bottoms, especially not stripes. My body is curvy, so stripes on bottom distort. Not a good look.

    There is nothing in today’s feature for me. Not to worry. I have several unworn pairs of linen pants ready to go! Summer clothes are much easier to buy for me, maybe because fit isn’t as exacting as winter clothing?

  18. I would definitely buy the white top which I would wear over slimmer cut pants. I would try the the stripped pants on, but not sure that I would add to my wardrobe. If I did buy, I would pair with a tee, rather than the top pictured. A pass on the blue dress as well as the buttoned up polka dot top. Definite no on the balloon pants.
    Happy Easter!

  19. Yes to the blue set on the right (at least if the fabric is right). The middle set is not for me: although I like oversize over oversize (yes, yes), I do not like the stripped fabric. In solid colours, and linen, the pants in the middle will be ok, but I would choose something fluid and probably a bit shorter as a top. I have several linen dresses and I just bought another (very) oversize summer dress (how comfortable and fun!), but for me, they should be longer than the one in display, and perhaps a bit more structured.

  20. I would wear the striped pants and cream blouse. In fact, I do wear a spring summer outfit similar to it. Being short waisted and apple shaped, wide leg pants suit me. I am delighted that skinny pants with an oversized top is as off trend as 80’s style permed hair, as that makes me look like a lollipop. Bring on the wide legs for me!
    I’d wear the dress on a hot summer day for errands or casual outings with sandals and a wicker purse.
    I personally would not wear the black pants and polka dot top because it violates my No More Black pledge. Being over 50 with silver hair, black gives me the widow in mourning look I avoid. I would consider the same outfit with navy substituted for black.
    Thank you for asking our opinions. Have a blessed and joyful Easter with your family.

  21. I couldn’t quite tell if the outfit on right was a deep navy or black. If navy and white dots, then that top would definitely be for me. I have b & w already. Don’t care for either pair of pants, but like the white top as it would be very versatile. At first I thought No to the little shift dress, but after reading the ladies’ comments, I believe I would enjoy having this piece and would take Linda D.’s suggestions to style this with a pretty scarf or crossbody bag in a print, paired with colorful sandals. It would pull double duty as an easy layer poolside for grabbing a casual lunch.

  22. Hi – I wouldn’t wear any of these. Too much volume and not enough shape. I’m 5’4″ and all of these would swamp me.

  23. No,for me also.
    A “maybe “ to the polka dot top.
    I like the look of the blue shift but I think it is far too expensive for what it is.
    Happy Easter 🐣

  24. I would wear the blue pants and polka dot top as I like the color and classic print. The dress is too shapeless for me. I have a pink J.Jill linen dress but it has seaming that gives it a bit of shape through the middle. The middle outfit is too much. The wide leg pants with the long and shapeless top would overwhelm me.

  25. The oversized dress is too short for me, I’d be showing off my lady bits without even bending over. As someone said, it would make a nice bathing suit coverup, but I wouldn’t pay $168.00 for a coverup. I sort of want to cry thinking that this is what a designer thought I would want to buy. Maybe if it were styled a bit, I’d see some possibilities. I like what we used to call culottes. I wouldn’t wear the striped pair, but definitely would try another. I like that they can appear as a skirt with the comfort of pants or capris. Asking for a bit of advice, what sort of shoe and heel would be appropriate with his style and length pant?

  26. These are all a no for me. They all look like they would be comfortable, but the volume & proportions would not be flattering to me, nor do they meet most of my five adjectives. I would feel like I was wearing a costume.

  27. I would wear the striped wide-leg capris with a fitted short sleeve sweater or tee. I also like the white ruffle sleeve blouse—with slim jeans. Frankly, I wore harem pants in middle school and they were cute- but I was 12–that’s a trend I will take a pass on this time around. I also like Linda Ds styling suggestions for the shift dress—and on cooler mornings, I might add capri-length leggings underneath.

  28. Sorry, it’s all a non for me. I like the striped pants but from experience I know they would be too short or too long. Cropped is tricky at my height.

  29. I don’t think the way they are displayed do them any favors. While not my style, the coolness of linen is appealing. If the dress were longer, I’d give it a try. I have a friend who can really rock these looks. She’d style the dress with leggings and a big colorful scarf or a long chunky necklace. She’d have her silver hair pulled back in a low bun and look so chic.

  30. The only thing I would maybe wear are the linen vertical stripes pants. Add a tank or a fitted tee to them and I’m good for a warm summer day. That pale blue v neck dress is a big NO and the lantern pants and top are also “no’s” for me.

  31. Being 5’2″, I would not wear the navy pants. They would look like clown pants on my with those balloon legs! The striped pants; maybe. I do have several pairs of wide leg pants in solid colors and I was surprised that they look pretty good. I love the “flowy” feeling of wide -legged pants. With a vertical stripe, it would probably work if it came in a petite length.
    Love the polka dot blouse. I would definitely wear that. No to everything else.

  32. The only thing that catches my eye at all is the white top in the middle — I can see wearing it with jeans or slim pants, although I suspect those flouncy sleeves would get old real fast as I dragged them through everything. I might try the polka-dot top (again, with jeans or slim-fitting black pants) but it’s a bit boxy & prim for my tastes. As for the rest: all too big & shapeless & the colours are all wrong for me. And I find the culottes & harem pants so uninspired — been there, done that 2 or 3 times already. It all looks a bit tired to me, echoing how I feel after a year of quarantines & lock-downs & dramas & noise. Maybe the designers are as creatively exhausted as the rest of us!

    Love your new graphic, Pam! My husband was out this afternoon & brought home sushi for supper. In the bag, amongst containers of miso soup & beautifully made sushi pieces & tempura veggies & sashimi & condiments, was a little intricately folded box, & in the box, in a nest of paper “straw”, two chocolate Easter eggs! Not very Japanese & I’m not sure chocolate pairs that well with sushi, but it was greatly appreciated. We don’t eat sugar often, but we ate these 🙂

  33. Oh, yes! I love linen and the striped pants with the scarf are perfect. I would wear the blue dress as a beach coverup or as a top with white skinny jeans. The polka dot blouse is lovely, and I would love to try on the pants. I think they may be more flattering on me than the mannequin.

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