Happy Monday and welcome to the second Monday Breakfast Table Talk about having new vision over 50.

As I said in the video, I am so pleased with the initial response of us beginning each week with a little positive talk about this time we live in.

So, please join in and share your thoughts on today’s topic in the comment area below.


Monday Breakfast Table Talk - New Vision Over 50

I mentioned my latest vision board in the video and explained it in this post:  My Second Acts Vision Board.

This was very easy and free to do on Canva Vision Board Templates.

Just select a template and then you can click on it, download your own images and create your own inspiration!

I have started a couple of the projects since making the board, and acknowledge it is all a work in progress. 

I may not ever own or run a Bed & Breakfast, but now that life is returning, I can certainly increase my hospitality at home. 

I have started two books and hit a wall with both…but I know when the right inspiration hits, the words will rapidly come.

The point is to not get discouraged…continue to dream big!!

And just start.…I was waiting until I became more proficient in video making, and finally just thought, “What the heck!  I am going to get this going anyway!”

Because I felt a sense of urgency that some of you needed encouragement.  So rough as it is, here we are.

Maybe you want to write…just start…maybe you want to paint…just start…maybe you want to garden…just start!!


You may know other women who are in need of that same encouragement or inspiration.  So please invite them to join us on Mondays or send this link their way.

Please share your thoughts below about today’s topic….and return tomorrow for a Leigh & Me shopping trip….and, of course…….


By Pamela Lutrell


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