Monday Breakfast Table Talks – Breathe Deep


Happy Monday, everyone!  We are beginning our week with Monday motivation in the third Monday Breakfast Table Talk called Breathe Deep.

I will do these little pep rally videos as long as they are helping to motivate some of you to return to life again after fourteen difficult months.

Today, I am sharing with you how I have learned the power of going outside…even if just in your own yard!

Mental health, vitamin D, and thankfulness all are strengthened from living more time outside!


Monday Breakfast Table Talk - Breathe Deep

I promised in the video to share with you a few of my favorite outdoor photos.  This is our Grand-dog, Tux….he and Mr. B have a very special relationship and he loves to be outdoors.

Monday Breakfast Table Talk - Breathe Deep

Leigh Ann’s husband captured this moment in their own backyard…they have planted just for the purpose of attracting butterflies…and it obviously is working!!

I do not think that I have shared with you that Leigh Ann just lives a few doors down from me on the same street, so if they can do this…I can do this…and I want to!!

Monday Breakfast Table Talk - Breathe Deep

I really do attempt to find beauty where-ever I go….this photo is actually taken at the outdoor mall where I shop most often…The Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio.  

The last time I was there, I was drawn to spending a quite moment enjoying this little fountain.  

I take lots of photos when I am out and about…I do love photography and wish I knew more about it…but I share these photos in order to inspire you to look for the beauty around you.

Springtime is the perfect time to do that and gain inspiration from your surroundings.


Monday Breakfast Table Talks - Breathe Deep

A reader asked me to share the types of things I write in my daily Joy Journal under What I Learned Today.

Last week…it was a new way to make pancakes…and they are amazing.

Of course, I know how to make pancakes…but over the years I have tried to make my recipe “healthier.”  More whole grains and proteins.  But, Mr. B doesn’t like them.

Of course, he is a runner and can just about eat anything he desires!

Monday Breakfast Table Talks - Breathe Deep

I believe you can easily see this recipe right out of Joanna Gaines’ Cookbook….Magnolia Table.

In the list of ingredients, where she allows us to choose between vegetable oil, bacon grease or melted butter…I chose the melted butter.

These pancakes are amazing…not that healthy…but all things in moderation.  Mr. B has already inspired a Saturday morning breakfast with grandchildren for me to make these for more family.  

I wrote them in my journal that night!

Would anyone else like to share what you have learned lately?  Thank you guys so much for being here and for your support.  I hope you have a fabulous week ahead…look for beauty around you…and make sure you


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning Pam! I enjoyed hearing your birds this morning, came through perfectly!! I am that outdoor person, and didn’t stop going out during the last year+. It became even more important actually. I am fortunate to live close to a national park and spend a lot of time there. Now I’m routinely walking my grand-dog there and witnessing the beauty around us. No phone or distractions, I chat with the dog on our walks. I enjoyed seeing Tux… what a sweetheart! I’m keeping up with my journal and it is making me more aware of what’s going on in my days. Usually the things I’m learning are internal, since I’m in a brand new phase of life, more self discovery, currently. A huge blessing was seeing a wonderful lady at church who I haven’t seen since last spring. She saw me and came over for a hug and a little catching up. I am more aware of the blessings since beginning the journal. Today, per today’s chat with you, I’ll be looking for beauty in the woods on my walk. So much to be thankful for! I personally need to focus on the good things and turn from things that I have no control over. This brings much more peace to life.

    1. Hi Karen, Tux is a sweetheart! He really is an amazing little dog. People were hugging again this past weekend! What a joy!

  2. Many days late in the day I realize I have not been outside so I go walk around our yard. I check on my blueberries, newly planted hybrid blackberries, and whatever is happening in the yard. Since I am a retired science teacher, I often find things I consider interesting so I take pictures and explain the science involved on Facebook. I’ve discussed the hexagonal shape of wasp nests, jelly fungi, cicada life cycles, uses of pine cone lilies, whatever I see that I can explain. I’m trying to educate people about common everyday things they can see outdoors or indoor…whatever I see.

    1. I love that you do that on FB Celia! I would love to have blueberries and blackberries growing in my yard! Enjoy…

  3. I learned the difference between brown lentils and green lentils (vs French green) when making the -best- lentil soup. I learned about Petoskey stones (and mushroom houses) while vacationing in northern Michigan. Right now, I’m learning about the big 17 year hatch of cicadas coming to my kids’ area in Cincinnati (yikes … but interesting) and all about towns and routes in Vermont, where we plan to head this fall. The retired teacher in me loves to take a deep dive into something and read all about it!

    1. Thank you for inspiring others to do the same thing, Linda. The retired journalism teacher in me loves to deep dive!

    2. I have spent a great deal of time outside since March 14 2020. When our exercise center closed on that date, I took it upon myself to design my own exercise schedule at home, but mainly walking outside. I took 2-4 walks outside, each day, ranging from a mere half mile to close to two miles. I watched spring open up as never before, as people’s yards woke up from dismal winter to a glorious, colorful springtime of flowers, bushes, flowering trees . I walked neighborhoods I’d never ventured into, parks, bayside walkways, trying to vary my walks. I learned so much!
      This year there are more openings here, more opportunities to be out and about but you are so right- being outside, and curious and aware, certainly helps our outlook on life in general.

      1. This is a great “silver lining” comment, Paulette. Last year was difficult but also opened new doors in many different ways. I am so glad that I have been outdoors more…like you!

    3. I love your new Monday Table Talks. Thank you. I enjoy watching the birds and squirrels in my backyard. I have a beautiful Redbirds in my backyard he and his lovely mate make me happy!

  4. Thank you for these uplifting videos. I love spending time outdoors but had spent a great deal of time and attention indoors this past year working on fixing our house back up after having had renters. Lately, with our kitchen remodel half way done, I am turning to the gardens. I have cottage flowers and a curving walkway – things I planned and put in early on – and I am loving being back out there puttering around again. It is so different from the mountain and forest where our small ranch was. Both are their own kind of beautiful, but this home and garden feel like ME. 😊 What I learned just minutes ago . . . our very dear neighbor got ENGAGED over the weekend to his lovely and terribly sweet girlfriend – now fiance! I feel like I’m getting a new sister-in-law!!

    1. That’s awesome…so happy for your fun announcement! Also, your gardens sound lovely!

  5. We are at a time of year when we have our windows open to let in the fresh air. This will soon come to an end when the heat & humidity of the Midwest summer comes. It is a rainy day today, but this morning, as I was changing the bed linens, I heard a cardinal singing his sweet song through the open bedroom window. Even though I couldn’t see him, it was such a lovely sound on a gray morning. I am taking the time to notice the changes in nature on my drive to the grocery store. In just a matter of weeks, the trees have gone from having pale spring green leaves to larger deep green leaves that now shade the roadway. The flowers in the yards I pass have changed from daffodils & tulips to irises & peonies. Time marches on, & I don’t want to miss these changes.

  6. Being cooped up all winter long due to pandemic restrictions as well as being immobile from an old back injury I am celebrating SPRING; as have now received the first vaccine dosage and am on the repair physically. In fact, recently invested in a rowing machine to build up my muscle tone/endurance but put it on our back deck so I can also enjoy the sights and sounds of outdoors while I ♫ Row, row, row my boat – Gently down the stream – Merrily, merrily, merrily … ♫ until I am less restricted. Appreciating your Breakfast Table Talks.

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