Stop & Shop at Chico’s

Stop & Shop at Chico's

When I am out and about, I like to stop and shop at Chico’s. 

For two reasons…first because I like to see what is there for my own wardrobe, and secondly, because I know there are many of you who love Chico’s!

So let’s see what I found on my most recent stop & shop!

Stop & Shop at Chico's

I like this no-iron tunic a lot! The fabric feels soft and cool.  It is the All-Season Striped Pullover Tunic.

Stop & Shop at Chico's

This is the linen Popover top in Jade…it is a lovely top and all of the colors are beautiful.  Linen-Blend Popover Top.

Stop & Shop at Chico's

As you can see, Chico’s has several really cute tops for the warmer weather months.  This is the No-Iron Cotton Blend Stretch Top in a black & white print…really comfy! 

Stop& Shop at Chico's

I love to wear linen toppers during the warmer weather when jackets are too heavy.  This one is great!  It is the No-Iron FreshChic Linen Striped Shirt in Sand. 

Stop & Shop at Chico's

This one is cute worn as a topper or a button down top. It is the Fresh Chic Linen Tunic in optic white. 


Stop & Shop at Chico's

Of course, they have many fun accessories right now, but this Ikat and Animal-Print Reversible Stretch Bracelet and Ikat and Animal -Print Reversible Bib necklace duo captured my attention…love it!

So much fun, that you can wear this two ways…and they are great pieces for multiple seasons.

Stop & Shop at Chico's

I love this scarf and will be watching it and see if it makes the sales.  This is the Silk Abstract Floral-Print Square Scarf. 

It is so pretty.

As long as I blog, I will stop & shop Chico’s for you often and hope you enjoy the trips!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. That scarf is gorgeous! I’ll be watching that one too. I like the fact that so many things are no-iron. That’s something I seek out when top shopping. One question, how is the sand-colored top no iron when it’s linen? Did you notice a difference in the fabric? I’ve never seen linen that doesn’t wrinkle. I like how you styled the longer tops as toppers as opposed to just buttoning them up. I do like the sand-colored one, just don’t know how it can be no iron and linen at the same time. Sounds too good to be true!

    1. I was surprised that it wasn’t stiff. It felt nice. I also was surprised and one of the reasons I wanted to try it. Have a wonderful day!

  2. yep, thats my favorite addiction alright…
    i was in the store Tuesday, but they looked a little skint, probably all the Mothers Day shopping and gift cards…
    I am loving this year, that they are taking the popular prints and using them in different pieces…so that the people who arent comfortable in the big bright prints can still get a lovely scarf in the same print….or in a tank, or a blouse, or even pants….

  3. That scarf is a winner. I’ve had my eye on a summer cardigan that I think is the same print. Let us all know if you do find it on deep discount! Just me, but I was comparing this trip to the one you made at Kohl’s, and Chico’s fits my style better. There seems to be a bit more detail and shaping even for the casual, oversize garments. I’m curious … if you buy on sale at Chico’s, how does the price compare overall?

    1. Hi Linda, I signed up to get text messages from Chico’s of pop-sales, and I am also a Passport member in order to save an extra 5% and on shipping. These small things make a huge difference. I find Chico’s quality and fit to be better than Kohl’s. Every now and then I find something at Kohl’s that is a true find, but overall I think Chico’s is worth the extra you will pay for the garments…but some of the sales are so good, at times they beat Kohl’s prices.

      1. I, too, think it’s well worth signing up for the online sales and passport membership. I never pay full price and the frequent 40-50% online offers make it more affordable. Plus the free shipping makes online shopping great!

  4. I love the way you styled the striped shirt open as a jacket! And the scarf is stunning. Chico’s silk scarves are beautiful quality.

  5. The blue stripped shirt is very slimming on you. Thanks for the details about how the fabric feels on you and whether it needs to be ironed. Since viewers haven’t tried these clothes on, this information is important. The non ironed linen shirt is a good find!

    1. You are welcome, Judy! One of the reasons I stop by the store is so I can tell you how these feel…especially with summer heat on the horizon!

  6. You wear all these shirts really well, Pamela. Do appreciate too that you mention how the fabric feels as that is something I do miss when shopping online. As to their sleeve length; I often opt for long sleeved ones as find in my climate they are a little more versatile as get more seasonal wears from them which also means less in the closet. i.e.: Often wear them sleeves rolled up or over-cuff them with a plain jacket to add some interest. Oh, that scarf is definitely a keeper as so pretty with all its colours. -Brenda-

  7. Love Chico’s and everything you showed! Fave is the first top; the blue tunic.
    Scarf is beautiful! Hope you can snag it on sale.

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