What my clothing says about me

Happy Sunday!  Let’s discuss what my clothing says about me!

Recently, one reader asked for more clarification of what I am looking at when I use adjectives to shape personal style. 

Hopefully, everyone is familiar with my Foundational Five: Personal Style Building Blocks for developing your own personal style.

I think the last time I fully explained the concept was here:  READER QUESTION: WHAT IS THE FOUNDATIONAL FIVE STYLE GUIDE?

What my clothing says about me


But, reader Janet, wanted me to attempt to explain more about what I see in the adjectives.

The thing about adjectives is that they often have different meanings to different people.  Best example is the word ELEGANT.  

When I write about elegance, it is evident that many women see the word translated into clothing differently.

Personal style is exactly that…personal…but I do contend that you can develop and sharpen it by selecting the five adjectives and remaining true to them.

When a reader sends me their five adjectives, I am looking for garments that I believe communicate ALL FIVE ADJECTIVES.

It helps to have four more adjectives the woman wants to say if she also wants to look elegant…then I know what type of elegance she is going for when I see the other four. 


What my clothing says about me

Now, when I dress…I am looking at my total style.  I want to see that my whole outfit (together) communicates all five of my adjectives and I have done this for years.

Since I came home from professional office life last year, I have been styling my looks to say that I am CREATIVE, STRONG, INTELLIGENT, JOYFUL, and CURRENT.

I like this casual style a lot with my new Foxcroft Pamela Essential Stretch Non-iron Tunic in Blue Whisper….I would love to tell you that it is named after me…but, alas, it is not. 

When I put this outfit on to go out, I thought it needed something to speak to my creativity…so I added my floral handbag and my  BZEES SUZY WEDGE SANDAL. 

I believe that it says I am strong and intelligent because it goes together well and works as a total look. It says current because it is a classic style that withstands time. 

What my clothing says about me

With all of that said, I am still refining what I want to say about me in this new phase of life.  I recently styled a slideshow for a reader whose adjectives were earthy, classic, sporty, artistic and feminine.

Everything I found for her really spoke to me and I was very excited about her adjective choices.

So, I am contemplating revising mine with her choices weaved in….we will see.  But, I certainly identified with her style messaging. 


What my clothing says about me

Mary Ellen wants to communicate that she is CASUAL, DIGNIFIED, UNIQUE, COLORFUL, AND VERSATILE.  

That is all I know about her…except that I am so happy she is here…so I am looking for garments which combined in a total look would speak her foundational five.

For example, I selected a few items which are reversible giving more versatility.  These pieces also say the other adjectives.

A great way to be unique when also wanting to say “I am dignified” is with accessories…so I threw in a few fun accessories to for color and uniqueness. 

I also tossed in lovely tank tops to go under a linen blazer for all of the adjectives.

Mary Ellen, this slideshow is for you and women like you…I hope you like it!



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided the tunic from Foxcroft, and the words are my own.

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