Would You Wear It – Red, White & Blue

Would You Wear It - Red White & Blue

Happy Saturday! Let’s have some holiday fun with Would You Wear It – Red, White & Blue!

I saw this display at Kohl’s recently and thought it would be perfect for this weekend when Jennifer and I select fashion for you to comment on.

Would You Wear It - Red White & Blue

This is the day when we ask that you look over the fashion displays we have found and tell us if you personally would or would not wear the styles.

We ask that you be constructive and thoughtful with your evaluations. 

However, I do want to throw up a red flag today…..

Warning to please keep this about fashion.  It is not about politics or our country or any other country….just clothes please!

As always I will not post comments that might stir up volatile political discussions!  Thank you for understanding.

And as always…you do not have to comment on all of my mannequins in the display.

Would You Wear It - Red White & Blue

Please look over my display of three and tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………….


 Just below this ad is more from KOHL’S:


Would You Wear It - Red White & Blue

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Pam, first, what is that gorgeous little bush you have pictured? That is beautiful. I like all three outfits, because I like to feel festive when we have a holiday. The white Tee is definitely something for the heat on July 4th, and the diagonal pretty would need a sleeve over it at my house this weekend because our weather is unseasonably cool and my arms aren’t appealing in sleeveless garments. But thank you for the color!

  2. The dress is cute. If it is sleeveless, I would wear it with a jean jacket. The tops are cute but I don’t need anything like that. I’m trying to shop my closet.

  3. I like red, white, blue, but I do not wear flags nor any big pattern on the chest, which eliminates the shirts for me. In fact, I do not like the fabric of the white things (tops, pants on the left, jacket on the right), it seems very thin and not very sustainable, I am trying to pay more attention to durability. I like the pattern of the fabric on the dress and its V-shape, thus I would try it, to wear perhaps with a linen (or jean) more structured jacket. Have a nice week-end!

  4. No, I wouldn’t wear the flag shirt.
    This one, where the entire image is shown, and not ‘enhanced’ with or other symbols is more acceptable.
    I have seen people in clothing that looks like someone took a flag and cut it up to make the pants or jacket, and that is absolutely not OK with me. It’s not a sacred symbol, but it’s an important symbol and deserving of respect.
    I’d stick with the red/white/blue tie-dye shirt, but I”d probably wear it with blue pants, not white.
    I do like the hankerchief hem sweater. I have a dress with a hi-low hem and I think a sweater with a straight hem looks a bit odd with it, so a sweater with a variable length hem might suit me better.

  5. Good Morning! the sleeveless knotted tee, i like…in a different pattern though, im not sure what that stripe would do for me, with my symmetry issues (that hubby swears are not existant). i would try on the white palazzo style pants, i like them but id have to see them on before purchasing. the middle outfit is too young for me. the dress is a no, but the sweater, i have a couple with that particular hem style and i love them.

  6. I love red, white and blue combos! Yes I would wear each of the outfits. My birthday is the 4th of July so I always wear those colors to celebrate.

  7. I’m Canadian so would not wear the t- shirts. The denim shorts are cute and I like what I can see of the dress. Enjoy your weekend😀

  8. Probably not, but the younger women around here will be wearing these wonderful tops and tees to our big parades in a few weeks!
    I’ll have flags around my yard to be sure! But, I don’t wear clothing like this, usually…..
    The dress….though I rarely wear them, is possible. (If it can be shortened to knee length. )

  9. They are all fresh looking. I would switch out the white pants for navy, I like the T-shirt but the flag is a little bit big for my bust line and I agree the dress with a denim jacket would be cute. I have T-shirt fabric, white with little flags scattered all over it that I plan to sew up for the Independence Day holiday. I know red, white and blue are patriotic colors, but they also just look nice together and they are nautical in nature also.

  10. None of these are my style. The white pants might be salvageable for me but I’d need to feel the fabric and check for sheerness.

  11. The outfits are very festive! I need to be a bit more subtle , but they are cute.

  12. The wicker cross body bag (on the left) plus the sandals might interest me; however even with a quick glance a no to the garments as none are my personal style preferences. With that said; I seldom wear navy or red and I am not one for novelty t-shirts/tops but do respect the patronage of those who choose to wear such to depict the latter in honour of their country’s flag. -Brenda-

  13. I like an occasional red, white and blue combo, especially for the 4th. So might wear the outfit on the left. No, to the middle. Not a fan of jean shorts and I prefer the flag on my flag pole. I do very much like a navy or navy print dress. I would team this one with a cropped sweater so more print showed. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. I would have to try them on, but yes I believe I would. Here in Maryland the Kohls dressing rooms just reopened. Makes shopping easier.

  15. I do like to wear red, white, and blue especially for Memorial Day and July 4th. I would wear the pants and shirt and the flag shirt. The shorts are too short for me so I would wear with Bermuda shorts or capris.

  16. I would wear the dress and the white sweater. It seems like a versatile set for many occasions.

  17. I’d wear the white pants, but would pair them with a different top. I like the tie waist top but would prefer it in a different print … polka dots, small floral … I’m just not a fan of dye-tied.

    I also like the dress, but would prefer it without the white cardigan.

    As for the middle outfit, I’d wear the jean shorts. But, I’d pair them with a plain tee or sweatshirt.

  18. I love when I see TV coverage of Fourth of July festivities. It seems like everyone in the crowd wears red, white and blue, head to toe, even the shoes. So much fun to get in the spirit of the day

  19. I do wear red, white & blue in the summer. In fact, I am wearing a red, white & blue striped 3/4 sleeve top & jeggings as I read this. We’re experiencing a bit of a cool down in the Midwest today. As to the display, I wouldn’t wear any of these. I don’t wear tank tops alone, & this one seems a bit oversized to wear under a topper. The white pants are too voluminous & seem to be a bit sheer. The middle outfit looks like something I might have worn in my 20’s, & those days are long gone. The dress is pretty, but the wrong length for me, & I just don’t care for the topper.

  20. I’d wear the tee on the center mannequin with longer denim shorts, jeans, maybe even a skirt…and the navy print dress on the right. The sleeveless tie-dye top on the left and the flowy white pants aren’t my personal style although they’re lovely pieces that I would admire it on someone else. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  21. Yes, I would wear it! I would wear everything except the shorts. They are too short for me.
    I like how they have everything styled too, even the shoes. I love wearing red, white and blue and all these are great versions of it.

  22. I like the v neck of the dress but find that knee-length dresses flatter my shape better. I like to cover my arms but would choose a topper that ends at the high hip, to enhance my curves. As for the colours, I would definitely wear them in summer, but with different proportions to better suit my colouring. So more like 60% navy, with 30% white and 10% red. In fact, I already own a knee-length, blue, v-neck dress with little white flowers on it. I like to wear it with a lightweight blue shrug or cardigan of viscose or cotton and accessorise with some red (jewellery and/or shoes or bag).

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