Chico’s celebrates International TShirt Day & summer

Chico's celebrates International TShirt Day & Summer

Happy summer Monday, all!  Let’s discuss how Chico’s celebrates International T-Shirt day and summer!

Chico’s believes that t-shirts are the most versatile closet staple, so they designed multiple options to take us from the beach to dinner.

Today, my tee is taking me from dog walking to running errands!

Chico's celebrates International TShirt Day & summer

Today, I am wearing a cotton slub, button back tee shirt.  And there are many different styles on sale at Chico’s for International TShirt Day! 

Something I love about Chico’s is the variety of colors, styles, and prints they offer so that no matter what colors you wear, there is something here for you!

Today, I am shopping the autumn colors of the Pima Cotton Shoulder-Snap Tunic.

Chico's celebrates International TShirts Day & Summer

I like to wear mine with my Brigitte Tab-Hem Capris.  They are so comfortable and look nice for any summer casual situation.

When I want to dress up the tee, I just put on one of my fun Chico’s necklaces and bracelets


Chico's celebrates International TShirt Day & Summer

Perhaps you would like to step out in summer chic rather than a tee, and Chico’s Black Label has the answer.

I no longer wear these colors, but I want you to know that both of these pieces are lovely.  The fabrics are cool, very lightweight and the styles elegant for a stepped up summer evening…especially for all those winters out there.

Today, I am wearing the Easy Swing Shirt which also comes in white; and the Croco Easy Pant (beautiful in pink or white).

I told you that I would continue to show you styles for women different from me and today is a great example of when I will occasionally do that.

Chicos celebrates International TShirt & Summer

Silvertone Mother-of-Pearl Stretch Bracelet


Chico's celebrates International TShirt Day & Summer

Today and tomorrow, you will find special savings at Chico’s.  Remember to sign up for free to be a Passport member if you are not one already….then always get free shipping and an additional 5% off.

Today, you can get:

 Select styles starting at $19

·         Button Back Tees – $29 (like the one I am wearing!)

·         Brigitte Shorts – $39

·         Select Jewelry – $19

·         Sandwash Pants – $39

·         Sandwash Tunic – $29. (Lots of fun colors!)

It’s a fun time to celebrate and who doesn’t like to start off the week with celebrations!  Enjoy shopping all these options at Chico’s!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided products for this post and the words are my own.



  1. What a fun thing to have a tee shirt day! I have some dressy Chico’s tee shirts, one very similar to yours except a v-neck and no buttons, but the same color. I wear it often because it’s such a good color. Tee shirts are my uniform on dog days, so I’ll see what they have on sale. I like your colorful pants. You must be really cleaning out your closet. Are you going to be sharing your new neutrals?

  2. I am so easily persuaded to purchase from Chico’s. They have such a variety of colors, patterns, and interesting pieces of clothing. I watch their usually weekly video of their most recent additions, and want to buy too many of them…which it definitely the reason for these videos. When I saw your opening picture with the beautiful shade of blue which to me is a winter color I love, I wondered since I did not think it on your vibrant autumn color selection. But then reading on, realized why you showed that picture as well as the black top. I thank you for those of us who are “winters”.

    1. You are welcome, Celia. I want to keep this blog for everyone! I plan to show different styles when I go into dressings rooms as well.

  3. I love the blue top. That is one of my happy colors. Tee shirts are summer wardrobe staples for me, & I didn’t know there was a national day to honor them.

    1. Chico’s has so much variety in summer tees, Becky! I love that there is something for every woman.

  4. I am enjoying the work with Annie Castano and look forward to learning more. I definitely want to contact her and work with her to do an assessment.

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  5. Pam, you often mention James Avery, the amazing jewelry maker from Texas. I just found out that this excellent business is about to fold. Do you know anything about this? I hope it is not true even if they have had to reduce the number of stores.

    1. To my knowledge, that is misinformation! I believe they are holding their own. I am hosting a $200 James Avery gift card giveaway on Instagram. Look below at the end of my webpage where Instagram posts run across the page and click on the first box! It is going to be easy to win this one!

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