Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

Let’s have some Sunday-fun! Time for Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival.

We decided it would be fun to take our Leigh & Me adventures on the road occasionally…rather than only in shopping malls.

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

And what better way to begin than in a charming hill country town celebrating something I love…all things lavender at the Blanco Lavender Festival.

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

After recent heavy rains, the countryside around Blanco and throughout the Texas hill country is beautiful.

We began enjoying the festival at a visit to a lavender farm.  The crop was a bit smaller this year, but still lovely.

We were a little early for the teaching sessions, but throughout the weekend you could listen to experts share advice on cooking, growing, or harvesting lavender.

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

The crowd was definitely an over 50 group and many dressed in their lavender-best.

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

At the farm, Leigh & I began to discover that this day would be literally “lavender” everywhere and in everything.  I even came home with a natural lavender bug repellant (the mosquitos are huge lately).

We are actually fascinated by cooking with lavender and hope to bring you some recipes soon…we bought the spices and a cookbook!

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Fetival

From the farm we headed back into town where festival booths centered around the historic courthouse square.

Since we are coming out of the pandemic, locals shared that there were only 1/3 of the usual vendors…but the city square was packed and we were not sure where the other 2/3 would go!

If we had stayed later into the evening, I am certain music and local breweries would be hosting much fun.

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

Of course, the vendors from baskets to jewelry to artwork all had offerings around the theme of the day!

When I say the town of Blanco is small, I mean the entire population is around 2,256, so this is a huge festival for the businesses and the vendors. 

We loved what they did with the parking…you could pick your favorite non-profit sponsoring a parking lot and then your payment was a donation to that group.  Love that!  We donated to two groups!

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

Leigh & Me at the BLanco Lavender Festival

After perusing the vendors, we headed to the local shops surrounding the town square.  This textile store was such fun.

I could imagine the local ladies coming in during the week for quilting club meetings…it had a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

It was there we received the local recommendation for our lunch...The Uptown Blanco Restaurant with a specialty Lavender Menu!

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

This restaurant was such a wonderful surprise…it is gorgeous and a nice change from traditional barbecue (which is good too).

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

We split the Lavender Chicken Salad sandwich with their special roasted brussel sprouts and topped it off with lavender ice cream.

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

We loved everything about the meal…delicious food and excellent atmosphere. 

Leigh & Me at the Blanco Lavender Festival

Getting out and enjoying life again at the Blanco Lavender Festival was the perfect event for Leigh & Me

We could not have made up a more perfect day.  Tomorrow, I will share with you our two favorite local Blanco vendors.

We are planning a Christmas shopping trip to Blanco in the fall!

This was a road trip…the drive only a little over an hour…but I am open to a Bed & Breakfast stay when we return!

Naturally, at the end of this day, we were both laid back and relaxed…lavender everywhere does that to you!


Leigh & Me at the Blanco lavender Festival

I want to remind you that I am still a fan of these lavender products from Sonoma Lavender Co.

I use them every day! I especially love the Foot Balm.  Their products are rich and aromatic.

If you don’t have a favorite brand, consider this one!

Leigh & Me plans to hit the road more this summer, so I hope you will follow along and return tomorrow for more fun from Blanco.  See you then and make sure you all are enjoying life and …


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. How beautiful!! Your photos really capture the lovely lavender, and it must have smelled amazing! The lunch looks delicious, and having had lavender ice cream, I know what a treat that was!! Such a relaxing, fun way to spend a day. I would have especially loved the textile shop and would have had no problem loading Leigh’s cute tote bag with treasures! You both looked cool and comfortable for the event! I really do like your hair Pam! Definitely looking forward to sharing in more of your adventures!

  2. Lavender ice cream sounds interesting! How was it?
    You hair looks nice in the photos – loose and full.

  3. So far, I have really enjoyed all of the lavender foods. We are going to feature some recipes soon! Thanks about the hair…it is much easier to just wash and go!

  4. Looks like Blanco is a Texas treasure that I need to explore. I like your bag! Looks like vacation and/or shopping!

  5. Good morning, that is the kind of event where my impulse buying skyrockets…..I adore the stalls and people to talk to about their skills and hobbies, and trying new products and taste…..what fun!

  6. Hi Nyla! This is a Baggallini travel bag! I have owned it for awhile but it is perfect for outings like this…so many secure pockets for phones, water bottles extra.

  7. I loved meeting the artists who did the paintings…I plan to feature one of the women soon. The whole event is such fun….

  8. Love your hair. Light, bright and lifts your features. Also love your shirt. Looks like you had a marvelous time out and about,

  9. Such a fun outing! Do love the aroma of Lavender however have to monitor due to a fragrance sensitivity. As to events etc.; though there are restrictions still in place, our shops and restaurants are just beginning to open up but at least it is another step forward to some normality. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, Pamela. -Brenda –

    P.S.: In the province I live in (Canada), many are still waiting for their second dosage of vaccine.

  10. Such fun to have a Leigh and Me adventure series. I look forward to more road trips. Ths was great to travel along with you and dream about the day that we are able to do that too. Lavender and I have a rocky relationship since I developed an allergic reaction to many products that are applied to the skin, so not sure if I could actually eat any. I do love the smell of the plants as you brush past though. Thanks for taking us along on your outings.

  11. What fun! Those are the days, events, etc that I have missed so much this past year. And to echo previous comments, love your hair!

  12. How fun! We live in N TX and visited Hill Country just last month, staying (for the second time) in a lovely vacation rental called “On the Rocks” just outside of Blanco. It’s a wonderful little town, and the river is beautiful. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Now I want to go back! We visited the Buggy Barn Museum while we were there – I highly recommend if you are a history buff.

  13. Oh you lucky girl! I adore lavender. I planted it around the big front porch in our previous home. It was absolutely delicious to sit on the porch with the aroma of lavender wafting in the breeze.
    I’ve actually never eaten anything with lavender in it. How was the ice cream?

  14. Looks like a wonderful day spent with Leigh. My friend and I have reservations for later this month to enjoy the southern Oregon lavender festival- spread over a number of farms and dotted between many wineries. I grow lots of english lavender in my garden, and it is in glorious full bloom right now!

  15. Such a treat to share the festival, thank you. Absolutely LOVE your hair, color and cut. Pam if that is what your hair looks like, wash and wear, I AM SO JEALOUS. Lucky yo7.

  16. Thanks Judith! We did! I will share specifics on my clothing on the blog tomorrow.

  17. Hopefully this will end for you soon! So sorry you are still under its chains.

  18. Come back tomorrow, Laura! I am going to share our two favorite places in Blanco…then you must go back!

  19. Hi Cindy! Later this week I will share some lavender cookies with you that are so good…so far my favorite lavender dessert. I will have the recipe!

  20. We could have easily expanded this trip into local wineries as well! Might be a good idea for next year!

  21. Thank you, Suzi! I am finally getting accustomed to the hair and now enjoying it!

  22. Pam, I just have to comment that your hairstyle seems to lift your face! To me it looks so youthful on you.

  23. I have visited a few lavender farms but up here in Ontario, ours will not likely be in full bloom until August. Had a delicious vanilla, lavender ice cream at one a few years ago. The plants in my garden look like they might be earlier this year, yeah! Hopefully we will have festivals this year too. Just had my second shot yesterday and we are in our first of three stages of opening up. Each stage is 21 days based on case counts. Praying there is no forth wave.
    I must also say I love your bangs in these pictures. They look lighter and wispier which I think is a great look.

  24. What a fun day! A lavender outing can’t be beat for a girlfriends day! The restaurant pics are fabulous too! Pam I love your new haircut and style! Looks so fun and natural. Very flattering! I’m sure you’re enjoying your hair now !

  25. Your hair looks fabulous! Modern and hip! Looks like you had a terrific time. I’ve never heard of the Lavender Festival – now I have to make plans for next year!

  26. Ah, this was a delightful “outing” for us, too, Pamela; how lucky you two are to have each other for such fun experiences. P.S. like others have said, Pamela, the new “do” looks wonderful.

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