Style Refresh: Vibrant Autumn

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!!  Welcome back to my Style Refresh 2021: Vibrant Autumn!

That is the new me…a vibrant autumn…as confirmed by color consultant, Annie Castano, at CASTANOHEL

And I feel as though I am greeting an old friend with the new color palette…more about that below.

First, I would like to remind you of four things:

  1. My new tortoiseshell glasses were purchased recently to compliment the new warmer me, but they have blue-light protection lenses…so it is currently difficult to find the right ways to get photos without a blue or purple tint around my face.
  2. I am blessed to be able to work with Annie.  She  has been amazing, but most of us do not have those opportunities.  So I am going to teach you what I have learned and at the end of each Style Refresh posts I will give you an action point! 
  3.  My colors and style will not be the same as many of you, but I will continue to bring ideas for everyone as I always have. My journey is not yours, but hopefully I can inspire and assist those of you who have said you need a refresh as well.
  4. I am a work in progress and taking you step by step on the journey.  It is fun…but I am still working through all of it. I will share with you what I like and don’t like about the changes.



Style Refresh 2021: Vibrant Autumn

I completely agree with Annie and everyone else that the best way to do a color consultation is in person…hair under a cap and no makeup on the face.

However, Annie is in London and I am in Texas…there is  a pretty wide gap there.  She has been tweaking and working with her program to do the best online consultations available.

Of course, she considered complexion, eyes and hair, but she also had me send her pictures…lots of pictures…including early ones where she is looking at original hair and skin color. 

I was interested to learn that the colors people love and look best in are often the colors we are drawn to the most, including in how we decorate our homes.

For long- time -readers of this blog, you know my favorite season is autumn with it’s warm, toasty glow and I decorate my home with great warmth…I am even drawn to the Danish-hygge home decor….lot’s of warmth and coziness.

I have never liked a cool, modern style.

However, through Annie’s process of looking over old pictures, I, personally, faced a new revelation…..


Style Refresh 2021: Vibrant Autumn

Here I am in 2012 in a burnt orange sweater.  In fact, in the early years of the blog and as a teacher, I wore vibrant autumn colors all year!

Style Refresh 2021: Vibrant Autumn



Style Refresh: Vibrant Autumn

Style Refresh 2021: vibrant Autumn

Looking at the older pictures smacked me in the face as I asked myself…where did this vibrant, creative woman go?…how did I become someone who wore black almost every day in the last 6 years?

I love the autumn palette…it resonates with me!  When Annie says to me, “Pamela, your wardrobe should be a joy to look at and not a dread.  It should reflect your personality,”  I get it.

That is how I felt about many of those old pieces of clothing, but after I was pegged a WINTER, I discarded many of these original pieces....YES, I am kicking myself for that! 

In talking with Annie, I realized I had been dressing more for the youthful-creative-professional world and not for me.

I am a warm, joyful individual and love that my new color palette will return me to that warmth.


Style Refresh 2021: Vibrant Autumn

What I have been most fascinated with when I watch Annie work with others, is how wearing the right colors affects our faces.

When we have on the right colors, we light up…look healthy and rested…wrinkles soften and baggy eyes diminish. We look friendlier and more approachable.  It is amazing to watch.

And inspires me to wear my colors every day.  Why wouldn’t I?  If my love of black or any colors in the winter palette make me look tired or older, then why wear them at all? (note: on a WINTER, the black and cool colors would have the same positive results)

Annie has counseled me to always have vibrant autumn colors near my face as often as possible.  And to wear my colors even in seasons not typically associated with those colors…more about that later.



Style Refresh: Vibrant Autumn

Annie believes so strongly in the power of wearing the right colors to be the key to success for all individuals…men and women… to look our absolute best each and every day. (Her thoughts on business attire are fascinating!)

She got very passionate in discussing the harm the fashion media does to us.  For example:

  1. We are told to wear black to look slimmer.  (She believes any darker color will help us slim down and we look slimmer immediately in our face when wearing the right colors).
  2.  We are told to wear trends each season to look youthful and current. (She says wearing the right colors and style personality will automatically do that without following a trend)
  3. We are told not to wear the same colors everyday or we will look boring and grumpy.  (She believes the exact opposite.  Wear our colors every day and we will look joyful and approachable…natural).
  4. We are told to wear what you like, even if it is not in our color palette. (Of course you can, but why would you as I said above when your colors will brighten and improve you look)
  5. We are told not to wear stand out pieces because you can’t wear them often.  (Annie says..why not? If you have a great coat in your colors, wear it every day of winter because you look amazing in it!)
  6. We are told to have ten pieces in our wardrobe that include a Little Black Dress and a white shirt…these do not wear well on every woman and can cause frustration.  If we wear pieces we are told to wear and they are not in our color palette, then we do not look out best and many get frustrated when looking in the mirror and think there is something wrong with them and not the clothes.  She believes it can do great harm.  
  7. We are told to buy more…more colors and more trends….(Annie says to buy less and buy smart!)

She doesn’t read fashion magazines.  I don’t either, but it is mainly because they have become political magazines and not about fashion!

I realize some of these statements are controversial, but I think it is important to consider what she has to say.  Be teachable and ponder the thoughts as I am doing.


Style Refresh: Vibrant Autumn

As promised…..

STYLE REFRESH ACTION POINT:  Spend some time as I did with older images.  Look at how you previously dressed and the colors you wore.  Note which outfits you loved and which colors you loved wearing.

Ask yourself, has it changed?  Are you wearing different colors now?  If so, why? Make a folder and put those images in it.  Think about the clothes that truly make you happy to wear them…what colors are they…put that in your folder.

I have so much to share with you as we go forward. 

This coming week begins a streak of summer sales including Amazon Prime Day Tomorrow I will share with you a special Chico’s post including sale information.  

Tuesday, we return to Style Refresh.  Please make comments or ask questions today….honor the father’s in your family….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Now, Happy Father’s Day to a great dad, husband and Pappa Joe!  I love you, Mr. B!


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