Would You Wear It – Summer Casual

Would You Wear It - Summer Casual

Happy Wednesday and welcome to the mid-week pop-up!  Today is Would You Wear It – Summer Casual?

Now, I know the dress is not really casual, but my eye went to the casual mannequins with July 4th weekend in mind.

However, I am curious to learn your thoughts on all three…especially as a display!

Would You Wear It - Summer Casual

This is at Kohl’s., and remember to explain why you would or would not wear the pieces personally.

Evaluate the looks with a constructive, consumer’s eye.

Would You Wear It - Summer Casual

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………


Here is a summer casual slideshow from Kohl’s:


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Like I said in the video…it is a great product!

Please let us know what you think about today’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT fashion display….and always….




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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for the Nexwear review and the words are my very own!


  1. I like the style of the dress, but the color definitely would not work for my skin tone. The blue top is a good color, but that ruffle on the sleeve looks fussy to me, and like an afterthought, unnecessary. The neckline also looks uncomfortable for summer days. The outfit in front looks kind of blah…due to the top, but I guess this is workout wear. They could have tried harder to make this display attractive. Such different styles and colors look choppy and not cohesive. It would not grab my attention.

      1. I don’t wear wrinkled clothes, so I would be put off by the display as a whole. I gave up my “right to bare arms” a few years ago; so while I might wear the dress, I’d add a lightweight short-sleeve shrug. I say “no” to the rest. The red & white combo is just too uninteresting. The royal tee seems sloppy. The joggers in white linen or all cotton might catch my eye for summer, but not in the washed-out blue.

      2. The shorts and draw string pants are way too casual for me. I would prefer a print top with these bottoms..I liked your slide show much better. As for the dress, I like the shape, .but the color is too washed out for me. I would try it if a brighter “winter” palette.

  2. once again, the person who dressed the mannequins needs to be thankful im not the manager of the store….a little steam on those items would make a difference in presentation. the dress i like, not on me, but on a younger or more slender woman i like the style of it, and the color. the blue top, is a no, because of the ruffle on the shoulder, otherwise i would consider it. the denim shorts are a no because of the spandex around the hems, i think that would aggravate me. the red shorts, for me, too short and too baggy, my favorites are capris with a slimmer cut. the white top, cute on a younger woman, but the cut isnt for me.

    1. That was my first thought as well!
      We all know that we’ll put the shorts/shirt on and it might have a wrinkle or two, but that’s after we’ve purchased it.
      Before we’ve handed over the money they should make sure it looks good. A bit of steam, or heaven forbid, an iron would make a difference.

      I am in the market for a pair of red shorts, but I’m looking for a more structure style with slash front pockets.

  3. I might wear the dress, though not as casual as the other two outfits, with little white scrappy (flat) sandals and a wicker/white leather handbag I own. The other two outfits don’t really reflect my choices in casual wear. By the way, the red shorts need pressing,…..I’m certain others will mention this too.
    Thanks for all that great sales news! Happy Wednesday Pam!

  4. I like the style of the dress with the gathering across the tummy area, but not the color ( too pale) or sleeves ( none). The red shorts are too short for me. I do like the saturated blue tee, and the ruffle on the shoulders does not bother me. And I like what looks like joggers pulled up to a pedal pusher length although I would wear them down.

  5. First thoughts regarding the mannequins…ugly, boring, sloppy; all adjectives that would prevent me from wearing two of them. The dress is not bad. I do like the style and it looks cool and casual for summer. The other 2 mannequins…no. They do look like typical outfits that you see people wearing. I don’t wear any kind of jeans in the summer and those look like joggers which would seem to make them even hotter. I don’t care for the tee with the ruffles at the shoulders. Seems like overkill for a tee. With broad shoulders, I would not go for that; likewise the sleeveless top with the cut in shoulders. I don’t find that style flattering on me. The red shorts look kind of sloppy and too short for me. The whole display looks like they weren’t trying too hard!

  6. I really like the dress, it looks cool and comfortable for summer. I don’t mind showing my arms, so sleeveless is fine. I like the faux wrap, as that gives my rectangle body a little shaping. The color is also soft and summery and would look good against a tan (from a bottle these days!.) I would wear it as a casual piece with sneakers or flat sandals rather than heels, though. Nothing about the rest of the display really catches my interest, however.

  7. With the exception of the color-wash joggers (though for comfort and appearance I’d be removing its waistline ties and replacing with elastic) a ‘no’ to all the other pieces. Reason being; namely their overall designs are just not something I would choose for myself at my age. i.e.: Length of dress and shorts/ruffle on sleeve cap of T/prefer to deflect from an aging neck and jaw line so avoid crew (and boat) necklines. All said; can see them working for someone else but just not for me. -Brenda-

  8. I would wear the dress. The style would work well with my size and I love the color. The other two outfits won’t work for me. I wear shorts occasionally and I think the pants would Emphasize that I am short.

    I’m still challenged to identify my style or style combination. I’ve read
    The Style I post three times. I am trying to pay attention to what makes me feel good.

  9. They look comfortable, and I don’t mind some of the cuts for very casual wear. However, they look limp and I would be suspicious of the quality of the fabric. None would meet my need for deep colors.

  10. The shorts and joggers outfits look comfy — but on the mannequin they look a bit sloppy to me. They also seem unfinished — as if the display person had to walk away. I think they could have been accessorized somewhat to give them some pizzazz.

    I like the dress and would try it on, but in a different color. I don’t care for it displayed with the other two outfits — it seems out of place. I also think the dress could benefit from accessorizing — a pretty necklace, scarf, jacket or even a purse.

  11. There is not much about this display that would me stop to take a look. I wear shorts, but these are too short for my taste, & I don’t wear tanks on their own for a variety of reasons. I like the color of tee, but I don’t care for the ruffle. I don’t wear joggers. They are just not my style. The dress looks out of place with the over all casualness of the display & don’t get me started on the wrinkled rumpled look.

  12. Pam, I seldom comment, but I always read – nice to see you (I’ve been enjoying your journey to being an Autumn – again!).

    I really believe that stores need to make the mannequins more aspirational, to not exactly reflect what people are already wearing (as one reader above mentioned, we see so many people already wearing plain, simple clothes like this). I also agree that every item going on a display should be steamed first – every clothing department has a steamer! As for the styles, they are all too plain for my taste, although the tops and shorts are good basic items.

    I would really like to see a bit more styling on the mannequins if they are going to feature basics. How about a colourful necklace or scarf paired with bright sandals for the dress, a “topper” layer like a kimono or cardigan with the shorts outfit, and swap out those joggers (don’t we all have enough of them?) for a swooshy skirt. These displays should inspire people – when you see them, you want to go looking for that skirt/top/scarf to go with the basics you already have!

    Keep on rockin’, Pam!

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