Would You Wear It – Summer in Calvin Klein

Would You Wear It - Summer in Calvin Klein

Happy Saturday, everyone and welcome to Would You Wear It – Summer in Calvin Klein.

Saturday’s are the fun posts I do in collaboration with my friend, Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life.

She locates fashion displays around her community and hundreds of miles away, I find them in mine.

These are the displays which make us stop and wonder what you would think.

Would You Wear It - Summer at Calvin Klein

When I was in Dillard’s recently, I stopped at this Calvin Klein display of summer fashions.

Please look our displays over and comment constructively and kindly if you would or would not wear them.

We say kindness because we do not want women to feel attacked when they believe differently about an outfit from others.

Put on your best stylist hat and look things over with constructive and helpful thoughts.

Would You Wear It - Summer with Calvin Klein

I have a family of three here, so look them over and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Would you wear these from Calvin Klein…..

Now after you comment here, make sure you head over to A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s display…also, join me tomorrow to help me with a big decision…and today?…


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I usually like Calvin Klein. Nothing too exciting shown here. The dress has tiers which I avoid and that is not a color I wear. I’m short waisted so the waist probably won’t be where it belongs. The other outfits are just blah to me. Happy Saturday!!

  2. These don’t work for me or my body. The tiered dress is a great color, but the length would not work, not do I wear tiers. The cropped, wide pants are something I would stay away from, stylish though they may be. I think they picked the wrong top for those, and the whole look is just “too wide and too much fabric.” The pants and matching top remind me of pajamas, so I’d pass. I wanted to like something about this display, but for me, these outfits just don’t work. It’s funny, but I saw SO many displays over the last weekend that I said to my sister, “Pam could use this one on her Saturday “Would You Wear It!!” Don’t want to be negative, but today’s outfits just aren’t for me.

  3. I’m the opposite. I love the outfits. The red maxi is too much for my short ample body. The others I would definitely try on. I love the black and white especially.

  4. I do like the few Calvin Klein pieces I already have, but this dress is too long and the tiers don’t appeal to me. I’m only 5 ft 3 and half. Maybe on a taller, slim or more statuesque person? The black and white outfit I’d try on if the fabric appealed to me but .If too heavy or stiff, no no for summer heat. So that’s a maybe. I’d pair it with white strappy sandals and a light wicker-like handbag or white crossbody bag. The other outfit is cute. I own light linen pants similar to these with a slight stripe. I do nit have a matching top like this and will have to decide if I like it. I think I like a short sleeve linen Vee neck tee instead. In black perhaps.

  5. The striped outfit looks cool and breezy, but I don’t think I would wear the pieces together. I would prefer either piece paired with a solid. The dress looks comfy but the color is so… hot, and would interfere with my mental coping mechanisms for dealing with Texas summers 🙂 I love the tropical print blouse but would probably wear it with more fitted capris or pants.

  6. None of these outfits would work for me as displayed. I like the wide pants but not with that top. The horizontal stripes just would make me look too square. I would prefer a plain top. The dress not at all. The black pants if they were shorter or ankle length but not crazy about the pattern of the top.

  7. The striped outfit is a no for me, because I do not like this sort of print. Cropped pants are not something I would wear in town (and I am very much in towns these days), at least not so short (ankle cropped would be better for me). I do like the black and white top and would try it (with long white or black linen pants, for instance). I am not sure if the red thing is a dress or a shirt and a skirt. In the first case, I would try it, although I am almost sure the waist will not be where it should be on me (I am short-busted). If this is a two-part thing, I would go for the shirt, with creme or white or navy pants, I like the color very much.

  8. Good Morning! the stripes would do comical things to my body type, however i would like that outfit in a solid color, maybe for quick errands, visiting someone or being visited…or car trips…
    the dress i do like, in my younger years i would have worn it. but today it just doesnt fit my lifestyle.
    the black and white, i dont care for crops on me, and i have so much black and white in the closet from my working years, i probably would just walk by this display.

  9. At 5’8” full length pants are often a challenge for me, but if the vertical striped pants are long enough and a natural fabric, I would love to wear them with a basic solid color tee. As others have said of the dress, I do not care for the tiered style that seems to be so popular now, so I would pass on the dress. I do not yet own a pair of wide leg crop pants but I do like the look and think they would be a great alternative to shorts, so the black and white outfit is something I would definitely try on.

  10. The red dress seems like two styles: a classic shirt dress superimposed with the trending tiers. As such, it doesn’t appeal to me, but I like the color, and I think someone with long legs who wants to play a bit with silhouettes could try it out. The black cropped pants look flowing, which is the only way they are flattering on me, but the loose top with them is too much fabric and the print is too large. The striped pants are lovely, but the oversized top with the stripes going the other way would make an otherwise flattering pair of pants not look good on me. As another commentator said, I would try them with a more fitted black or cream tee.

  11. I’d walk right past this display. I should like Calvin Klein clothes but never seem to gravitate to them. I can’t even explain why. Happy Saturday

  12. I would try on the striped pants, but not the top that matches. A softer type tee or linen top would be more my choice. I think the styling of the red outfit is the problem. The skirt needs to be pinned to fit closer to the natural waist on the display and the heavy elastic is throwing it off. I do like the shirt, but not the tiered skirt as many are saying. If the skirt was one piece and flowy it would be much better for me.

  13. I love the two piece stripe and would definitely buy it. I am tall so although I could carry the orange dress, It is a lot of dress for me. I don’t care for the crop, again being tall they are are usually too short and fall in the wrong place.

  14. I have seen striped pants like this on a tall, thin, young woman and she looked like a million bucks. She styled the wide pants with a strappy flat sandal and a solid, basic, fitted tee. So, I love the looked but… would it love me?

  15. I don’t like the dress at all, though I am sure it would look good on some people. I try to avoid black in the summer and the black and white outfit does not appeal to me.
    I agree with another reader who said they would wear the striped outfit, but as separates, not together.
    “Underwhelming “ is how I would describe the display

  16. I really like the selections on the slide show but not the mannequins so much. I will take a second look at the slide show as the styles would suit my pear shape and my upper arms flaws.

  17. Calvin Klein is a designer I have liked in the past, but this display, not so much. The striped outfit reminds me of an outfit our daughter “had to have” when she was in high school in the 80’s, so I’m not interested in going there. The length & tiers on the dress make it a no as it would not be flattering. The same goes for the wide legged crops, & I just not care for the print of the top.

  18. I’m disappointed with the display here.

    The striped outfit might work, but it looks like a pajama set to me. Totally comfy but not an outfit I’d wear outside the house.

    The dress in the middle could have been so more appealing if the top and skirt were better matched in style. The top here seems too tailored for the flowy, tiered skirt … the color is lovely, but the style doesn’t work for me.

    I like the outfit on the right, but I’d prefer it with full length pants. The cropped pants look a bit choppy to me.

  19. A ‘yes’ to both pairs of pants as do like the wider leg and both lengths shown. As to the tops not so much namely due to their necklines as prefer V. Last but not least the red garment; firstly it is a color I only wear in accessories and secondly again the styles of both the top and the skirt just do not appeal to myself also IMHO they are not the proper cut/design to achieve the illusion of a one-piece dress if one was attempting to do so even if they were to sash it with a wide belt.

  20. Love the red but I can’t tell if it’s a dress or 2 pieces. If it’s a dress I’d pass, but if it’s 2 pieces I’d skip the skirt but would wear the shirt in a heartbeat, especially open over white jeans & a cami, or buttoned up & tucked into bluejeans or any of a dozen other ways. I don’t usually care for breast pockets on shirts as I don’t need any attention drawn to that area, but these ones seem to lie flat & I think would be fine. I really like the pattern in the black & white top but am not sure about the style — the round neckline doesn’t suit me although I’d probably try it on. I’d pair it with white jeans or full-length slim black pants. The outfit on the left is not something I’d wear — I’m not keen on striped pants, don’t wear anything with a flared leg, the neckline’s wrong for me & I just feel there’s too much fabric & too much going on visually for someone my height (but I have a tall friend it would look spectacular on!). Great slide-show today, btw, Pam.

  21. I like and would wear everything except the striped shirt. It looks like a boy’s tee shirt to me and I just don’t like it. I would wear those pants with a black or beige tee shirt and play up accessories in black; black shoes or sandals black rattan bag. The red outfit and the black and white outfit I would mix and match. I can’t tell if the red outfit is separates or not. If so I would wear the red top with the black crops. Also, to wear that type of skirt it would have to be a petite size. If wearing the entire red outfit as is, I’d wear a long gold tassel necklace and gold hoop earrings .I would wear some type of beige espadrille. with the black and white outfit possiblly I’d wear white sneakers with it.

  22. I like something about each one….love the colour of the dress , wish I was under thirty and slim again. Love the black and white combo….cropped pants are lovely on anyone with slender legs and no varicose veins ( not me sadly). Love the stripes, colours and length of pants, love linen ( not sure the fabric is linen as it looks to be), I accepted linen wrinkles, I would hope , the linen fabric was soft and draped, not stiff and starchy.
    I would try on the stripes!

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