How I like to say bohemian!

How I like to say bohemian

Happy Thursday!  Today, I am excited to share with you how I like to say bohemian!

Many of you know that I have been on the hunt to find special pieces which speak to my interpretation of bohemian.

I have found a few and been building a new wardrobe foundation…then this happened…

How I like to say bohemian

The new collection from Chico’s arrived with this gorgeous Reversible Floral to Animal -Print Duster Jacket and I think I squealed out loud…YES!

This is the type of statement piece I have been looking for all summer.  

how I like to say bohemian

it compliments the Chico’s portion of my wardrobe perfectly.  The necklace and bracelet I am wearing are past Chico’s treasures.

The pants:  Hem Detail Girlfriend Crops (also perfect for boho-style).  The tank top is an older Chico’s garment…I know, I wear it often now since it is brown.

This new tank would be worth considering: Reversible Floral to Animal-Print Tank.  I think I would like the floral side with the reverse side of the jacket!

But, what is most important is that when I look in the mirror, I now seen bohemian style that is unique to me. Annie defined bohemian as an adventurer with curves, natural, artistic, intuitive, and feminine.

I see that here in this design.  I elected to go a size smaller on the topper…my regular size 3 just seemed to voluminous and I found wearing it this way to be slimming, but it does have stretch in the fabric if some “give” is needed.

This duster feels soft and silky…very lightweight…perfect for summer nights and transitioning to fall. 

The silky feeling and the lovely sleeves give that feminine…dare I say “romantic” touch to the bohemian vibe.

How I like to say bohemian

This is a reversible garment, however it is the front side that I love, love, love.  The perfect color and size of print! I am going to be seen in this one….often.

I believe this to be my confident best after a style refresh!

 Tuesday, I mentioned grabbing special garments when you see them….in order to make sure you have your size.

Especially if it is something that resonates with you like this one did with me.

How I like to say bohemian


This is my vibrant autumn colors and how I like to say bohemian!  It feels very much like me!

Now, here are some more standout pieces in different colors from the current collection at Chico’s…..

Also, let’s give a shoutout to Chico’s for the lovely models who represent all age groups over 40!  So nice to see this!

So, what do you think…have I hit the right bohemian style??  Please share and join me as we all continue to……………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. You look beautiful Pam! What a great feeling to discover what is really you and to feel wonderful in what you are wearing! This is what we look for when expressing ourselves with our clothing choices… that “this is me” feeling that you can wear with confidence! Just beautiful!!

  2. Thank you, Karen! I hope to find more statement pieces like this one…love that Chico’s is offering pieces like this! Have a great day…

  3. Pam, you are nailing it! Bravo! You look so pulled together. I also like that leopard print jean jacket in your slide show.

  4. you look fantastic in that! Ive seen that duster/ruana/jacket (whatever we call it, its a head turner), in the store, and it is breathtaking.
    i sort of feel like they are rushing Fall, though…its not even August. but i guess if they can put up Christmas displays in October, then i guess its up to us to live in the moment, lol.

  5. Sheryl this is only a small part of this collection ! It includes a lot of garments for summer and spring. The fashion industry always begins about now to offer transition pieces. This duster is so lightweight, I can easily wear it for a summer evening!

  6. Yes! that is so perfect for your new look. It made me laugh when you said you squealed.The fact that it is reversible is even better since you love your animal prints as well. When I saw it, I thought how great it would look with a kingfisher top under it for a real pop of colour. Good for you for pouncing on an item that really resonates with you. That slide show has some drool worthy items also, so going back for a better look. Have a fun day.

  7. You look gorgeous in this! I do love the new collection at Chico’s! Really a standout.

  8. Good Morning! I opened your post this this morning and WOW, you literally jumped out of the page, this is perfect. So you and your bubbly personality comes to life. You truly look joyous and beautiful. This is your style and colors for sure! Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  9. I adore this top also and it looks fabulous on you. Unfortunately at 5’ tall it totally overwhelmed me😢

  10. Yes! I think you hit the right Boho style. Good for you finding this new reersible kimono. Sadly, these “Desert Hues” don’t work for me and my cool coloring. Most of the new Chicos clothing are in these hues, except for a few blue variations of tunics with ruffles and button-down backs. Very few kimono toppers in my colors! But I digress ~~ happy that you found this ensenble and snatched it up. You look Marvelous!!!

  11. What’s great about Chico’s, Patsy, is they have collections for petites! Make sure you check those out!

  12. Hi Mary K…actually if you look at my slideshow you will see more of your hues. The new collection has more for cool coloring than warm. This duster is just one standout piece and happens to be for an autumn. But I saw kimonos and toppers I would be wearing if I was a cool palette! Check it out!

  13. Perfect! When I saw the catalog, I thought of you. It’s a fantastic look on you.
    Also, I’d like to say that I appreciate Chico’s models.

  14. Thank you, Carolyn! From me and the real models! It is nice to see fabulous older women in the mix!

  15. Pam, so funny…when I first saw this kimono on Chico’s website, I thought of you! Your colors, your style, and I know you love kimonos as do I. However, so many of Chico’s current garments are not in my color wheel. I happened to find a Chico’s booklet from summer of 2018 yesterday and thought how many of the pieces were my colors…aqua, bright pink, purple. It made me think how different collections favor different colors and styles. The oranges, beiges, rusts, muted colors that were prevalent into summer and now autumn, though beautiful , are not for me because of the colors. I’m happy for you though that you have found your new, comfortable style in great colors for you.

  16. Hi Celia! Thank you! I encourage everyone to look back at the new collection. I just went through this mailer and there are 6 pages of garments NOT in my colors. I only saw three…this duster, a leopard denim jacket and a gold colored shirt in autumn colors. There is a lot of different hues on the website and in store. I encourage all of you to look. Thanks…this is my favorite piece right now!

  17. Good Morning, and Congrats on nailing your new style. This should be your new social image shot! Thanks for today’s carousel. I will be treating myself to that beautiful pale grey and blue scarf via your link later today as a little birthday gift to myself. 👸🎂 Meanwhile, off to get my free coffee from Starbie’s and enjoy a morning pedicure. Ahhhhhh. 58 feels okay. 😉

  18. Thanks for the smile Connie! Whenever your birthday is….have a great one full of joy!

  19. You look like your best self, and I’m glad you sized down. For these type of pieces, I think you need to, especially as you seem to be going for that more pared down bohemian look. I don’t own any kimonos, and I used to try them on all the time, thinking how great they would be for weddings, etc. But they just are not “me.” I’m still not sure I’m a huntswoman, but I definitely am not romantic or bohemian. I guess it’s sometimes helpful to know what you are not! I wonder how much geography and local culture play into all this too. Your part of Texas seems vastly more colorful and playful with fashion than we are in northern Ohio.

  20. I think it is very helpful to know what we are not, Linda. Shopping for me has been so much better now that I know my color palette and style. Even if I don’t find it somewhere, that is liberating to me and saves time and money. I love knowing what I am and what I am not. San Antonio is a very colorful community. The population is majority Hispanic and the influence of the Mexican culture lends itself to color explosion…one of the reasons I love living here! You may be right that where we live plays a big role in how we also accept (or not accept) and look at color.

  21. Pam, I just LOVE what you are doing with your new colors and style. It really reflects who you are. You look amazing and literally pop off the page now! You are right about snagging pieces in your colors and style that really speak to you. Even if you paid full price, you will get tremendous wear out of a favorite piece like this, and it will bring you joy every time you put it on. You are an inspiration–keep up the good work!

  22. Thank you so much, Kami for your encouragement! I need an appreciate it!!

  23. This outfit looks fabulous on you! I think it is your best to date.
    I love seeing your new fashion adventure.

  24. You look fabulous in this! I am enjoying seeing the bohemian looks on you—both because you look so at home in them, and because I know as much as I love it on you, I feel silly in boho. Your journey is helping me refine my style. Now to just have someplace to wear nice clothes again.

  25. Thanks Kate! I started during the lockdowns dressing better even when home and it made each day more special! I recommend it for a joy boost! Have fun refining your style!

  26. Not that you need slimming – this duster makes you look so tall & slim. I love it, the color, the shape EVERYTHING! It’s just YOU!

  27. Pam, what a wonderful find for you! I even stopped at the post on my way home from work to see if my new Chico’s catalog came today. I want to see what they have in my color pallet. You look fantastic! Love your blog, first thing I look at every morning, even before the weather! Have a wonderful evening! Betty

  28. Pam, you look absolutely amazing in this!!!!! I so enjoy your posts about your style reset.

  29. You look absolutely beautiful and happy in this outfit. Your personality just shines through. Your new hair style is perfect for you – it shows your beauty and fun-loving nature. I look forward to reading your blog. It is so relatable for us women who have seen forty a few (or in my case, many) times, and I get new ideas for my own wardrobe.

  30. Thank you, Glenda! I am so glad you are here! Your kind comment means a lot!

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