My picks in best of July sales

My picks in best of July sales

Happy Friday, everyone!  It is time for my picks in best of the July sales!

The best ones are gearing up or underway and give us an opportunity for savings in the current season and savings on new styles in Fall 2021.

As I say often…I love shopping and saving during July!

This year, I have new needs since I have refreshed my style color and style wise. 



My picks for July Sales


Chico’s only does this sale twice a year and it is a good one…going from July 9 – 24.  Many styles will be up to 50% off, and many will be as low as $19.

Here are my picks you may want to check out:


PICK #2: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

My picks in best of July sales

I am so excited about this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  The preview is open to the public right now and you can place items on a wish list.

Now that I specifically know what my color palette is (Vibrant Autumn) and my style (Bohemian/Romantic) I have identified some areas I would like to fill (after many pieces were sent on their merry way that were wrong style and color).

I begin by making a list of what I need…such as a good trench coat in my color and brown boots.   Here is a slideshow I put together for Autumns, and I will be doing these for other palettes occasionally until the sale opens to everyone July 28-August 8.

What I have noted as possibilities so far…..

I confess I love shopping for autumn and winter clothing best…maybe that is why I am a true autumn girl.



My picks in best of July sales

Very old picture…and a huge regret!  I purchased this beautiful burnt orange sweater jacket in a past Talbot’s Red Hangar Sale.

I loved it and wore it often…and then donated it because I thought I had worn it too much and It wasn’t in the Winter palette I was falsely told I looked best in.  SIGH!

I use this as a way to show you that you can find amazing deals and pieces in this sale!  You get an extra 40% off markdowns from July 7-24.  And some sweaters are $17.99 until July 14.

Here are my picks for you to consider in this sale….(This sale moves fast…so if these garments are sold out, just click through and see what is remaining on the site) Great pieces throughout:



My picks in best of July sales

Macy’s Black Friday sale will run through July 12, and has great options in it.  Almost everything comes in a variety of colors…but as with all of these sales…the pieces move quickly.

Here is what I picked in this sale to watch…but you can click through and find many other great selections:

See why I love July so much!!! I will have more updates to come on these sales…. It is simply the best time to shop!  Have fun shopping….see. you tomorrow for Would You Wear It…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. July always seems to kick off a big sale season. I love the scarves from Chico’s, and I’d like to brighten up my large scarf collection for the upcoming cold weather. My focus is on adding brighter color for those long months ahead, so this would be a good way to do that. I’m leaving this morning for a week in the woods with my family (camping) with no internet access, but I know that the sales continue even past the end dates so I’ll hit some stores when we get back. Those scarves I can order online though, because scarves are something you don’t need to try on!

    1. Have fun on your camping trip! Stay safe! I am returning to wearing more scarves with my new style so I definitely will be watching for them!

  2. I too am more a fan of autumn and winter clothing than spring and summer so I have to look for rich jewel colors instead of the browns, rusts, golds that are often prevalent in autumn clothing. I do not like cold weather, but feel more comfortable covered up than having exposed skin, I suppose, as when you wear warmer weather clothing . I most often wear a third piece over my top and bottom so cool weather makes that easier to do. I like many of your selections today and agree that they fit your new style and color range. Will be interested to see what you purchase.

    1. Thanks Celia, I am going to be featuring more for other color palettes as well. It is so much fun to shop now with color at the top of my selections!

  3. Wow, don’t you look stunning in your autumn colours. To be classed as a winter was such a disservice to you for all those years, and I am so happy for you to be back on track. Have fun with those sales.

    1. Thanks Diane…to discover I am an autumn and then make a commitment to wear the colors only has been life changing…and tons of fun!

  4. You look stunning in that sweater! That gorgeous sweater you gave away is why I always encourage women to listen to their instincts. We are drawn to what we love and it’s frequently the most flattering on us.
    I’m guilty of doing the same thing and have regretted it so I now experiment with color, but keep things I love, no matter what “pallet” they’re in.

    1. In my recent “closet purge” to move toward my palette, I placed some of the pieces I have loved in the past in another closet. I will see how often I want to return to them. I am finding that wearing my Vibrant Autumn colors is so empowering and helps me to look my best, that I am not sure why I would ever want to wear pieces out of my palette again…at this stage of life, why not look my best every day?

  5. In the past, when working, I hit the Chico’s and Talbots semiannual sales hard. This year, though, I’m losing weight (no “goal” in mind and not sure where I will end up, so an end of season sale is not my friend), and -slowly- transitioning my wardrobe over to a very casual style in blue autumn tones. I bought a couple of $17.99 sweaters the first day from Talbots, mostly to see how I like wearing navy vs black as a base neutral, then bought a leopard print tank and a couple of pieces from Chico’s. I don’t have a Nordstrom credit card and find that sale pretty overwhelming in quantity and underwhelming in truly good deals. I’m looking for a pair of brown, waterproof booties but didn’t find the ones I wanted in the preview. At some point, I would like a brown leather jacket to replace my black one, but not this season.

  6. Off topic but I had a good laugh today as the plaid jacket in the Chico slideshow is an almost duplicate of the jacket I wore as part of my ‘going away outfit’ 48 years ago, self belt included.

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