Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & Me

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh and Me

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & Me!

Leigh Ann & I stopped by The Shops at La Cantera recently to check out the sale prices (I need sale prices to shop there!)….and

to look at ways I might interpret my bohemian/romantic refreshed style.  I am still experimenting and working on where I want to take the new looks.

For me it is about balancing the prints and textiles in just the right way.

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & me

Though both of us were looking to try on clothing in our Autumn color palettes, we promised YOU we would look at other colors…so that is what the majority of this post will be.

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & Me

Anthropologie is about whimsy, funky, creative fun and is perfect for all ages.  Also, with their plus and petite departments they are one of the few which offer various sizes.

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & me

Though not for Autumns, Leigh Ann & I both liked this white buttoned -down top with floral embellishments and their jeans.  She said the jeans were a comfortable, flattering fit.

We wanted those in the audience who wear white to see how cute it is…though we autumns are not wearing white shirts…not our best look. 

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & Me

Summer 2021 has featured many fun dresses at this store and some are worth watching as the sales begin.  

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & Me

This is a fun little dress and would be worth consideration for those who need a plus size fit.

It was big on me, so it was not the most flattering fit, but I did like the print!

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh 7 me

This top on Leigh Ann was beautiful, but the wrong fit and neckline for her…we saw that it comes in other colors.

Both of us loved this cute skirt!  We highly recommend it. 




Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & Me

I really like the Daily Practice by Anthropologie Palm Frond Cardigan…you can see the palm on the back and it is very cool…just click on the link.

I think this is one of the best sale pieces I saw during this trip.

Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & me

One thing I really like about this brand, is that they often have the shorter kimono-toppers.

I am looking for shorter now with a more flattering fit, but I love the kimono for my bohemian style refresh.


Shopping Anthropologie with Leigh & Me

I liked this top best…of course, it was not on sale, but I actually find it to be a touch of both the bohemian and romantic.

The sleeves and tiny buttons add the romanticism to the style. 

This type of shopping trip is very helpful to me right now as I decide how I will interpret the new style for me…and make it my own. 

Though we did not purchase anything…it was fun to think about how prints and styles would work for us going forward. 

We are both in our 60s and would wear many things at Anthropologie…it is a fun place to put a stamp on unique style with quality pieces.

And for the funky cute Gamines in the audience (see 10 Style Personalities) they just released a new ALWAYS AUDREY HEPBURN COLLECTION!

Here is a slideshow of the majority sale items.  Right now you get an extra 25% off in your cart.

Remember that shopping can be a learning experience…especially when you are refreshing or reinventing your look.  Enjoy it and don’t let it frustrate you!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I’ve never been in an Anthropologie store, but agree that they have some very interesting and unusual clothing. However, as you said, I would only be buying if there was a big sale. As a non-Autumn person, I appreciate your showing us clothing that is not in your color area, like the cute white shirt Leigh Ann is modeling. And I too like kimonos and ruanas as a third piece of any outfit so I have looked at the beautiful, though expensive ones Anthropologie has. Always nice to wish, I suppose, but appreciate what you do have.

  2. That white & blue shirt Leigh Ann’s modeling almost makes me wish I were buying clothes instead of getting rid of them! But I’ve finally almost gotten my closets emptied to the point I want. My goal is to own the absolute minimum of clothing, all of it items I absolutely adore, that look fabulous on me & all coordinate to give me a variety of things to wear even while limiting the individual pieces. I still have way too many jeans, moto jackets, boots & sandals, but have decided we all need a little frivolity in our lives 🙂 And I am sticking mainly with strong primary colours that flatter a Winter Huntress, although I’m not a fan of labels — I think at the end of the day, the mirror is still our best friend & I anticipate being happily surprised by trying on colours & styles I’d have previously avoided just to see what happens! To that end I love “going shopping with & your friends & hope you’ll continue to invite us along.

  3. So enjoy these shopping excursions with you and Leigh Ann and seeing you in your new choice of color palette. Looking grrrreat Pamela! -Brenda-

    P.S.: Funny when looking at the black and white dress the print reminded me of butterfly markings only to notice afterwards what is on the back wall. ☺

  4. Your necklace is a great statement piece for most of the outfits you tried on, Pamela. Good choice for you! Because ours is a college town, I tend to think of Anthropologie clothes for younger women, but you’re so right in demonstrating how they can work for a big range of ages and sizes. Thanks!

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