Style Refresh 2021: Making old garments work

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I am still having so much fun with my style refresh and discussing more how I am making old garments work.

In my last post about dye,  Diane asked what happens with a blend of fabrics in one garment.

I actually tried that and I am amazed at the results.  

Style Refresh Making old garments work

This is a Chico’s jacket I have owned for years, but like it.  It was white/white.

The jacket is 55% linen and 45% cotton with 100% polyester on the trim.

I tossed it in my front loading washer with the Dylon Machine Dye Olive Green.

Style Refresh Making Old Garments work

You can see what happened to the front trim and around the zippers.  Personally, I think it is kind of cool and yes, I wear it.

The top was also white/white but I had tossed it in when I did Dylon Sandy Beige.  Though it is polyester, it took the white down a bit closer to a cream color…you can see it doesn’t quite match the white of the jacket trim.

If you are new here and wondering why I am dying clothing…you will want to go to the top of the page and click on STYLE REFRESH to read about my journey…scroll to the bottom for the first posts which explain from the beginning.

I have changed my style completely from a Winter Professional …to a Vibrant Autumn Bohemian/Romantic.

I did remove many items for resale or donations, but kept a few I like and was willing to change with the dye.

I have had a great experience with the dyes and love the pieces I have changed.  Making some of my old wardrobe work was essential for such a big change in my clothing.

It was my online stylist from London, Annie Castano, who told me about the Dylon Dyes and how easy they are. 

I am wearing the jacket with a new lovely beaded necklace from Pam Neri; BZEES sandals, bronze bracelets from Goodwill San Antonio, and my old now dyed top from Macy’s INC


Style Refresh 2021: Making old garments work

As I go through my old wardrobe, I have been so excited to find pieces like this burnt orange poncho from Talbot’s that I purchased last fall.

I love this piece and am so happy that it needs no dye…it is the perfect color for my new palette!

July is going to be colorful fun

These colors now go everywhere with me…in the closet…in the store…and it makes building this new wardrobe so much easier.

Please let me know if you have questions about anything…I think the week ahead is going to be exciting especially Wednesday…make sure you join in the fun!  And………………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil

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