What I learn when I listen and heed advice

What I learn when I listen and heed advice

Happy Friday!  Hope your week has been joyful.  Today I would like to discuss what I learn when I listen and heed advice.

I am the first to admit that I can be a little stubborn and am sometimes slow to heed advice (Perhaps larger ears would help!), but lately, the benefits of listening and heeding have been great!

listening and heeding advice

The most obvious one has been to let my hair go and allow the waves to take over.  

I have spent years straightening and taming, and discounting advice to embrace the waves.

But, now I am wondering why I was so stubborn!  This is the new me and I am so glad I finally heeded the advice to let go and let wave.

listen and heed advice

Regular readers know that I struggle with sinus issues and have my entire life.  In the past five years, I have had two major sinus surgeries.

When I saw the NAVAGE NASAL CARE SYSTEM come out, I balked at the price and did not get one until recently.

But, for all of you sinus suffers, this machine is amazing!  Use distilled water and follow cleaning instructions.

I am so glad I decided to heed the advice, and add this machine to my daily routine.  

I thought my little hand held saline wash bottle was getting it done, but recently began to develop another sinus backup…I have been flabbergasted at what this machine does. 

Highly recommend for you or any family member.

listen and heed advice

These shoes are another example of advice given to me that I discounted because of price.

Mr. B is an avid runner and has been telling me for years that I needed to use the ALTRA SHOES for walking and working out.

I thought I did not need that expensive of a shoe to get done what I want to get done on a daily basis.

However, when I began to walk 2 miles in the neighborhood this summer in the mornings, the shoes I was wearing became a problem.

He shook his head at me and encouraged me to just give ALTRA shoes a try…so I did.

Wow…what a difference.  I am now walking 3- 3.5 miles…and it is easier!  Again, I am kicking myself that I waited so long.  I hope to reach 5 miles as a summer goal and now believe it possible with these shoes.

listen and heed advice

I knew that both green tea and turmeric are beneficial, but it took me a long time to make them part of my daily health routine.

At first, I wasn’t crazy about the taste of green tea, but now actually prefer it!  I cannot go a day without it and do believe it has helped boost metabolism.

My current favorite is this Bigelow Benefits Tea called REFRESH.…kind of perfect since I am in a Style Refresh!! Very rich, delicious green tea.

I know I am slow to come around sometimes, but at least I eventually came around and learned my lesson in these areas.

But for those struggling with sinus and summer colds, here is my advice to you….

listen and heed advice.


This soups always works when I am feeling a summer cold or sinus virus come one!  Packed with nutrients…but I always remind you…the stock is the key!  Just isn’t the same with store brand stock.

Would anyone like to share lessons you have been slow to embrace, but glad you finally heeded the advice? Would love to know I am not the only one!

I looked over the shoes in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and found these fun options…great time to save on shoes…

Thanks for being here and hope your Friday is full of joy!!


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. This is really true Pam. Like you, I have a stubborn streak, and additionally, hard to admit, I don’t like being told what I “need to do.” However, I’m doing better depending on where the suggestions are coming from. I’ve listened to the young lady who cuts my hair and it made a difference. I listened when someone told me to stop caring so much what people think and that has resulted in letting go of pride and comparison, positive things. I’m a fan of Bigelow Benefits and have not noticed that tea, but I’m definitely going to look for that right away! Congratulations on your walking success!!

    1. My mother was stubborn until she left this world and would not listen to others…I do not want to be like that…so I hope to encourage all of us to be better at listening to advice.

  2. I think your next big lesson should be letting your natural haircolor (silver, gray or white) shine through. Everyone I know who has gone thru this process has come out the other side happier, prettier and wondering…WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER?!!

    1. I know it has been empowering for many! Right now I have chosen to listen to my new online stylist, Annie Castano who point blank counseled me not to go that direction just yet. So I am listening and following her advice which has served me well so far. But I never say never!! Thanks!

  3. That deer in the first picture is adorable and really gets the point across to use those ears. So cute. I know there have been many times over the years that I have been hesitant to listen to “suggestions” from others, but in alot of cases it has turned out positive. Once, however, I was told to push the healing after surgery, and really overdid it and had to go back for a redo, and that was not pleasant at all. There are times to listen to the little voice in your head and better judgement. I know that better shoes are much better for the more serious home athlete and no support is not an option. That is a lesson learned also. I have seen the Navage system and wondered if it is as good as advertised, good to hear from a trusted source that it works so well. Now that fall is on the way, I must print out your chicken soup recipe, not just for colds, because it looks so darned delicious. One other thing, as for the hair, have you ever tried a leave in conditioner with a curl cream activator mixed in and just squished the curls up while hanging your head upside down. No more touching until dry. I love the way my curls bounce up after this. Just an idea to try while at home. Not trying to be pushy.

    1. I will try this Diane! Thanks for sharing on the hair! I am very impressed with Navage…wish I had done it earlier!

  4. My hair is wavy too. When I was growing up, I would ask my mom why my siblings & I had to struggle with BUMPS in our hair! We all wanted straight hair! In my thirties, I finally heard my hair stylist when she told me that people paid her good money to give them hair that I naturally have. I love my hair – bumps, grey & all!!

    1. It takes a while fir some of us…doesn’t it. I spent so much time and money straightening it…glad to have it finally here!

  5. It’s very hard to listen to advice, no matter how well meant. The best advice I got recently was to retire. I kept putting it off another year, every year. Finally my son and daughter in law sat me down. It was time for various good reasons, and was the healthiest choice I ever made. Funny, I too took advice regarding walking shoes. That advice wasn’t for specific shoes, it was to get fitted correctly at a running store. The clerk had me walk, measured my feet, discussed my walking habits and goals, and came out with three pairs to try, two of which I bought. My husband, who is worse than I am about taking advice, also bought a pair, and they have been game changing. You’re right, you can walk farther, faster, and feel better afterwards. And the shoes have held up well, justifying their price.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Linda! I should not have been surprised at the difference the shoes make but it is a game changer!

  6. This morning’s Blog is one of your best. After many years in the “work world”, I find it is time to listen and learn. That’s not always easy for me either.

    Please tell me the specific model of Altra shoes that you are using to walk. I am always very interested in comfortable walking shoes, but do not want to experiment at that price point.

    As always, thanks for your daily conversation. I enjoy!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the topic today! I bought mine at Nordstrom and that is why I gave you that link. The shoe is the Paradigm 5 in gray and coral.

  7. Your speaking of the running shoes Mr.B recommended to me makes me think of my struggle finding shoes over the years. As a result of the polio I had as a child, I walk with a limp, and have one leg shorter than the other, and that foot is smaller and that heel does not touch the ground. When I grew out of my leg brace, and built up shoes, I naturally wanted pretty, girly shoes. However, over the years after buying a closet full of shoes I cannot keep on my smaller foot, I’ve accepted the fact that my shoes have to either tie on or have a moderate heel ( less than 2 inches) so my smaller foot will be at an incline to the floor. And I no longer buy inexpensive shoes because they have no substantial insole. Now I have a closet full of size 6 shoes that I need to get rid of, but few people wear my size.

    BTW I too love soup and was thinking yesterday how much I would like to have a pot of homemade soup. Funny how we think of hot soup only in the winter yet we eat hot food throughout the year. I’m saving your recipe and will certainly try it.

    1. So sorry to hear of your shoe struggles, Celia, but glad your figured it out! You might see if you have a nearby Dress for Success. I am sure they would love the shoe donation.
      The soup is delish and secret is in the stock! Enjoy….

  8. I think one of the biggest markers of “growing up” is learning to heed. When we can cede that insecurity that we hide with our not listening or heeding and accept ourselves as creatures still learning and growing we are on the path to true maturity and wisdom. And as we start that listening we become more discerning listeners and more aware of who/what is important to our well-being both emotionally and physically. We, in fact, become more self secure and that leads to even more self discovery. We become better role models for our families and friends as they see the confidence that gain thru’ better self-understanding and open mindedness.
    We’re never too old to learn!

  9. Celia might also see if her local high school has a “clothing closet” to which she could donate those size 6’s since younger high school girls may certainly be in need of the smaller shoes. There are many families who rely on this closet to “shop” their back to school needs. 💗

    1. Connie, that’s a good idea! I thought about something like that but figured most teenage girls have bigger feet than I do, or at least our three granddaughters do, and the shoes would not be appropriate ( in my thinking) to donate to the shoe fund my husband started at a local elementary school. However, I do need to investigate something constructive to do with all these shoes I cannot wear. Thank you for the suggestion. I’m determined to try to get them to someone who needs them.

  10. Oh, man! If I were to list all the advice I’ve received over the years & ignored only to discover later how wise it was, this comment would be longer than your post! Add the fact I have always been as obstinate as the day is long — although to my credit I do admit to mistakes fairly easily. Part of this stem from my childhood when “young ladies” were supposed to be demure & do as they were told, not voice (or even have!) opinions & were expected to become teachers, nurses or secretaries until they got married, had children & “settled down”. Fine if you bought into that. I never did. I had opinions & wasn’t shy about letting them be known (still do), wanted to be an engineer like my dad, had little interest in being some man’s wife (turns out being the right man’s partner is a whole different thing 🙂 ) & didn’t even LIKE kids let alone want any. Most of the advice I got for years was contrary to everything I knew I wanted or what worked for me, so I got into the habit of ignoring it all & going my own way.

    The problem is that when we become used to resisting everyone’s advice, we miss a lot of good stuff. I’ve become much more open over the years. There’s still a lot of “helpful advice” out there I cheerfully ignore, much of it about how we’re supposed to age, but when it comes to things like recommendations for products that work I’m all ears. For instance I’ve been looking at the Navage System for some time but until I heard from someone whose advice I trusted, I wasn’t spending the money (we can’t realistically try everything that hits our radar, after all, so waiting often makes sense). That’s why I always enjoy your “product” posts, Pam. It’s nice to get first-hand feedback & while something might not work for us, there’s always the chance it will!

  11. Sometimes we need to listen to life itself. For me, the past 17 months have been about letting go — letting go of activities that I thought formed my identity, letting go of circumstances beyond my control, and sadly, letting go of people who passed away during this pandemic. I don’t know what the lessons are yet, but I do know life will never be the same. I’m listening, life! What’s in store for me now?

  12. I am catching up from being away and wanted to point you in the direction of Dr Mark Lynch. I saw a video of him doing tapping for sinus and sore throat relief. I am so glad I heeded his advice. Whenever I get sinus pressure, sore throat I tap. No pills, no tools, just some tapping. And it works! Hope you google him and give it a try!

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