Would You Wear It - Belted Tunic

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to the additional weekly Would You Wear It …today, Would You Wear It – Belted Tunic?

I know it is Tuesday and not the middle of the week, but I have something special for you tomorrow.

I will be reflecting and pondering on my birthday tomorrow and wearing a fun outfit….so I hope you will join me then!

But, back to our (sort-of) mid-week pop-up!  

I ask that you look the fashion display over above and tell us personally if you would or would not wear it. 

Please provide constructive observation in order to help the other shoppers here.

This display was found at JJILL.

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………..


If you love tunics, here are a few….



July is going to be colorful fun

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Would You Wear It

Today ends my 45 day retinol treatment called The Reversal by Beauty Bio, and I am super impressed. 

I do believe it has given me an edge as I enter year 68 tomorrow!  I am going to check out Phase 4…just found out there is one.

I had not used an intense retinol treatment as this is, but my wrinkles are definitely softened and my neck firmer. 

I used it in addition to my daily routine with Chamonix. 

Both lines are cruelty free!

You can find this treatment in various places:

Beauty Bio R 45 at Beauty Bio

Beauty Bio R 45 at Ulta

Beauty Bio R 45 at Nordstrom

Beauty Bio R 45 at Sephora

In order to close us out today, I wanted to show some of the animal print shoes currently on the market.  Some of you who do not care for animal print clothing, you may want to check it out in shoes.  They compliment really well!

Make sure you tell us if what you think of the Would You Wear It display….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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