Would You Wear It – Belted Tunic?

Would You Wear It - Belted Tunic

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to the additional weekly Would You Wear It …today, Would You Wear It – Belted Tunic?

I know it is Tuesday and not the middle of the week, but I have something special for you tomorrow.

I will be reflecting and pondering on my birthday tomorrow and wearing a fun outfit….so I hope you will join me then!

But, back to our (sort-of) mid-week pop-up!  

I ask that you look the fashion display over above and tell us personally if you would or would not wear it. 

Please provide constructive observation in order to help the other shoppers here.

This display was found at JJILL.

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………..


If you love tunics, here are a few….



July is going to be colorful fun

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Would You Wear It

Today ends my 45 day retinol treatment called The Reversal by Beauty Bio, and I am super impressed. 

I do believe it has given me an edge as I enter year 68 tomorrow!  I am going to check out Phase 4…just found out there is one.

I had not used an intense retinol treatment as this is, but my wrinkles are definitely softened and my neck firmer. 

I used it in addition to my daily routine with Chamonix. 

Both lines are cruelty free!

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In order to close us out today, I wanted to show some of the animal print shoes currently on the market.  Some of you who do not care for animal print clothing, you may want to check it out in shoes.  They compliment really well!

Make sure you tell us if what you think of the Would You Wear It display….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. This is not an attractive display. It appears to be thrown together as an afterthought and would not draw me in to look at the clothes. The belted tunic would definitely not work for me, in color nor in style. However, I love the navy Chico’s tunic in the slideshow. The tunic displayed here just looks too big and messy. I know oversized is trending, but it’s a trend I’ll be passing on. I’m steering clear of commenting on the floral top. This display needs help!!

  2. If I were going to wear leggings which I never have, I would like to have a longer tunic like this one to cover my rear and thighs. I like the shape of this tunic , but wonder about what appears to be a length of rope as a belt. However, the belt does provide a sense of a waist, rather than a hanging sack. I have several tunics like this that I wear open as a third piece with a slim top and pants. This color would be good for you, but not for those of us who prefer either pure white or more saturated winter colors.

  3. I don’t think this belt does anything for this tunic, though I think for people with a waist (not me), a regular belt would give it some shape. I wouldn’t wear it. It’s too shapeless and drab for my style, and the droopy patch pockets over the bust would not help lift what gravity is having its way with already. I still like the oversized top over leggings look for at home, but for me there are far better options than this.

  4. I like the tunic with long necklace but not belted necessarily. For me- if the tunic is cut in a bit at waist (semi princess line) I’d leave it unbelted. The tunic would have to be not extremely long for me to wear it at all. The printed top with necklace caught my eye in their catalog. I liked it. It’s difficult to pick up it’s redeeming qualities as displayed. It just looked better in the catalog.

  5. I fear I’m outnumbered, but I’m actually liking this display.

    The tunic on the left drapes nicely and it is in a color I can wear. I like it paired with the dark brown leggings. I think more colorful accessories would be better, but the color palette works for me.

    I like the print on the top on the right, but the shape doesn’t seem to be flattering. Maybe longer or more fitted would be better. I like the necklace with it, too.

  6. I agree with the shapelessness comment on the tunic, don’t think the belt helps define much. But, pet peeve here— Why even have breast pockets??? I’ve never known a woman (me) ever use them for anything! I avoid those, myself.

  7. For me, the tunic needs a different belt – one that doesn’t hang down – and leggings in the same color. I would add a bracelet, small leopard scarf tied inside the collar, straw bag & shoes in the same color as tunic. I would also wear this outfit with leopard shoes.

    I like the other look but the beads are not the best choice. The top needs dressier jewelry – amber chunky necklace, gold hoops, bracelet with amber/gold tones. I would wear kitten heels in either white or brown.

  8. This look does not work for my body frame at 5’2″. The length and lack of shape would not be flattering on me. I would avoid this outfit.

  9. Absolutely yes. I’m a natural/huntswoman personality with a touch of minimalist. As a winter, I’d choose different colors, but love the simplicity and styling. Even with the rope belt. Leggings and tunics forever!

  10. Personally I’d prefer a longer version of this style (at least knee length) to get triple-duty out of it and would pair it with something similar to a jegging (tapered leg) rather than like the leggings shown with it. Also question it opaqueness, so for me I guess it is a ‘no’.
    As to the other top and pants; in both instances prefer something more fitted. Do like the choice of necklaces though.
    Footnote: For those who would wear the tunic top, I feel one could probably find leopard or snake print leggings that would work with its colour.

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