Would You Wear It: Mid-Length Dresses

Would you Wear It: Mid-Length Dresses

Happy Saturday, everyone…welcome to Would You Wear It: Mid-length dresses!!

On Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer, and I bring you fashion displays from our different communities to see what you think of the styles.

Time marches on and it is already the middle of July and very soon the displays will become fall fashions! 

Would you wear it: Mid-length dresses

Let’s pretend you have a lovely, summer evening event on the horizon…perhaps an outdoor wedding or garden party with friends.

Look over this display from Dillard’s as if you were shopping for that event.

Tell us if you would or would not wear what you see or how you would make one of these dresses work for you.

These days are learning events for many readers where we gather ideas and learn how other women shop.  Please explain your answers and don’t just say yes or no.

Also, what do you think that third mannequin is looking at????  (Being silly here!)

Would You Wear It: Mid-length Dresses

So, tell us ladies……………………………………………………….


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Would You Wear It: Mid-length Skirts

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Would You Wear It - Mid-length dresses

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter!  She is a dynamic woman…intelligent, strong beyond her years, amazing wife and mother.  

We are so proud of you, Jess…have a day full of joy and blessings!

Now, please tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It display….go over to Jennifer’s at A WELL STYLED LIFE….Find sales below….and always, always….


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Ooh … I would try the dress on the left … but it would have to be in a deeper colour and more classic print to suit me. So nice to see sleeves, a flattering waist and a V neck! Would wear with dangly earrings and strappy sandles.

  2. Hoping your daughter has a wonderful birthday!

    I truly enjoy wearing dresses, and this is a beautiful length, so yes to the length. Of these, I’d definitely wear the blue one. The print on the colorful dress is just too much for me, and I don’t care for the neckline. The other dress isn’t winning me over with the print and color, but I do like the style. I’m quite the fan of dresses!! Happy Saturday Pam!

  3. I like this length. I would try the blue dress on. It looks like a wedding guest dress to me. I would add strappy sandals and earrings.
    I don’t like the other prints — one is too pale and the other too big.

  4. i do love the blue dress, i could have rocked that in my 30s….the high low hem is so flattering with some pretty heels….the other two prints im not fond of, and the styles wouldnt have worked for me even in the slender days.
    that patricia nash bag is wonderful, i ll be keeping my eye on that one.
    your daughter is very pretty, and i wish her a Happy Birthday!

  5. I don’t wear many dresses or skirts anymore unless they hit around my knee but the center dress is quite nice with the V neck and dazzling blue. The dress on left left me feeling “meh” and the bright print dress is not for me though might look pretty on a taller woman. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Pamela!

  6. The length is perfect for me! But I like sleeves, thus I would go only for the dress on the left. I like its print, but I would not mind something a bit punchy, like the print on the right, if the shape of this dress was different. As it is, besides the problem of the sleeves, I do not think it would flatter me at all ; as I am a somehow busty type, a V-neckline is much better.
    Happy birthday to your daughter, she seems a wonderful person.

  7. I love the look of the dresses, but none would work for me. I wouldn’t wear raised front hemlines, and the neckline on the one on the right wouldn’t be flattering or comfortable. If I could add length to the one on the left, it would be my ideal dress!

  8. I would wear the dress on the right. Great colours and length. I would pair it with black or red sandals and colourful earrings. The blue dress is a bit too fussy for my taste and lifestyle – it reminds me of a bridesmaid dress. The third dress is pretty but the sleeves are a bit long for a summer dress.

  9. Happy birthday to Jess. Such a beautiful young woman.
    As for the display, I like all of them, but would not wear the one on the right due to the neckline and not being able to wear a bra. I am not a fan of strapless bras in the heat. The blue one is my favorite and I like the ruffles down the front for a bit of eye distraction. A substantial silver or stone pendant to settle into the V neckline and some nude strappy sandals, heels are a no for me now. The dress on the left I would wear with some fun big earrings and bracelets for a day of fun, not necessarily for a special occasion. It would even be cute with a wide brim sun hat, and I have many of those. The purse is really pretty.

  10. I’m not a fan of the fabric used for these so no, I would not wear these dresses. I’m also not a fan of high/low hems which of these have.

  11. Happy Birthday to your daughter, and to you, too because our kids’ birthdays are also special days for us moms. While it’s too ruffly for me now, I would have loved the blue dress when I was younger. I think the color would flatter a variety of complexions, and it’s so pretty and feminine. I also like the colorful print, but the bare shoulders would be a no for me. The other dress is a pretty style overall, but the print is too pale and washed out. I really like the wrap styling and sleeves. As for the mannequins themselves, I believe the one in back is waving to a mannequin on another display, and the one in front is clearly burping an imaginary baby.

  12. Happy Birthday Jess!!yes, I wear midi dresses, but I wouldn’t wear these ones. I’m not a fan of hi-lo. I don’t want to be able to see the inside of the garment. I don’t wear sleeveless anything unless it’s under a jacket or sweater and I don’t put jackets or sweaters over my dresses. Because it looks like I’m hiding my middle, but I’m actually hiding my crepey arms.
    Even though I’m very very short ( under 5’) if the cut is right- always an A-line with no gathering at the waist- I think midi is flattering on many women, petites included. The simplest dresses in your selections would work it they had sleeves. Hard to find, so I usually pair a skirt with an exactly matching top. ( I carry the skirt with me when I shop to get an exact match.)

  13. I would wear the blue one, in the middle. I think you need to be tall to support this length dress.

  14. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    I love midi dresses but none of these appeal to me for different reasons. The dress on the right is too bold and would require a strapless bra, so too uncomfortable. The middle dress is a gorgeous color, but the neckline and hem make it a bit too precious in my view. They dress on the left is too blah and I do not like high-low hems. I find myself pulled to more simple and classic dresses that are not too trendy. These seem stand the test of time and are more versatile and fit my lifestyle.

  15. If they came in petite I’d try the blue and the bright print dresses. I suspect that the V on the blue dress would be too deep and go to my waist. I’d try the print one to see if there would be enough hem cut off to add cap sleeves to it so that it could be worn with a bra.

  16. What a beautiful daughter!! I hope both she and you have wonderful birthdays this month!!

    I like the dress on left. The soft muted colors appeal to me as does the style. It is very feminine!!

    That being said, I am once again disappointed with the display. I don’t think these dresses pair very well together. The colors seem to clash — two are bright and one is more subdued. Also, they could do with a bit of accessorizing, which seems to be a trend lately. I think it would be helpful to shoppers to see a complete look — jewelry, scarves, shoes, etc.

    As is, these mannequins don’t encourage me to purchase.

  17. I like the dresses and I don’t believe any of them would work for me. The bold print is too large for my petite frame. I think the length may be better if they were a little shorter. I like the middle dress and a different color may be better for my skin and hair color.

  18. I wouldn’t wear any of these. Midi length is not a good length for me, & I’m not a fan of the high low look. These are a bit too flowy for my taste as I prefer more structure.

  19. Firstly, extending HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to your lovely daughter and may she have many, many more.
    As to the dresses though appreciate their length, a no to all three namely because of personal preference as I feel high-low hemlines are trendy and I have never been a fan of halter top styles.
    Enjoying your new style journey Pamela and love your handbag.

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