Would You Wear It - Yellows and Greens

It’s Wednesday and time for the mid-week pop-up! Would You Wear It – Yellows and Greens?

This is the day I ask you to look over a fashion display and tell us if you would or would not wear the styles…with constructive thought to explain your answer!

But I also want to ask something else today……

Would You Wear It - Yellows and Greens

If you are a fabulous, curvy, plus size woman, please tell us if you like or dislike the use of plus size mannequins.

Does it help you to see the garments on this type of mannequin or are you fine with all of them being the same size?

Would You Wear It - Yellows and Greens

Now, please give this display your best fashion stylist eye and tell us…..


This display was discovered at Nordstrom, right by the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tape!  Tomorrow, I will show you a top from this year’s sale that I really love….plus more in a slideshow.

Today’s slideshow features anniversary sale picks for plus size ladies…there are fun selections in the sale at really good prices:


Advantages of Plant Based Skincare

Though I am currently participating in a 45-day nightly retinol treatment, I still use my Chamonix, antioxidant all-natural skincare everyday.

They currently have a huge sale…when you purchase $200 worth of product, you get a $100 discount at Chamonix!Advantages of Plant-Based Skincare

I use all of these products daily…and the Deep Firming Serum is my number one favorite.

Chamonix turned my complexion around about four years ago…and I am still a fan.

Please tell us what you think of today’s display (Would You Wear It?)….and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided product from Chamonix, and the words are my own!

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