Would You Wear It – Yellows & Greens?

Would You Wear It - Yellows and Greens

It’s Wednesday and time for the mid-week pop-up! Would You Wear It – Yellows and Greens?

This is the day I ask you to look over a fashion display and tell us if you would or would not wear the styles…with constructive thought to explain your answer!

But I also want to ask something else today……

Would You Wear It - Yellows and Greens

If you are a fabulous, curvy, plus size woman, please tell us if you like or dislike the use of plus size mannequins.

Does it help you to see the garments on this type of mannequin or are you fine with all of them being the same size?

Would You Wear It - Yellows and Greens

Now, please give this display your best fashion stylist eye and tell us…..


This display was discovered at Nordstrom, right by the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tape!  Tomorrow, I will show you a top from this year’s sale that I really love….plus more in a slideshow.

Today’s slideshow features anniversary sale picks for plus size ladies…there are fun selections in the sale at really good prices:


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Please tell us what you think of today’s display (Would You Wear It?)….and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided product from Chamonix, and the words are my own!


  1. I like the loose shapes of the three articles on the mannequins, but not the colors. However, I realize they are your colors so would obviously catch your attention. Personally, I wear regular small or petite small sizes, but I would think that plus sized women would appreciate mannequins of appropriate size to better show how garments will fit their bodies. I have to think about the length of pants since I am short, and do not see short mannequins.

  2. These are plus size mannequins? What size did their manufacturer consider “plus size”? Because they don’t look very plus size to me.

    I’m not sure that the 2 tops will work very well if you have a tummy. The horizontal detail on the yellow top really worries me – it could really emphasize a wide part on the body.

    The green dress might work, since it has an adjustable waist/draping. But the fabric seems too warm for July/August. And again, the waist could be too low if you have a tummy.

  3. Well, I do like the displays showing a bit bigger sizes. This display however would not entice me to try any of these. The colours are all wrong for me, but also the outfit on the left would scare me off no matter what colour it is. The top is way too short for the pants or leggings it is pared with. When the bottoms are that tight, the top really needs to be below the crotch area, no matter who is wearing it. The dress in the centre is pretty and would be flattering in another colour, that, I would try on. A beautiful periwinkle blue like the sweater in the slide show would be perfect. I like the nail polish you have on Pam.

  4. I like the length and style of the green dress. I would try it on. Not so sure about the color. near my face. I would need a scarf with pink shades or a necklace for the dress.
    Nothing else in the display works for me. I thought “skinny” pants were out? Thanks for doing this.

  5. I like the style of the dress but can’t wear that color. If it came in blue, I would try it on. The top on the left would be a good layering piece for someone. The style of the blouse on the right would not look good on me. I do like the peasant style on other women.

  6. Thanks for starting us off today! BTW…that shade of yellow is not in my colors!

  7. The green dress would be an option for me. I like the color and it’s casual enough for my
    real life. I have a top with similar angled gathers with a side tie and it’s very flattering. I don’t like to get political with my fashion, which is what I think some plus size advocacy is. However, I would like to see more plus size mannequins. I especially appreciate it when online retailers show various size models in the same garment, as it’s much easier for me to choose clothes and likely minimizes returns for them. Because they almost always have at least one plus size photo in their array for a garment, Talbots comes yet again to mind as one retailer truly understanding and marketing to a plus size woman.

  8. im kinda giggling at the thought someone considers those plus sized mannequins….
    i do have quite a bit of olive tone garments in my closet, so i do like that shade on myself.
    but the yellows pictured here, i dont really like, so i wouldnt even try them on.
    if the sleeveless top had a shirt tail hem, i might look for a different color…the other top has elastisized wrist, so that would bother me. i like the dress, not that i wear them anymore, but the fold across the breast, seems like would be a constant adjustment, and if you didnt have the right foundation garments, the whole dress would be just “off”.

  9. While I like and wear yellow and green, these are not my shades. I adore a very buttery yellow, and a variety of greens but not olive tones. As to the larger mannequins, I’m glad to see them show a little variety but as with so-called regular mannequins I believe their sizing is skewed to the tiniest figures within the given range. I appreciate mannequin displays which show full outfit styling ideas, and don’t look to them for fit guidance. I’m excited for the Nordie’s sale and have gathered some nice ideas from your carousels. Can I make those purchases through your shopping links Pam?

  10. Hi Connie! Yes…if you click through on one of the slideshow pics, then you are using my links and no matter what you get after you click through, then I get credit for…thanks so much for doing that. It means alot.

  11. Yellow and green make me think of sunshine and leafy plants. I will wear emerald or other cooler toned greens, but not the muddy or muted olives that seem so popular. Yellow tones do not flatter my face, but will work for shoes or purse. I don’t wear leggings. I do like the shape of the peasant blouse, but would prefer a print in a winter palette.

  12. Yes to more diversity in mannequins! This is a good thing. I also appreciate stores like Old Navy that allow you to choose models on their website above a certain size. I had emailed a retailer in my country years ago, requesting plus size models for their plus-size line, and received a response that it was too expensive. Glad to see change happening.

  13. I rarely wear dresses but like this dress styling. I’d wear it in a pretty coral or deep mariner blue. I’m on the shelf on this green. I recently purchased a JJill outfit where full crops were in this color and have gotten compliments. The top was green tan and pale yellowish cream color stripes and people tell me I look okay in it. Still not sure. The two tops on either side are not really me -color too bright on the sleeveless top. The other just doesn’t speak to me.
    On mannequins – I think an outfit displayed on a plus size mannequin would be very helpful to a plus sized woman. It would give her an idea of how she’d look in a particular garment. Definitely needed.

  14. The colors here are those I like and can wear. I like the style of the dress and it would probably get a lot of wear.

    The tops are not the right style or length for me. They’d emphasize my wider hips and no-longer-flat tummy.

    These mannequins look more real than many plus-sized ones. I was very disappointed when I went to the Soft Surroundings website and found that their plus-sized models were all tall and very thin.

  15. Yes to having a variety of sizes for mannequins. No to all these outfits. Theses shades would not flatter me at all. I don’t wear sleeveless things. The top on the right might get a look in a different color palette.

  16. All cute, but not my colors.
    I’m short and curvy/fluffy. Manakins in my size would be super helpful.
    Have a wonderful rest of your day!

  17. Not plus size but like the idea of mannequins that are wearing clothes that fit, but what’s with the hands? More natural poses with some styling pieces would be nice. The colours are not in my wheelhouse and the outfits feel generic.

  18. Unfortunately, not my colors (due to fair hair and complexion) and the styles are just not to my personal preference. -Brenda-

  19. Sorry, Nordstrom, but none of this works for me. I do like chartreuse & it looks good on me so I’d wear the top on the left under a jacket IF it had a V-neck. But I don’t wear jewel necklines, sleeveless garments, peasant blouses, dresses, moss green or leggings as pants — I will occasionally wear black leggings under a long tunic, but never under a short top & never white ones under anything! As for mannequins: I know they’re expensive & stores need to keep their overhead down, but I’d love to see a return to more life-like ones in different sizes, ethnicities & skin colours that actually show the clothing off to its best advantage to a wide array of women instead of being vaguely human-shaped white plastic things on which garments are thrown unpressed & unaccessorized. I’ve always loved Nordstrom, but if this is their best effort, it leaves much to be desired. The days of mannequins being grouped in creative little vignettes showing off an array of garments & accessories seem, sadly, long gone.

  20. Have to agree. I did a double take and looked twice to verify what you meant by plus size mannequins. These mannequins look like size 8 or 10 to me. I think it would be great to see curvy or plus size mannequins. Thanks!

  21. I’m short (5’1”) and busty (34H) so I would appreciate if websites would help me visualize how various items would look on me. Chico’s, Lands End and a few other websites do a decent job of helping me choose the right size but some styles turn out to be unflattering despite being the “right” size. There are few clothing stores where I live so don’t care about mannequins.

  22. Nothing for me here today, I am afraid. The colours do not suit me. The high necklines would not flatter my bust and the lack of sleeves / elasticated sleeves would not flatter my arms / waist. The blouse hemlines would not flatter my waist either. The skinny pants (or are they jeggings or leggings?) would not flatter my legs. At first, I thought the dress might work in a different colour (if it had sleeves and a v-neck) because I like the look of the waist detail – I have a dress like that – but then I noted that even the mannequin looks rather hippy in this dress because there is a lot of material bunched around the middle. I am also not a fan of such long dresses (I see photos of myself wearing them in the 80s and wish I had worn knee length as I do now). Long dresses make me feel frumpy.

    Of course, this is all about what I would wear. It never ceases to amaze me how different styles and colours suit different people. I wish I’d known when I was young that there is something for everyone. I would have been much happier knowing there wasn’t something wrong with me!

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