Style Refresh 2021: jackets and Jeans

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Today I would like to return to my Style Refresh 2021 and discuss Jackets & Jeans!

Most of you know that I have recently changed pretty much my entire wardrobe.

When I walk into my closet now, I see my autumn color palette in a variety of ways.

I am still fashioning my own personal style in this new phase of my life, and deciding what stays and what goes.

For the most part, I am embracing a Bohemian/Romantic style personality.

But, here are a couple of things that will remain…with a tweak!


Style Refresh 2021: Jackets with Jeans

Since my first style reinvention 18 years ago, I have always loved to wear a classic blazer with denim.  One of my “uniform” styles.

It is a look which works when I want to be more polished…say for a meeting or event.

So, I do not wish to give that up…but I am now going from black blazers to ones in my autumn color palette.

Talbot’s introduced this Easy Knit Jacket in Orange Zinnia at the same time I received birthday gift money….so, score! It came home with me.

I love this as a standout piece for fall…and will even wear it into spring!  For those “winters” out there, this blazer also comes in black.

Style Refresh 2021: Jeans & jackets

So, how do I add my boho-creativity?  With the fabulous Grazing Tiger Cotton Button Front Blouse….and…

Accessories!  Today, I am wearing gold loafers (which even sparkle), a gold bracelet, and earrings.

I have my eye on the metallic Ryan Buckle Loafers in gold…how fun are they?

I believe by wearing autumn colored blazers with fun blouses and accessories that this style easily fits in to the new me!  My bohemian/romantic does not have to be all flowy garments.


Style Refresh 2021: Jackets & Jeans

I like a tight-fit in my jeans and have worn dark wash skinny jeans and jeggings for a long time …I like the way they look on me.

So, no matter the trends….I will continue to wear them.  Some say they are not on trend, but I noticed that major retailers are still selling them!!

 Today, I am wearing the Sculpt Pull On Jeggings in the Empire Wash.

Style Refresh 2021: Jackets & Jeans

Wearing my new colors every day has put a smile on my face and spring in my step...just love the way my new style refresh is developing to fit uniquely me. 

And that is the goal…to be my best, unique, confident me every day!  Thanks to Talbot’s for helping me melt together what I like from my past style with my new. 

Here is more from the August collection:

Does anyone else love the look of jackets (blazers) with jeans?  For those of you who are retired, do you still wear a style like this?  Please share…thank you so much for being here and remember…….


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil

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