Style Refresh 2021: Jackets & Jeans

Style Refresh 2021: jackets and Jeans

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Today I would like to return to my Style Refresh 2021 and discuss Jackets & Jeans!

Most of you know that I have recently changed pretty much my entire wardrobe.

When I walk into my closet now, I see my autumn color palette in a variety of ways.

I am still fashioning my own personal style in this new phase of my life, and deciding what stays and what goes.

For the most part, I am embracing a Bohemian/Romantic style personality.

But, here are a couple of things that will remain…with a tweak!


Style Refresh 2021: Jackets with Jeans

Since my first style reinvention 18 years ago, I have always loved to wear a classic blazer with denim.  One of my “uniform” styles.

It is a look which works when I want to be more polished…say for a meeting or event.

So, I do not wish to give that up…but I am now going from black blazers to ones in my autumn color palette.

Talbot’s introduced this Easy Knit Jacket in Orange Zinnia at the same time I received birthday gift money….so, score! It came home with me.

I love this as a standout piece for fall…and will even wear it into spring!  For those “winters” out there, this blazer also comes in black.

Style Refresh 2021: Jeans & jackets

So, how do I add my boho-creativity?  With the fabulous Grazing Tiger Cotton Button Front Blouse….and…

Accessories!  Today, I am wearing gold loafers (which even sparkle), a gold bracelet, and earrings.

I have my eye on the metallic Ryan Buckle Loafers in gold…how fun are they?

I believe by wearing autumn colored blazers with fun blouses and accessories that this style easily fits in to the new me!  My bohemian/romantic does not have to be all flowy garments.


Style Refresh 2021: Jackets & Jeans

I like a tight-fit in my jeans and have worn dark wash skinny jeans and jeggings for a long time …I like the way they look on me.

So, no matter the trends….I will continue to wear them.  Some say they are not on trend, but I noticed that major retailers are still selling them!!

 Today, I am wearing the Sculpt Pull On Jeggings in the Empire Wash.

Style Refresh 2021: Jackets & Jeans

Wearing my new colors every day has put a smile on my face and spring in my step...just love the way my new style refresh is developing to fit uniquely me. 

And that is the goal…to be my best, unique, confident me every day!  Thanks to Talbot’s for helping me melt together what I like from my past style with my new. 

Here is more from the August collection:

Does anyone else love the look of jackets (blazers) with jeans?  For those of you who are retired, do you still wear a style like this?  Please share…thank you so much for being here and remember…….


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil


  1. What a great look! This is also one of my style uniforms, because it always looks pulled together and polished. I kept every one of my blazers from work and love wearing them with slim-fitting jeans. Like you, I’m going to continue wearing those too. The “lantern pants” don’t appeal to me yet, and I’ll have to see how they develop and how long that look lasts. Never say never, but I’m saying ‘not now.’ Your blazer is such a beautiful color, and dark denim definitely is classy and polished. What fun shoes!! This particular Talbot’s collection has so many wonderful pieces. The colors are fabulous! I’ve had my eye on that jacket in the zinnia color and also love the yellow they are featuring.

  2. I agree Karen! This collection is great… I also like the yellow! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. the jacket section of my closet is kinda ridiculous, but since retirement from a frosty cubicle, i still havent parted with any of them and have even added with those serious sales Chicos had during lockdown…and ive added to my jeans since im reaching for those 90 percent of the time…i will do shorts if ive had a recent waxing, and pants that arent denim if im just tired of denim. ive got a special section of the closet for jeans ive ordered in Tall that are just for wear with booties when it gets cooler or a few pair of wedge sandals that are higher than most of my shoes. it seems sharp dark jeans and a blazer have been a cool statement for decades, (my sister use to have her jeans drycleaned for the sharp crease).

  4. I love the look of dry cleaned denim, but probably will retire that and just care for them at home. But the look is great!

  5. A great stylish look, and the colour is not one we see often in a blazer. I have quite a few jackets and blazer style in my closet, but find I will reach for the soft grey with cream pin stripes the most often. I wear it with the sleeves rolled up to show the satin lining, and soften the whole look with a scarf or feminine blouse. I can’t remember the last time I did the buttons up on any of them, just find that too stark. Love your shoes, and totally agree with the fun aspect of not black shoes.

  6. I love that blazer and bought it too! I also bought the cardigan in that color since its one of my favorite reds. As you said, sometimes you have to buy things when you see them, and I’ve been looking for a long time.

  7. That is a terrific look, Pam. Yes, I enjoy a nice blazer style with slim pants or dark wash denim. Two favorites are a heathered lilac wool blend jacket I bought last winter from Talbot’s that was featured in one of your carousels, and an older pale pink soft jacket also from Talbot’s. That one feels like a cardigan on, but is so much more polished. Seems a lot like your new one! Blazers speak to my “huntswoman” vibe. Add a simple white ribbed mock neck, those dark jeans and a pair of ankle boots, and I’m a happy girl. 😉

  8. Give yourself a little added style and show off some of those gorgeous bracelets that you own by turning up your cuffs………

  9. I too prefer the slimmer cuts in pants, and I love Talbots jeggings. That said, I’m not adding to my collection, because I can see where the trends are heading and I have enough for now. I love the look of a blazer, and a knit one is slightly dialed down, but it’s not what I’m looking to purchase in retirement. I have many professional-type pieces leftover from working days that I swear I will style with jeans, just as I did on weekends when working. However, I’m just … for whatever reason …not reaching for these pieces. These days, I’m much more sporty in my style direction, more likely to grab a utility jacket or a long cable knit cardigan than a blazer. It makes me a little wistful, because I love how it looks, but one of my own style journey points is to dress for the life I have now, and get more of what I’m actually wearing.

  10. I also like slim legs pants and most often wear dark jeans. I have never bought jeggings but know you and many others prefer them. I remember you have often mentioned the ones that Soft Surroundings no longer sells. I have bought many blazers over the years of my high school teaching, but have recently bought several long cardigan sweaters to wear especially in the cooler months indoors. I like the fact that they cover my rear and upper legs as I am often cold, so my quick uniform dress is a long cardigan with dark jeans and a tee or shirt. But I do like the air of confidence and style that a blazer gives to one’s appearance. Your orange blazer and accessories certainly give you a polished but fun style.

  11. Love, love, love that Orange Zinnia blazer and Grazing Tiger shirt on you! I too like a dark wash jean, although I find that most leggings stick to my big thighs. Oh well, we’ve all got our problem spots. I’m hoping that Talbots has another sale soon! I do like their straight legs jeans and have several of their field jackets. Can’t wait for fall!

  12. After being retired a couple of years, I passed along a few blazers to Dress for Success. They were the ones that looked very corporate. I still wear my more relaxed jackets & cardigans with my jeans. It’s a very polished look for running errands in cool weather. Your knit blazer looks like it would hit the right note of casual yet classic. I am a big fan of Talbott’s jeggings. They are what I wear at home in cool or cold weather as I am not a fan of athlete wear outside of the exercise arena. I prefer a slimmer leg pant or jean when going out.

  13. The blazer is a beautiful colour on you Pamela. Also just out of curiosity; since you are renewing your wardrobe including accessories, I am wondering if you have considered changing the style of your watch((es)? -Brenda-

  14. Hi Brenda, I wear my Fit Bit in place of a watch. Occasionally, I wear a vintage style but almost always have on my Fit Bit!

  15. I still have meetings and appointments so blazers and denim will continue to serve me…once I fully retire, I will be joining you with more cardigans!

  16. Since I retired I have had no need for blazers but do wear long cardigans. I live in jeans and wish some manufacturer would make denim jeans in stone, light tan or dark green. Pam, if you ever find jeans in colors other than blue, black and white please let your readers know.
    Thank you.

  17. Also, Jill look at my Talbots post a couple of days ago. Leigh Ann and ai are shopping at Talbots…we loved their jeans in the color Tortoise Shell…a lovely brown!

  18. Great look, Pam! I’ve been wearing blazer type jackets with jeans for 40+ years, primarily because I’ve always more or less lived in jeans & continue to do so. I prefer mine about an inch longer than the one you’re wearing because they hit me in a better spot — hard to define but I know it when I see it on myself 🙂 — & a slightly more casual “boyfriend” fit & style, & I usually turn or shove the sleeves up, but, yeah, blazers rock. I wear them with sandals in the summer & tall or short boots or classic loafers in the winter & I don’t think you can ever go wrong with them. They & moto jackets make up the bulk of my “jacket” wardrobe.

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