Would You Wear It – Relaxed Styles

Would You Wear It - Relaxed Styles

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome today to Would You Wear It – Relaxed Styles!

This is the day that my friend, Jennifer, and I both post fashion displays we have discovered while out and about, and make us wonder what you would think.

We ask that you look the displays over and tell us if you would or would not wear the garments and explain in detail your answer.

The comments are read by most of the readers and we learn about style from one another.

Would You Wear It - Relaxed Styles

I gave into many who requested to know where the displays are found, but initially when we began this, I did not want to give out that information in order NOT to influence answers.

But today’s display was found at Macy’s…just in the last two weeks.

Would You Wear It - Relaxed Styles

So, tell us, when it comes to these relaxed styles here……………………………………………


Now, here are some plus size styles currently at Macy’s:


After you comment here, make sure you go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s display.

Also, remember that there is a sale going on at Talbot’s….I will have more of my birthday shopping trip to Talbot’s tomorrow…so make sure you come back to join me.

It’s a busy weekend around here…spending time with grandchildren before school begins next week!  Have a good one and make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. None of the three outfits shown today would go home with me unfortunately. The rear orange set ( I do love orange) does not appeal to me at all, especially that back detail. I don’t care for it. The billowy neutral outfit is just made up of too much material and would overwhelm me. I do love white with beige but unfortunately not here. Now this blue printed set? Interesting. I’d love it for sleeping or lounging maybe? Never to wear in public!

    1. These all look like pajamas to me. The blue outfit is awful. The beige one is blah. Orange is my least favorite color.

      I have some wide-leg pants that I pair with slim tops. Or I wear a tunic with slim bottoms. These are too much, and there is no balance. The proportions look off.

  2. Well, I kind of like the beige pants, but not enough to buy them. The ivory top is okay too, but I don’t like it enough to buy. The blue is just absolutely no. To me that would be like going out in pajamas. I don’t care for the style or the print. The orange top is beautiful in the back. I like the detail and I’m glad you have shown that. I’d wear that but with slim-fitting white or tan pants. For me, it’s just too jarring with a solid column of orange. The tan flowing pants would be nice for hosting friends at home, but I’d wear a tank top or more fitted top with them. Happy Saturday Pam!

  3. My initial thought is “too much fabric” and I don’t wear capri pants. I like sleek, tailored clothing so nothing for me in your display. Happy Saturday!

  4. If that orange top came in a cooler colour, I would try that on. It is such a nice detail to have the fun in the back. The blue outfit is a hard no for me, just looks like pjs to me. I like the style of the pants and the length but the colour is not to my taste. There is still so much hot weather left that the style of the pants would feel good and wear with slimmer top and flat sandals. Add some chunky jewellery and perhaps a straw hat, and good to go.

  5. These are way too voluminous for my taste. While I’m getting on board with wider (straight leg or gently flowing) pants, these outfits are oversized all over, and I’m not sure whom that would flatter (certainly not me!). While I do wear jogger and yoga pants in public, something I would not have done even a couple of years ago, I am careful to wear a more fitted, polished casual top to make it look like I have some shape. It’s going to take me a long time to get used to seeing these styles on people.

  6. I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits – too much fabric for my frame. The back of the orange top is very funky but I look dreadful in orange.

    1. My sentiments exactly. I have one friend who could wear the beige and white outfit and look fantastic but not anyone in my circle of friends that would wear either of the other two.

  7. I would not buy any of these outfits. There is definitely too much fabric for my small frame. I don’t like capri pants either, so I say no to all of these.

  8. i love the blue set , i would have to try it on though…prints like that can either be my friend or not……and i cant find the rhyme or reason either, sometimes big prints actually work, and sometimes they are a horror, same with small prints. i guess its a combo of style of the clothes as well.
    the orange, i would like the pants if they were knee length, the shirt is a no for me.
    the beige is a no…thats too much volume in both pieces, that i can tell just by looking, it wouldnt do me any favors.
    ps…i won the bid on the Altas on ebay, when i get here and use them, i will let you know how it goes.

  9. I feel I would be swallowed up by the amount of fabric in the tan outfit and I would be washed out by the lack of color. I love the blue fabric so I would have to try it on and give it a chance. Not into orange at all.

  10. Was this in the Loungewear section or do they envision one wearing this out of the house.
    None of them are something I’d wear to the grocery store!
    I like the white/beige outfit but I have a rule about relaxed dressing. One “relaxed” part per outfit. So either the pants or the top, but the two of them together is too much.

  11. I honestly thought these came from the pajama department! I would not wear any of them out of the house, though they’d make nice loungewear!

  12. I’m not sure where I could wear these. I would think at home only, I couldn’t ever see myself in public dressed like these models. Even at home while my style is relaxed, these would feel like I’m in PJs all day.

  13. I would only wear the neutral outfit. In the right size in petites I think it would look good. I love flowing pants and usually wear flowing tops, so these go well together for a great casual look and feel. I didn’t like the orange outfit until I saw the surprise in the back! How cute, but I wouldn’t wear it in this color; it’s my least favorite color. The blue outfit just looks bad. First of all, I feel that the pattern is too busy and it seems huge and kind of sloppy.
    With the neutral outfit, I’d wear neutral espadrilles and most like a statement necklace in a statement color like red or hot pink!

  14. If this display hadn’t appeared here, I wouldn’t even have glanced at it (well, maybe a peek at the lovely blue of #1). As a borderline petite, I find 1 and 3 go way beyond “flowy” into blousy territory. 2 would be closest to my preference if it were available in the blue of 1. However, as my closet is already full of blue, violet and green pieces with which I could put together a reasonable facsimile in the correct proportions for my body, nothing here would cause me to linger!

  15. A bog no to all 3 looks- the beige and white has too much fabric – slightly leaner but still flowy pants would suit my very small frame better. I’d never wear oversized on both top and bottom.
    I dislike orange so much I have to immediately delete or scroll away from any pictures with the color!
    And the different back of the top was just jarring.
    The blue is too much pattern ( again, I’m really small- under 5’. And I’m thinking of dumping my patterned pants in favor of solids. Just too busy for my eyes these days.

  16. I love the orange outfit – especially the back of the blouse. I would wear the blouse with a black or blue skirt. The other two looser outfits need to be tried on because the look is so different from what we have been wearing. I was sure I would never wear loose pants but changed my mind once I tried the on. I now own two pairs in black & brown. I love the color of the cream pants but the bottom of the pants draws the eye down so I would pass. I recently have started wearing blue so I would consider the blue outfit. I think it might be a mood brightener outfit – something I end up wearing more than I think I will.

  17. None of these items would get a second look from me. There is just too much fabric & too much fullness. For me, a relaxed style is jeggings & a tunic top with just a touch of fullness.

  18. I have to say no to all three mannequins. Unless, they were in the sleepwear department.
    They all look like pajamas to me ….

    I think loose-fitting garments are great, as long as they are proportioned correctly … loose styled pants with fitted tops, OR flowy, loose tops with leggings, fitted pants.

    To me, these mannequins are not styled in the right way.

  19. I really like the orange capri pants and would pair them with any number of white tops, paint my toenails that same orange, and have fun with the happy look. The blue outfit is too busy for me, and the orange top isn’t anything that would catch my attention. The pale khaki and white outfit is my new go-to color pairing this summer, but I do it with a slimmer capri and flowy tank and breezy sweater.

  20. This is certainly an interesting collection. Although cream & beige are NOT good colours on me, I might wear the beige outfit with the gauzy top (which I really like — it would look great paired with blue jeans) at home while watching TV or reading before bed. The blue outfit is a definite no (neckline’s wrong for me & I don’t like the colour, the blotchy pattern or the shapeless style) & while I like orange, the 3rd outfit does nothing for me although it certainly gives new meaning to the old saying “I’m glad to see the back of her”. I’d rather people were happier to see me coming than going 🙂 I like capris & can see myself styling the pants with a different top (probably white) &, like Connie, would paint my toenails the same shade of orange, add some fun jewelry & sandals & just have fun with it.

  21. I wouldn’t consider any of the outfits displayed. I need more coverage around my neck, and I’m always hearing the words of the stylist/blogger Brenda who died suddenly a couple of years ago: “ most women look better in a collared top.” And I’ve found that to be true. Too much fabric makes me look heavier.

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