Would You Wear It – Soft Fall Transition

Would You Wear It - Soft Fall Transition

Hi everyone!!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It – Soft Fall Transition.

This is the day I ask your opinion of a fashion display I have discovered when out and about and want to know Would You Wear It?

Would You Wear It - Soft Fall Transition

I ask that you look the garments over with a constructive eye and tell us why or why not these would work for you.

It really helps the other readers to read what you have to say…we learn from one another about designs, body shapes, and colors when shopping….even how you would style it!

There are several details in this display….

Would You Wear It - Soft Fall Transition

So, look this display over with your best fashion consumer eye and tell us…………………………………….


Today’s display is from Talbot’s, so here are some of the soft transition pieces going forward into fall……(and remember everything is 25% off)

Would You Wear It - Soft Fall Transition

Had to share with you someone sporting fabulous color and prints preparing for a future reinvention!!  My how nature inspires us!!

Now, please tell us what you think of today’s display and I hope to see you tomorrow!!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like both pairs of pants, especially the button detail on the charcoal color. These are pants I would definitely wear. The pink top I like, great sleeve length. I need a richer, deeper pink, but it’s usually possible at Talbot’s to find various colors. The other top is a definite “no” because of the pattern. That too would completely wash me out. The style of the dress is very pretty. I love Talbot’s dresses, it’s really my go-to for my dresses, but I’d pass on this one only due to the print. It looks, to my eye, like a bullseye right in front. My eye was immediately drawn to what looks like a target! I love the dress in the slideshow, however! If the featured dress came in a different pattern, I’d definitely wear it.

  2. I too like both pairs of pants but still find it difficult to think past the old rule of “no white” past Labor Day. The pink top is too pale for me, but I do like the sleeve length. I do not care for the pattern on the other top. I initially did not care for the dress but looking at the crossed black lines, I thought that crossing at the waist would optically make the waist look smaller. However, I do not like the bullseye design in the middle of the skirt area.

  3. i do like the pants, im a full length fan! im not fond of either sweater, the texture of the solid color one doesnt appeal to me, however the full band at the bottom is something that works for me usually. the printed sweater isnt balanced enough for me. the dress i like, i would have to try it on, because that X in the middle is either going to do very good things for my shape or very bad things, lol..i would have to try first.

  4. I love peach or coral or whatever we are calling it. I love that it doesn’t feel like fall, too!
    Talbots has done a great job the last couple of seasons with their fashion. I noticed I’ve really ramped up my Talbots shopping this summer and now that I’ve seen some fall options, I will be heading over there.

    I really don’t care for the crocheted sweater or the other top either. But I do like the pants, especially the ones with buttons at the ankle and the charcoal color. I’m excited that we might be wearing white into the season. Can you tell me about that? Can I wear white after Labor Day? Talbots has some very comfy white jeans that I would love to wear longer.

    Thank you for pitching their transition to fall!

  5. Hi Jody! For me personally, I that not wearing white is an antiquated rule. I know many women who wear white after Labor Day…especially white pants and sweaters. Go for it…I think that rule is long gone!

  6. Happy Midweek Pamela! The pants are great and similar to many Talbots pants I own -especially love button at hem! A great
    The pink top is fine but I don’t care for these printed tees stores have been featuring. It’s a personal thing but as Karen mentions the placement of these features in prints are often not well thought out! Lol. The dress is fine but I’m not a dress person anymore. Its a rare (formal) occasion where I wear a dress.

  7. I’d definitely try the dress. I think it would be flattering and maybe, just maybe, my upper arms wouldn’t be so noticeable—or I could find a little topper to cover them. The pants are all cute and worth a try. The sweater top with the wide neckline has no appeal for me for some reason and the pointelle top……….well, pointelle always reminds me of those soft baby blankets that I’m sure we all cuddled our little ones in years ago.

  8. I would not wear either top as I am not a fan of the color and pattern. I would try both pants featured and the dress. I would probably need a topper as my arms tend to sag in sleeveless dresses and I’m self conscious.

  9. I would wear the charcoal pants. I agree with Carol about the pointelle top. The black and white dress and other top don’t do anything for me. They are bland.

  10. Love the charcoal pants with the button effect at the bottom of the trousers.
    The tops are not ones I would purchase.
    I enjoy the Wednesday’s post of Would you wear it. Thanks

  11. I love white after Labor Day, especially with tan, though to my eye, white accessories (vs jeans or a top) look too summery. After Thanksgiving here, it’s impractical due to weather though. I like the dress, think it would give a waist where I have none, and I don’t really see it as a target. The textured sweater is very feminine and pretty, which is not my usual style, but I would try it if in a stronger color. I love the detail in the pants. The patterned sweater is not for me, as I dislike (on me) these focused prints. Overall, a great display and it looks to be good, Talbots quality. I agree with Jody that Talbots has had really great things this year. Chico’s too.

  12. By the time fall comes around, I’m looking forward to wearing the colors of falling leaves – rich russet reds, burnt oranges, golds, muted greens and warm browns. The tops don’t inspire me. I like the gray pants with the button detail as a base for a sweater or jacket. I’d also wear the white jeans with sweaters well into fall. As for the dress, I’m with Karen. All I can see is target practice.

  13. I live in Florida and it’s a whole different ballgame as far as style and clothes are concerned. The sweaters are too hot for us! White is a year round color no matter if it is before or after Labor Day. Black is too hot for most days in the sun. Lightweight fabrics in bright floral colors are the name of the game for us Florida gals!

  14. I love the charcoal pants and would definitely add to my wardrobe. Not opposed to the other items as they are classic looks that would look nice on a variety of people.

  15. I would wear both pairs of pants & the sweater. I will wear white after Labor Day, if the weather is right, & I’m looking for a pair of gray pants. The only thing that might be a problem with the gray pants would be the buttons. I like that detail, but my legs are short, & length can be a problem. I sometimes need to have pants hemmed even those that are petite. I like the soft color of the sweater & the pattern. The dress & the paisley top are a no. I don’t wear dresses much anymore nor do I wear sleeveless garments. I just don’t care for paisley prints.

  16. The peachy sweater hangs incorrectly. I do not need a lumpy waist. It’s a shame they added a bottom band that is too tight for the very slim mannequin. Women have hips.

    The color suits me, though, and September days can be hot.

  17. In the slide show, would the long sleeve “rose pink” pullover with button sleeve be considered a dusty rose for autumn color palette?

  18. I agree with Jan, by this time in the year I am looking for oranges, browns, marigold, rich jewel tones—the colors of changing leaves and fall flowers in the north— NOT pastels. However, I would wear either pair of pants—I ignore the no white past Labor Day rule (except regarding shoes and bags and then I switch to “winter white”.) I might wear the dress in summer, as I like shift dresses, however, I would not buy it to wear now as I move away from black & white this time of year. I enjoy changing out my wardrobe with the seasons, that way I never get bored with my clothes 😉

  19. Why is it hard to find belt loops on pants? I noticed this when I was in Talbots last month. I need a belt with pants.

    By the way, Lands’End has a number of tops in kingfisher blue or something like it. Their tee shirts hold up very well from wash to wash.

  20. My thoughts exactly, especially the thoughts on the dress. You described it very tactfully. What were they thinking?

  21. I was interested in the comments from your other followers. I like the charcoal pants, but as for the rest-keep on looking. None of those items floats my boat! I am in Florida so I wear white a lot after Labor Day,especially red and winter white around Christmas the same with shoes, although I switch to nude or beige in my colors,not quite so bright.I have a red/white gingham blouse I wear lots at xmas – we usually have a hot one here . It can be 35 the day before and 75 on Christmas here! So we do have to be flexible in our choices. I can’t remember when I faced Xmas in a house coat or PJ’s for the traditional picture taking! But that’s why there is always something for everyone! Thank goodness.

  22. If the sweater on the left were a primary — black, white, red — it would be a maybe if I liked the fit, but the pink is a no. The white pants are another no because I wear only white denim jeans these days (& I wear them all winter). And while I love B&W, the print on the dress doesn’t appeal (& I don’t wear casual dresses anymore anyway).

    But I REALLY like the charcoal pants, especially with the button trim! I’d swap the gold buttons for silver as I never wear gold & pair them with a black, white or deep charcoal sweater & silver jewelry (the pastel sweater shown with them works, but is too pale for me). And speaking of great-looking pants: you have a pair of red jeans in the slide show that are swoon-worthy! If I didn’t already have a pair I routinely wear AND a pr of red leather pants, I’d be breaking my no-buy rule right now! LOL!

  23. I think the dress is adorable, but I’d want to see it “on.” I agree with the first comment, that the pattern looks like a target in the wrong place! I bought the pointelle sweater shown here in pink. I bought the ivory. I didn’t care for such a pale pink and felt the neutral ivory would go with more things already in my wardrobe. The third outfit I don’t find attractive. It’s a bit dull and doesn’t “say” any season to me.

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