Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl’s with Leigh & Me

Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today I am taking you Shopping for Fall Outfits at Kohl’s with Leigh & Me!

Yesterday was cloudy and rainy. A perfect day to go fall shopping at Kohl’s and look for affordable styles.

Leigh and I decided before going in that our goal was to find three fall outfits we could show the audience.

We wanted complete looks with tops and pants.

We both were very pleased at the pieces we found In store.


Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

This was by far our favorite outfit of the day! This Lauren Conrad Moto Jacket in the Cinnamon Rust color is beautiful.   They call it faux leather (feels like suede) construction and it comes in 4 colors.

She tried it on with a Nine West Reversible tank.  These tanks are V neck on one side, and round scoop neck on the other, and are on sale at a great price and in 12 colors.

Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

She was super impressed with the fit of these Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans in size 8 Short.  As a petite, she thought the “Short” sizes were perfect and would work with boots as well.

A good look front and back!  And look at how many color options there are in these jeans!  Amazing….


Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

During this trip to Kohl’s I was most impressed with the pants available…all three I tried on fit well and were styled in slim looks that I like the most on me.

Shopping fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

I like all three of these pieces, and if I were still going to an office building, I would want the Nine West Relaxed Blazer in Elson Tan and the Simply Vera Vera Wang Simply Modern Twill Skinny Pants 

I did not want to take them off they felt so good and looked so good.  These are the Farrah Plaid.

I tried them on with a Simply Vera Vera Want Shirttail tee in Rusty Copper (yes, in my color palette).  This is a very comfortable lovely looking tee.



Shopping Fall Outfits at Koh's with Leigh & Me

We both tried this Simply Vera Vera Wang Flyaway Cardigan in different colors…the color Leigh tried was requested by a reader last week.

However, the colors of these cardigans on their website do not look anything like you see on us.  I have on the Bronze Rose.  In reality, it was more of a gold…no rose, no bronze.

Leigh Ann is wearing the Aged Purple…which looked very lilac in person. 

We liked the cardigan for a comfy relaxed look, but the colors are what you see here…not on the website.

I am wearing mine with the Simply Vera Vera Wang Simply Modern Twill Skinny Pant in stone.  Again…I loved this pant…so comfy and looks great.

I tried this outfit on with the Simply Vera Vera Wang Printed Short Sleeve Tee in Scattered Bloom.

Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

Here is Leigh Ann in the Aged Purple…it is a very pretty color and I know that one of you last week was looking for some light purple garments for fall.

She tried it on with the Simply Vera Vera Wang Cross-front roll-tab Blouse in Cloud Scatter.

She tried on a medium and believed she should have sized down to the small…it is generous in size.

She is wearing another comfy pant option in black, size 8 Short, the Nine West Midrise Tummy Control Bootcut Pant…she said they were super comfy and quality.


Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

We were very pleased with casual comfort options we saw this day at Kohl’s.

Leigh Ann is wearing the Lauren Conrad mid-rise legging in Cinnamon Rust. 

These come in seven colors including a lovely kingfisher blue called UNDERWATER.

She styled it today with the Lauren Conrad Puffed Sleeve Sweatshirt in Dreamy Floral Pink.

Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

I decided to try on something professional for those still working and needed a little strength for a song.

This is another option for the Nine West Relaxed Blazer in a print they call Neutral Grid.

Here is another skinny option that I really liked…The Nine West Skinny High Rise Jean in Black.

The column of black is made complete with the Simply Vera Vera Wang Cross-Front Roll-Tab Blouse In black.


Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

They had several fall handbag options, but this Sonoma Goods for Life Corduroy Tote in Rumba Red caught my eye and it comes in four colors.

Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohl's with Leigh & Me

Bandanas are really in style this year, and these Sonoma Bandanas cried out to us as we walked by.  We tried them around our hair and the length is excellent and easy to tie on top…and we both have a lot of hair. 

Shopping Fall outfits at Kohls with leigh & me

They also had several cute baseball caps with fun messaging.  Leigh liked the DOG MOM hat!

Shopping Fall Outfits at Kohls with Leigh & Me

Before we left, we looked over the Fall Home Decorating department…lots of cute options.

Kohl’s had so much see when we stopped by.  I encourage you to sign up for their emails if you do not already and that way you have extra coupons when you shop.

They will let you combine coupons some times and you can really take these sale items down even lower.

We had a fun time and we were happy with what we saw and experienced.  So think Kohl’s when you are ready to shop for fall….it can really help your budget.

So, let me ask you…what would you wear the plaid pants with for a casual lifestyle?  Would love to hear ideas…they are great pants.  Make sure you enjoy the day and….


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. These are all great options for different reasons. I do love the moto jacket look and your long jacket. I have a jacket like that on my shopping list. You always seem to have good luck at Kohl’s! The corduroy tote is a fun fall addition. Love the Dog Mom hat!! The Kohl’s in my area is rather disorganized and there are a lot of things coming off hangers and laying on the floor, which doesn’t make for a good shopping experience. Guess they are still short-handed. You two did find some good options though. Puts me in a fall mood in spite of our current heatwave.

    1. We were very pleased with what we found there…it was the best Kohl’s trip in a long time. The pants were all great! I am always happy to get you in a fall-state of mind…I just try to ignore the heat!! (I know that is hard to do sometimes!)

  2. wow, a lot of great finds on that trip. i love that moto jacket on Leigh, that color! and i like the plaid pants for the working people….my shopping habits have yet to change since retirement, i find myself still buying office appropriate when it isnt anywhere near neccessary…usually because the price is just too darn attractive or the item is really pretty.
    Gloria Vanderbilts are great jeans….

  3. You look fabulous and I love the plaid pant you’re wearing! As a matter of fact this post has gotten me interested in hitting our local Kohls today! Love what they’re showing in your autumn palate!
    Happy Autumn!

  4. I am on the lookout for a moto jacket, and really do like the one Leigh is modeling as it seems to be reasonably priced, and available in good colors. I found years ago that the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans in regular short sizes fit well and are very wearable. The problem is often finding the short size which I need as Leigh Ann does. I like all of the pants you modeled and the longer jackets and tops too although I would need other colors. I might need to take a trip down to Tallahassee to search out the Kohl’s there.

    1. They do have the short sizes online and other color options. You might look at the links, Celia! But a shopping trip is always a good idea!!

  5. Wow! Kohl’s has really upgraded their game since the last time I was there! I really like all the pieces you are modeling. And the prices are right!! Tall ladies, there is a Long length option for the pants—which is quite exciting…most pants out there are ankle length regulars which fit my 34” legs at a very awkward place. And they have Short length for petites. I love the Moto jacket look, but it looks too short for me—though it’s perfect for Leigh’s petite proportions.

    1. I agree Katie…they have upped their game! Thanks for sharing about the pant lengths. Also, I have always been able to return and exchange things easily if needed to. I believe the store near me is adding Sephora, but it is not open there yet so I want to check it out when that happens.

  6. The marine navy on my monitor looked like a dusty teal! I might have to stop in in person. Loved the tote in olive. I agree, this looks way better than I was seeing for a while. I actually think all “my” stores have upped their fall game. I got my JJill catalog yesterday, and there was a lovely dark eggplant in there in some leisurewear.

    1. I also agree with the fact that everyone seems to be upping their game this season, Linda. I was pleased to find the options and quality at great prices at Kohl’s. I will be heading over to JJill soon to see their new collection.

  7. Loving the outfits you ladies modeled. I will have to head to Kohl’s and try some of these options. You two seem to have a great time shopping/being together. Glad you had a fun day, and found some great options at affordable prices.

  8. I was the one looking for lilac or light purple. Leigh Ann’s flay away sweater definitely looks right. I like that style in a sweater as they are usually light weight & can be worn almost year round. Like Leigh Ann, I also wear Gloria Vanderbilt’s Amanda jeans in short, & they do fit quite well. Great outfits, ladies!
    You featured a beautiful lilac cashmere sweater in a slide show last week, but I have a severe wool allergy & can’t wear cashmere. Thanks for including these lighter colors.

  9. Pamela, you are tempting me sneak across the border as Kohl’s is only a four hour drive from me. So much eye-candy to shop, as well as you two girls are looking fabulous! Glad your shopping expedition was successful. -Brenda-

    P.S.: Thank you so much for your Anniversary congrats the other day, as much appreciated.

  10. Love today’s offerings, Pam — I’ve always liked a subtle plaid pant for fall with a jacket & coordinating tee or light sweater & snappy boots, & the ones you’re modeling are perfect, especially with the longer tan blazer. This is my type of fall attire when I want to switch up from jeans. And speaking of jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt makes some of the best-fitting jeans I’ve ever worn. Whenever I’m in a thrift store I grab any I find (I won’t embarrass myself by admitting how many pairs I have!). But that moto jacket Leigh’s got on makes my mouth water: it looks spectacular on her. Were it in black or a clear scarlet, it would be tempting me — but how many moto jackets does one woman need, and I have . . . well, a lot :-). The only thing I’m not wild about is the fly-away cardigan & that’s just personal taste; I don’t wear cardigans & am not a fan of “droopy” fabrics, for lack of a better word, but everything else you guys found really speaks to me. You both infuse every picture with such happiness — even if I didn’t like the clothing you were modeling I’d enjoy looking at the two of you having such fun.

  11. Well, it seems you have been having a lot of fun both.What gorgeous outfits you tried on.I love almost all of it. Just the whole burgondy outfit on Leigh I don’t like very much. It gives her a sort of cameltoe because the trousers are sort of a legging. Leggings are very difficult to wear. The t-shirt does not avantage her neither. But the very first outfit is just gorgeous! with the jacket.

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