Would You Wear It - Orange & Black

Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It pop-up, today featuring Orange & Black.

This display is from a plus size department, so for everyone else, just pretend it is also in your size.

Tell us with constructive criticism if you would or would not wear the piece…and please remember to be kind if you do not care for it.

That way you don’t offend someone who may like it.

I saw this in Target, and here are a few more currently in store…


Would You Wear It - Orange and Black

I like this photo…in fact, I am all about pumpkins and fall colors right now.

Last weekend, I began to decorate my home for fall.  I have done everything but await the real pumpkins to add to it.

This year, I did purchase one pleasing pumpkin that I love from Tuesday Morning…it compliments the window treatments in my breakfast area really well….

Would You Wear It - Orange & Black

Would You Wear It - Orange & Black

I love it! Now, look at the display above and tell us…………………………..


Then, as always,


By Pamela Lutrell

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