Would You Wear It – Orange & Black

Would You Wear It - Orange & Black

Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It pop-up, today featuring Orange & Black.

This display is from a plus size department, so for everyone else, just pretend it is also in your size.

Tell us with constructive criticism if you would or would not wear the piece…and please remember to be kind if you do not care for it.

That way you don’t offend someone who may like it.

I saw this in Target, and here are a few more currently in store…


Would You Wear It - Orange and Black

I like this photo…in fact, I am all about pumpkins and fall colors right now.

Last weekend, I began to decorate my home for fall.  I have done everything but await the real pumpkins to add to it.

This year, I did purchase one pleasing pumpkin that I love from Tuesday Morning…it compliments the window treatments in my breakfast area really well….

Would You Wear It - Orange & Black

Would You Wear It - Orange & Black

I love it! Now, look at the display above and tell us…………………………..


Then, as always,


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. This is definitely not for me. I don’t wear orange and black together because it reminds me too much of Halloween, kind of costumey. This particular style is not flattering for me, I prefer something fitted and don’t care for the added bulk of flounces. As quite a stretch, I could see this over tights or leggings, but not in this fabric. Wouldn’t work for me, but might be cute on the right person. Your fall touches in your home are lovely!

  2. Even if it were in a different color and a much smaller size, I doubt that I would buy it. To me it looks like a dress my granddaughters would wear, and on them it would be cute. On my old body, it would look like I was TRYING to be young like my granddaughters. I rarely wear dresses anymore, but the few I do wear are dressier than how this appears to me. Your new pumpkin, however, I do love…it is so pretty! And makes such a wonderful statement at your table.

    1. Not for me. I don’t like the colors, which seem to be insufficiently nuanced to keep this from referencing Halloween, and I question the quality of the fabric, which might, of course, be better up close. I find polka dots unflattering, and they are a little too feminine in most iterations for my sportier style. The length, volume and flounce would also not suit me.

  3. As a plus sized older woman I might wear the dress silhouette as it does cover a multitude of sins but I would probably feel like a pumpkin in this print. I love orange but tend to wear it with other colors rather than black as black and orange feels like Halloween plus the polka dots with the ruffles feel a little juvenile to me. Maybe if I was younger… I do love your pumpkin – it’s perfect with your curtains!

  4. I am not a fan of orange anything…so this dress is a big no for me. Also, there’s way too much fabric for my small frame. I agree that it’s costumey.
    I use tones of red for Fall decor and love your new pumpkin!

  5. I absolutely would wear orange and black. However, not in a pattern. Perhaps an orange shell under a black sweater or an orange sweater over a black top and bottom. (A more sophisticated look. 🤞🏻)

  6. Orange and black reminds me of … Princeton parade (we do not have these things in France, thus it is rather exotic). But, yes, I must say I liked the combination. However, not in this shape. I certainly do not wear short dresses like this nowadays, but moreover, I have the feeling that the fabric is very thin and thus not very flattering, even for a (much) younger me. I have an orange shawl/poncho-thing which I have used to be able to wear black underneath (black is not my color, I look very sinister and pale in black), but I am not convinced by this print. Have a nice week, Pam!

  7. It’s cute, but probably not for me. I could picture it with black tights or leggings and ankle boots. Even a black scarf would be lovely here.

    Your pumpkin is wonderful and is the perfect fall touch for your decor!

  8. I’m with the other reviewer that this strikes me as a costume, but I’d have fun with it. With a pair of black or white leggings or skinnies & some spooky jewelry, what a fun way to answer the door and hand out candy. Then I’d pack it away and bring it out next year & for years to come. We buy Christmas sweaters and Valentine’s sweatshirts, don’t we. Why not?

  9. I like orange and I do love polka dots. I would probably wear this dress over leggings as it might be a bit short for me. I sure wish that we still had Target stores in Canada. I loved them. Target stayed for only about a year before they left!

  10. I would wear this dress with a black quilted suit jacket I own that is past the hip length. I would add black tights. That way it would tone the color down. It could seem not so much orange as pumpkin or russet. Maybe a beaded necklace with shades of orange and brown and gold would also make it appear less orange. I love polk dots so I am okay with the pattern. I like this color for fall.

  11. Love your fall dining room decor. The dress, not. The shape of the dress is like a pumpkin. I do like an orange or rust tone with black, though. I would no a simple, solid co!or pullover with jeans or pants.

  12. I’m fairly thin so not sure this style would flatter but since I’m participating I’d slip on black tights with short black boots and off I’d go!
    I wouldn’t add a thing though I might try brown tights and brown short booties.

  13. Your tabletop pumpkin is adorable!! I like polka dots and do have a couple blouses and a favorite handbag as well as several scarves sporting the dots. This dress, though, would just be too much. My college colors were orange and black so I am fond of them together beyond just Halloween. Nonetheless, black is not a big presence in my wardrobe, and orange is in small doses of prints in scarves or a top. I tend more towards coral over true orange.

  14. I love your new pumpkin & all of your autumn décor, but orange is definitely not my color. This dress is also not my style. As others have noted, I could see my 20 something granddaughters wearing this with black tights & booties for a fun date night look. I would feel like I was trying too hard to be young, if I were to wear this style in any color.

  15. Orange is my least favorite color, thus, I don’t wear it. So, no, I would not wear this dress. It doesn’t seem like a particularly flattering style.
    And I agree with another writer that those colors remind me of Halloween, so it is a bit constumy as in looking like a pumpkin!
    Love your pumpkin from Tuesday morning. Looked it up right away and they don’t sell online I see. My nearest store is about 2 hours away! Oh well.
    It looks beautiful on your table!

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