At home energy in Zenergy

At home energy in Zenergy

Happy, happy Friday, everyone and welcome to my discussion of at home energy in Zenergy!

I find that I have more energy around home when I look my best for the day…even at home…and Chico’s Zenergy is a great stylish, at home collection!

I can accomplish just about anything in a look like this which exudes casual confidence.


At home energy in Zenergy

I really like this jacket a lot and can add any colors underneath It to make it Pam-Style.

This is the Zenergy Anorak Camo-Embossed Jacket and it is super versatile with great fit and style.

Today I chose to wear it with Ponte Leggings in Black (I love their leggings!) and with a Chico’s layering tank.

I have owned these fun sneakers for awhile and just liked the pop they added to the outfit.

At home energy in Zenergy

AND, this Zenergy jacket is also waterproof….so don’t worry about a few sprinkles when out and about running errands.

It zips up nicely if you need it too, and provides several ways to wear it.  I also like this jacket because it is perfect for those of us in warmer climates.

I do so much more when I take the time at home to look my best…otherwise I find myself slumping in a chair!

Check out more at-home style from Chico’s…..


At home energy in Zenergy

Recently with some at home energy, I was going through an old recipe book and found this cookie recipe.

As with everything in my life, there is a good story behind this recipe.

About 30 years ago when my daughter was five, we were in a kindergarten carpool with some lovely families.

There was a bakery near our homes and one of these ladies, (let’s call her B) loved their feature cookie!

She asked for the recipe and like a good business owner should was turned down…several times.

So B was determined to create this cookie and she had many failed attempts.

But, one day she called to say…I DID IT!!

And, they are decadent cookies!  The kind that one cookie with a cup of tea is a perfect afternoon treat.

At home energy in Zenergy

So, I made a batch and froze most of the dough for when I need to have quick cookies on hand.

What did I do different?  Because I always do something different….

At home energy in Zenergy

I used toasted coconut flakes….added a teaspoon of vanilla…and created a seasonal icing with Pumpkin Spice cream, a dash of cinnamon and confectioner’s sugar.

Mr. B…my main taste tester…loved them!!

At home energy and Zenergy

This is an excellent holiday cookie! 

See, there is just no telling what you can do when you look and feel your best at home and have energy with determination to make incredible creations!

Thanks for stopping by today…what do you have going for the weekend…. make sure, no matter your plans,  you always……


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post to review and the words are my own!

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  1. Really a nice, casual look. I like the style of the jacket and how it provides enough coverage with leggings. There are so many different kinds of “at home” styles in the slideshow too, something for everyone. My sister is a huge fan of athleisure so I will share this with her. That cookie recipe does sound good, and I’m going to save it and give it a try. I’m behind on freezing my Christmas cookie doughs because of my limbo situation with my move (don’t want to pack up a freezer of frozen dough), so I’ll have a marathon when I get in the new place. I like to add new varieties each year, so thank you for a yummy suggestion! It’s cold and rainy here this weekend, so I’ll be staying in doing some packing and will go for a visit with my mom after church Sunday. Kind of a laid back weekend! Happy Friday Pam!

  2. I really like the Zenergy jacket you’re wearing! It’s great as Karen mentions – it covers the right places! There us nothing like feeling comfy but looking terrific to build confidence.
    And the cookie recipe! Perfect for fall/winter snacking!

  3. Might be a stupid question from this Canuck (Canadian) but what is a small can of coconut? Did I read that correct? We have bags of flaked coconut up North but I don’t think I ever saw a can in my local, small town grocery store.

    1. Hi Wendy! Years ago …back when this recipe was developed…Bakers Coconut came in cans. I do not think they package it that way any longer.

  4. I have that camo jacket and love it. Today’s outfit is very close to what I am wearing to my PT session. Before knee replacement, no one told me it would take 3-6 months to be back to a good working knee again! Love your recipes. Fall dies inspire me to bake again.

    1. Hope your recovery goes well, Kathy! I bake so much more from September through December….I have to be careful not to get carried away.

  5. You’re absolutely right about dressing nicely at home giving you energy. When I look blah, I feel blah. The cookies sound delicious. I wouldn’t have thought to use flavored creamer for the icing., but that sounds great & changing the flavor of the creamer to peppermint would give them a taste of Christmas.

    1. I feel certain you could cut it down. I have the dough in my freezer. I like to have it on hand for when grandkids come over or I want to bless a neighbor or friend!

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