Fall outfit with fit, color and style

Happy Thursday, all!  Today I am discussing how I put together a fall outfit for me with fit, color, and style. 

When Leigh Ann re-organized my closet, it really became evident to me that my wardrobe has drastically changed since 2020 and is a better fit for my new lifestyle.

The decision to only wear my best colors and to only wear what I want to wear (not dressing to please an office atmosphere) has helped me make clothing decisions much easier.

So let’s look at this fall outfit I recently put together from a closet where I can see everything much easier. 


Fall outfit with fit, color and style

I prefer a skinny pant…a jegging…a legging…a pant which fits my long legs well….and now that I report to my own office, I can wear this type of pant daily.

When I first tried on the Simply Vera Vera Wang Simply Modern Twill Skinny Pants in Farrah Plaid…I knew they had to join my wardrobe. I can wear this pant in so many ways.

What I have decided in this new stage of my life, is to just keep the ones which are my best flattering fit.  If the pant is not my best, then why take up space in the closet?

For some of you, a bootcut jean, our a trouser may be your best pant.  That is great!  Decide what works for you and own it!

When I began to put this outfit together, the first pick was the pant…then I built it from there.


Fall outfit with fit, color and style

If I take my Autumn Color Palette (from Annie Castano) into my closet now, you will find the majority of these colors hanging there.

I have worked hard since June to weed out the colors that do not flatter me, and bring in my best from this list. 

When I look for tops and even toppers now, I stare through the autumn color lens and go from there.

I love my new colors so much (bet you couldn’t tell – sarcasm!).  They make me smile in the closet and on me.  Each outfit is so much fun the build when I use my palette.

Of course, today’s outfit is featuring orange, and then a full blown mix of these colors in the Vince Camuto Watercolor oblong Scarf from Nordstrom Rack.

Fall outfit with fit color and style

And being part of a season filled with vibrant warm colors is even better!


Fall outfit with fit, color and style

I am not arrogantly saying this is a stylish outfit.  I am saying that I styled it with an interpretation of my style personality in mind.

My style personality is Bohemian/Romantic.  For the bohemian side, I am to wear soft flowing toppers because I have curves.

This Talbot’s Cotton Twill Field Jacket is softer than a traditional blazer but more flattering than a duster…so I went for it.  But, my interpretation of bohemian is still under construction.

I do love this jacket though and it is favorite for fall this year. 

One last note on this outfit: I am wearing a pair of Cynthia Rowley loafers that I have owned for awhile (at least 3 years!) and were originally purchased at Marshall’s. 

Now, here are some new items I spied this week:


Fall outfit with fit color and style

There are so many beautiful fall tablescapes all over social media that I am inspired to set a very special one for Thanksgiving this year!

Here are some of the lovely items you can find and will perhaps provide inspiration:

It is so much fun to think about Thanksgiving…holidays…and all things fall!  Thanks for joining in the fun…and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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