Would You Wear It – Blue-Based Prints for fall

Would You Wear It - Blue-Based Prints for fall

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Welcome to The Would You Wear It – Blue-based prints for fall!

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous October week!  I certainly am in the mornings…our afternoons are still up to ninety degrees!

I also heard that San Antonio loses 40 minutes of daylight in October…which I am one who likes the evenings…great time to walk our dog right now.

So, let’s get started with our mid-week Would You Wear It popup where I ask if you would or would not wear the clothing in a fashion display.

Would You Wear It Blue-based prints for fall

This particular display is from our local Soft Surroundings.  

Look over the display and please explain with constructive thought why these looks do or do not work for you.  

The comments are read and enjoyed by participants.

Would You Wear It - Blue Based Prints for fall

So please look this over and tell us, ladies……………………….


I do like Soft Surroundings and their styles, but they no longer belong to my affiliate program.  So I cannot provide links for these pieces.

But, perhaps if you see something you like you can use it for inspiration or visit their website.

I believe for Would You Wear It that they often have displays that make for good discussion.

Now for those of you would like blues, pinks and burgundy…there are lovely options at Chico’s right now…here are some pieces you may like:


Would You Wear It - Blue Based Prints in fall

In case you missed my talk yesterday with Susan, the entire discussion is on her Instagram page…click IG HERE and Enjoy!

It is always fun to talk color with the one who inspired me the most to take this plunge into owning my palette daily! Let me know if anyone has questions after you listen.



Would You Wear It - Blue Based Prints in Fall

I always get away from my candles in the warmer weather…I think because the days are longer.

But, I am back and enjoying every light.  Here is another small touch of fall in my home.

Would You Wear It Blue Based Prints in the fall

All of my crocks…bowls etc…are actually from my grandmother’s East Texas farm.  I am so happy to have them and hope one of my children will hang on to them….hint, hint.

It blesses me so much that you are here today!  Now, tell us what you think of the clothing in the Would You Wear It display…enjoy your day and always…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Your conversation with Susan was really insightful – particularly found it interesting to hear how you had moved away from starting with neutrals. The colours in the scarf and the kingfisher in your top looked wonderful, and really drew attention your eyes. A study in harmony. Perfect.

  2. From today’s display, the top in the middle is what I would wear. I love embroidered tops even though my fashion choices are firmly in the classics camp. I love looking at the detail in these tops and love wearing them. So that’s a definite yes! The really long top over jeans doesn’t appeal to me at all, and the dress color looks very dull to me. Not sure what skin type that would flatter. The length would not work for me either. I’m going to watch the video this morning. Thank you for providing it for those of us not on social media!

  3. Good Morning, I like everything here but some of it might be challenge. the dress I would have worn in my younger years, I think its very pretty but the shoes would have been one of the challenges , I believe pumps would have been best, but in a coordinating color of the dress, im not sure black or neutral would really do it. I love the top in the middle, and the bootcut. I like the jeans on the other one as well, and I do like that top, but I don’t know how I could make it flattering I think the cut would just accent the parts I don’t want to….im going to try the video as well….not on instagram, as I feel like one social media platform is enough for me.

  4. Yes to the two tops shown with jeans! Absolutely! No to the dress- not because of the print but it’s a long dress and not a look I care for.
    Pretty blue prints and I thank you for showcasing them!

  5. I am attracted to all of the Soft Surroundings items on display. I like the patchwork top as it is unusual and quirky, hitting that bohemian style, I think, though it is a lot of material. The embroidery on the blue top is very pretty, and I like the sleeves , length, and colors of the dress although I have not worn a dress in ages. The blooming dahlia color of many Chico’s items is so attractive to me and I’d love to have several of the items in your slideshow today. Im sure that bowls or crocks you may have from grandparents are very special to you, and I too worry that those I have from older relatives will not be as cherished to our children as they are to me. That certainly seems to be the case for many items we inherited that are no longer desirable for the younger generations.

  6. I love to wear blue jeans, but I rarely were blue with them as that is not one .of my best colors. So, no, I wouldn’t wear any of the choices here. I don’t do florals and the tunic on the left is much too busy for my tastes. Yes, this Texas weather is beginning to make me think about Fall.

  7. Thanks for showing us a lovely display in alternate fall colours. The dress is gorgeous and drew me right in. I would wear that with a light purple scarf, hoop earrings in silver and pewter boots. The top on the left is just too boho for my style and taste. I will be looking and listening to your chat with Susan when I get back from an appointment, thanks for providing that for those of us not on IG.

  8. The top that looks a little like patchwork – no, I would not wear it. I don’t like the patchwork look. But the other top and the dress – yes! I love blue! If this store was near me, I would go check these out. Finding blue for fall, instead of orange, would be wonderful to me. I also like the wine/burgundy that I’m seeing this fall.

  9. I would pass on the left top as I am not a fan of mixed prints. I would possibly try on the center top if it came in petite, if not the sleeves would be too long and the pattern on them would not be conducive to being shortened. I like the subdued print dress for our winter season but even in petite would have to change out the belt for a narrower one or it would be a cummerbund on me. Luckily I did not thrift the pants I really liked when leggings and skinnies became a trend, nor the plaid ones I liked, so have a wide selection of wearable pants this season.

  10. I do love blue and would definitely add the top in the middle to my wardrobe. I like the dress, too. I noticed the fuchsia top on the table. I love that color! In fact I just purchased the Chicks no iron stretch shirt in their color dahlia to co with my denim, grey, black and navy.

  11. Sigh …this year’s styles are just not to my taste. I love a more classic, clean, and even sporty style. The trends I’m picking up on for myself are houndstooth, plaid, and maybe a shacket. That said, all of these are pretty, particularly the embroidered top and belted dress. While it can put you in a style rut, it’s also important, I think, to be able to look at a garment and say it’s lovely, but it’s not you. That’s how I feel today.

  12. I would stop at this display. I love the blues, the prints and embroidery. The tunic and dress are both too long for me. I am currently wearing neutral, solid pieces so I would admire, but resist.

  13. The top on the left has too much going on with it & is also too oversized for me. I would consider the top in the middle but would like it more with a little less embroidery. The dress is very classic & ladylike but too long for me.

  14. Do love just about any shade of blue also a fan of pattern, colored blocked and embroidered garments however I’m also from the school of ‘less is more’, so with the exception of the blue I’m afraid they are just not my personal taste. Brenda

  15. Absolutely yes to the dress! I love the color and style and everything about it. I’d pair it with my tan boots!

    I’d pass on the middle top as I am not a fan of embroidered tops. However the colors are very pretty.

    The tunic top on the left is much too long. I have a long torso and shorter legs, so the longer tunics don’t work for me.

    Love all of your festival fall touches!

  16. Oh my gosh I love everything about the colors! The patterns are really fun. This looks like a low key bohemian influence but not over the top. I would love to wear these colors and patterns. I haven’t been wearing dresses but if I saw someone wearing this I would be admiring it:) on them. Thanks for sharing this brand b/c I was not familiar with it until now!

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