Would You Wear It – Brown & Blue

Would You Wear It - Brown & Blue

Happy Saturday, everyone and welcome to Would You Wear it – Brown & Blue?

Today is when my friend, Jennifer and I share fashion displays with you for your evaluations!

My friend and blogging assistant, Leigh Ann, found this one featuring browns and blues.

Would You Wear It - Brown & Blue

We ask that you look these displays over with a consumer’s eye and tell us if you would or would not wear them if given the opportunity.

Just pretend the clothing was gifted to you…would you wear it or not.

Would You Wear It - Brown & Blue

We ask that you explain in detail why it works or doesn’t work for you.

I have brought to you a family of three with a great amount of detail…you do not have to comment on all three…but you certainly may.

Remember, the comments are read and enjoyed by all.

Would You Wear It - Brown & Blue

So, tell us ladies………


These looks are from Dillard’s Alex Marie collection.  Here are a few more currently online…..


Would You Wear It - Browns & Blues

This is a fall evening sunset from my daughter’s Texas home.  The colors of fall are inspiring and can give us great ideas for our fashion and style.

Pay attention to all that goes on around you. 

Please make sure you tell us about today’s display…then go to A Well Styled Life for Jennifer’s display….and throughout this day……


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall at Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. Love the rich blue and camel together. The colours would work well on my daughter who’s a deep autumn. I like aspects of the blue dress (colour, length, waist detail, sleeves). I would try it on with the neck open although I’m not usually a fan of dresses with collars, perhaps because they remind me of my old high school uniform – too much business and not enough fun. I would not wear the brown outfit – no colour, too much material, too much brown, too much going on for me.

      1. Back in the day I had dresses like the two pictured here. Not for me now. I love the middle outfit as is. I have not thought about pairing brown and blue, but I like how it works with those plaid slacks. A cardigan with a pop of color brings the look together. I would definitely wear the outfit in the middle. I do not have plaid pants in my closet, nor any brown other than a pair of dark brown jeans. I like how the photos cause me to think about other color combinations.

  2. I wouldn’t wear either of the dresses. Neither is my taste and since I retired, I don’t wear dresses very often. I like the sweater on the middle mannequin but not sure the colour would be flattering on me. I would definitely consider it in another colour.

    1. I’m with Catherine on the pants and shirt. I’d lose the belt and wear the shirt untucked. I don’t care for the style of the sweater. The brown skirt and top seem like fish swimming in opposite directions – the top is something I’d put with a jacket and tailored pants for the office whereas the skirt is rather Boho. The other dress just doesn’t hit my button.

  3. I really like the center mannequin pairing blues with brown- very interesting, and attractive I think. Without the cinnamon colored cardi I think the look might be a bit blah, but tossing on that third piece adds just enough. I don’t care for either dress, personally. I’m short and don’t embrace many dresses as my lifestyle is super casual. Thanks for introducing this look today!

  4. If anything here was gifted to me, I hope the return receipt was included. I prefer slimmer cuts. I do like brown + blue combos. I would wear a chocolate brown cashmere sweater with dark navy jeans and booties. Brown and blue look good together in almost all shades. Happy Saturday!

    1. I love to put brown and blue together, I really like the combination. I would try all the clothes shown but I am very short, 5 feet, so have to be careful not to appear swamped. I especially like the brown dress but whether I would be able to carry it off??

  5. I would wear brown and blue together. I really like the middle mannequin. The style of the dresses isn’t something I would wear but…I would try on to challenge myself. I have a couple of cardigans with that pumpkin/orange color. I’ve got some outfits in mind now to shop my closet.

  6. the style of either dress I would have liked in my 20s or 30s…the brown one seems to be too much saturated color for that style though, the color is pretty, but the style says Spring or Summer to me. the blue one could be styled nicely with some pretty pumps or jewelry. I do like the pants in the middle, but not with the top or sweater, I would pair a navy thin sweater and a brown or dark gold blazer or vice versa with the colors…

  7. I wouldn’t wear any of them. Colors are ok, but not much style. I am more casual, I don’t like the wide pants. I am looking at plaid pants, but just not those

  8. Really like the color of the brown dress. I don’t care for the bow at the neck. I like the overall look of the slacks outfit however the colors wouldn’t suit me. I would mix brown and blue tho. The blue dress is not for me, color or style.

  9. I like the blue/brown colors a lot.
    I am not a fan of the blouson sleeves on sweaters. They’re everywhere, ruining perfectly good shaker-knit sweaters that I would consider buying!

  10. I would try the blue dress and he pants outfit. Always have liked blue and brown together,just in softer shades. The brown dress looks too “Little House on the Prairie” for me(new term from another blogger,but I think descriptive for many of today’s fashions) So I guess two out of three ain’t all that bad! Hope everyone had a good and safe weekend!

  11. Could not resist additional comments-. I always enjoy seeing who I agree with,etc. The sleeves on the sweater-had anyone ever tried cooking with something similar on? those sleeves would drive me nuts! Anyway,always interesting!

  12. I would certainly wear the central outfit, although perhaps with the shirt out, not in, and without any belt, depending of the length of the shirt. I like very much the mixture of colors and the style of the pants is perfect for me. I would not wear the dresses, although I like their colors : the blue one is too classic for me and the brown one has too many features for my taste.

  13. My first thought when looking at the mannequins was: what a pretty color combination for fall. I would not normally wear that color sweater, but with the pretty blue closer to my face, I would definitely try it.

  14. I can say right away that the brown dress, if given to me, would have to go to the ‘donate’ pile. I do like and wear dresses, but the fabric used to make the brown dress is just not at all appealing to me, I don’t wear anything tiered and the bow at the neck is too fussy for me. Definitely a “no.” The blue dress is a little better, but I’d have to see it with an open neck and a different belt. If I buy a dress with a self belt, the belt gets tossed. Just not a look that I care for. The middle outfit has components I would wear. I’d definitely wear the shirt, would have to try the pants. Being petite, fullness like that can be overwhelming and I really prefer a slimmer cut, but the pattern is okay. I don’t care for the cardigan with the shirt and pants. I’d wear a deep, black-brown with jeans (blue), but to me, this looks like it was tossed on as an afterthought or a “make do” and to my eye makes it look like there is way too much going on. Blue shirt, yes, blue dress, maybe, the rest, no!

  15. I love the pants, blouse and cardigan. Those colors together just sing. I would have to ditch the belt as it would not flatter my tummy. I like that the cardigan has the trendy sleeve volume at the bottom, rather than the shoulder, where it makes me look heavier. It also isn’t an extreme silhouette, which I like. It looks very elegant and expensive, proof you don’t have to rely on all black and pale neutrals.

  16. I love the dark blues! If I still needed casual outfits for the office, I’d definitely wear the blue dress and the pants/sweater outfit. The sweater isn’t the right color for me, but I love it with the dark blue blouse. It’s hard to avoid all the warm colors that are so unflattering to me when I’m so drawn to some of them. I’d change the belts on both outfits to a thinner one in leather, though. The brown dress is a big no for me. The ruffly look of tiered skirts feels wrong for my personality, and the bow blouses feel too much like what I wore with suits back in the 80s. Not looking to repeat that.

  17. I do like the color combination but I am not a fan of the sheen on the fabric of the blouse. I do love to see warm and cool colors styled together, but these are just not for me. Happy Saturday

  18. I like the center outfit in general, but would need to tweak it to make it work for me. The combination of brown and royal blue is too saturated for me. I would go for a navy/camel or navy/rust combination instead. I like the fabric of the plaid trousers, but I would prefer a straight leg style as wide leg pants aren’t flattering on me. Depending on the style and length of my fantasy pants, I would wear with booties or lug sole loafers. I agree with the previous reader that the blouson sleeves on the sweater would make it too trendy to last more than one or two seasons, not to mention the practical aspect of constantly trying not to drag your sleeve through your (or your neighbor’s) plate during brunch!

  19. The brown dress is a definite no. The color is not good for me, & I don’t care for the shiny fabric & all those tiers on the skirt. I might wear the pants & shirt. I like the color combination of the pants & the color of the shirt, but would prefer a slimmer cut on the pants. I would definitely ditch the cardigan. It is not a good color for me, & I am not fond of the style. The blue dress, as styled on the mannequin, doesn’t appeal to me, but in the slide show it looks much better. The fit is better, & with the open neck, it gets a maybe.

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