Thanksgiving style and flavor profiles

Thanksgiving style and flavor profiles

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today I am going to discuss my Thanksgiving style and flavor profiles!

Today is when I officially begin cooking for the large meal I will host on Thanksgiving day…I always begin early or it would not be doable.

Today, I will make the sweet potato casserole, and organize a few things for Wednesday cooking.

Since style and flavors are similar in that you can use a profile to accomplish success with both, I decided to cover both here. 


Thanksgiving style and flavor profile

Basically, my style profile for the day is comfy casual…simply because I am very busy in the kitchen and around the tables.

This year my casual style will be an autumn profile of my lovely colors in a Susan Graver sweatshirt/tunic top and in brown leggings with gold metallic sneakers.

This top is perfect…it has ruched sleeves which will be out of my way…and large pockets for my cell phone and key items such as the meat thermometer and seasoning infuser.

The scarf is actually serving a purpose….the dermatologist recently froze some “wisdom spots” on my neck…and though healing, they are a bit unsightly…no one wants to see that for a meal. 

Our Thanksgiving is not formal…the small children are running around, the young singles are gathering to talk…and the two sets of grandparents and parents are controlling the chaos and hugging kids.

Football is usually on television…and a good time will be had by all with no fancy dress up styles.

I actually love it that my new wardrobe colors match so perfectly with the decor of this day…just makes me smile!


Thanksgiving style and flavor profiles

My Thanksgiving meal is typically Southern-flavor profile.  The Southern flavors come together in a meal which was taught to me by a Louisiana-cajun mother.

It is one of my favorite meals to prepare.  I like to tie meals like this together with flavors that waft from dish to dish.

One of the dominant flavors for my Thanksgiving comes from apples.  

Thanksgiving style and flavor profiles

Everything I prepare has a hint of apples and applewood bacon within it.

You are looking at the turkey stock I will put on Wednesday night in a crockpot.

The stock is flavored with turkey legs, applewood bacon, onions, celery, garlic, poultry seasoning….and of course, apples.

This stock will be used in the cornbread dressing, and gravy for the dressing and mashed potatoes.

As part of the turkey preparation, apples, onion, celery and fresh poultry seasonings (sage, thyme, and rosemary) are placed in the cavity and around the pan.


Thanksgiving style and flavor profiles

These same seasonings and ingredients will be in the veggies sauteed in butter and used for the dressing.

My apple flavors and seasonings are like a ribbon I use throughout the entire meal to tie it all together….and the aromas in the kitchen are amazing. 

Thanksgiving style and flavor profiles

This is a wonderful time to think about combinations…of style profiles…of flavor profiles…the right combinations in your style with your best colors, and food can make a huge difference.

Our age groups bring so much, literally, to the tables to share and pass down as traditions.  I hope to pass this meal down to one of them someday.

Here are some fun pieces out there right now for different color palettes…almost everything is on sale right now!

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Is anyone else preparing a meal with a style handed down to you?  Would love to hear about the different flavor profiles!  Also are you dressing up or down for Thursday….Please share and then always….


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By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. What a perfect outfit choice for Thanksgiving! Even the sleeves are cooperating and staying out of the way, with no need to constantly be pushing them up… perfect! The shoes add a fun and festive touch! I like how you weave the apple flavor through your dinner. I found applewood bacon in a two-pound pack in a local market for a great price and divided it up for the freezer. It’s my favorite! I’m definitely going to miss making (and smelling) the traditional dishes we’ve always enjoyed in my family, but realize that this year is just a little different and next year I’ll be back at it. Christmas is coming, and that is rich in traditions in my family, so I’ll be looking forward to that! Your celebration this week sounds just wonderful! I’ll definitely have football on while I’m unpacking!

  2. Applewood Bacon! big salute to whoever invented it. I didn’t really like bacon all that much until this stuff came along.

  3. Yes, today is my start to cook day too. I did venture out and made yeast rolls for the first time Saturday. First batch I threw away, but the second bath made me proud. Today I too will cook my sweet potatoes, make the cranberry sauce, make cornbread for the dressing, cut up vegetables, However, I will not look nearly as presentable as you do with your lovely outfit. I had such sweet memories of my Mama as I put on my apron yesterday, wondering if our children and grandchildren will picture me in my apron as I so often picture my Mother. Does anyone else wear an apron in the kitchen anymore? Hope you get a bunch done today!

  4. You look great and your feast (and the prep!) sounds fun. Because my son and daughter in law are on call Thanksgiving, we have been invited out, but I’m making dressing casserole, cranberry sauce (with apples!) and a relish tray to take. My southern family always called “stuffing” dressing.” As a vegetarian, sides are everything for Thanksgiving. I’ve found over the years that the easiest way to handle it going out is to make something good that we can eat and share, and that way I know the ingredients. Don’t feel sorry for me (people do, you know) … the sides have always been my favorite thing about a meal!

  5. I don’t feel sorry for you at all, Linda…I love sides…and the cranberry sauce with apples would fit right into my meal!!

  6. I love your kitchen outfit! My dear husband connected up the plumbing in our almost-finished kitchen, so I will have running water and a dishwasher YEAH!! after 11 months making do in the bathroom sink! So, YES I will be cooking, cooking, cooking! Like Karen, I have unpacking yet to do over the next week or so as I unearth everything I packed away waiting for the blessing of my lovely new kitchen. Like Celia, I also wear an apron to cook, and do so year-round. All my friends know this about me, so I have quite a nice collection as aprons figure as a welcome gift. Wishing all the ladies the happiest of holidays, and many blessings. The very best to you Pam, and Leigh Ann, Mr. B., and your whole family.

  7. Thanks for mentioning aprons, Connie! I love my holiday aprons and even put Christmas brooches on that one!

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