Would You Wear It – Southwestern Style

Would You Wear It - Southwestern Style

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It is time for the mid-week pop-up….Would You Wear It – Southwestern Style.

Perhaps there are some of you relaxing today, and you would like to talk fashion with the community here.

Would You Wear It - Southwestern Style

Give this display your careful eye…and scrutinize the pieces.  Tell us if you would or would not wear these pieces with constructive thought.

The comments are read and enjoyed by all.

Also, feel free to offer styling advice for these outfits.

Would You Wear It - Southwestern Style

So, I ask you, ladies……………………


Today’s display is Ralph Lauren.  Here are more pieces from Ralph Lauren….


Would You Wear It


I wanted to remind you of a couple of items I have promoted here that I really like…they would be great for you to wear or someone you love to wear!

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Would You Wear It

These ALTRA SNEAKERS are pretty amazing and the reason I am able to walk the distances I can.

Leigh Ann called the other day and said…let’s walk to the post office…with these shoes, I did not hesitate to go more miles on top of my morning walk of three miles.

I highly, highly recommend them…and Mr. B has given them to family members as gifts.  Once you walk or run in them, you will not want to wear anything else.

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Now, tell us what you think of today’s Would You Wear It display…..and though it is a busy time, make sure you always…


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Gotta go…much work to be done…I will be reading your comments!

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I do make income from affiliate links in this post…the words are my own!


  1. I like the striped shirt and jeans, and the black top, but would feel uncomfortable in the skirt. The same is true of some of the slideshow…I like some of the subdued items, but not the more elaborate patterns. However, strangely, I am often drawn to bright patterns like these in outerwear. I am interested in both the wool clogs and athletic shoes as I continue to struggle with finding comfortable shoes that will stay on my feet. Hope you have a satisfying day of preparation for tomorrow. Going to the kitchen soon myself.

    1. I really like the skirt and tunic! I would wear it with black knee boots and possibly a longer open front sweater with a mix metal long chain necklace.

  2. I would style the skirt with a denim shirt tied at the waist and cowboy boots. I would not wear the other shirt because of the horizontal stripes which are not very flattering.

  3. I’m not a fan of the Southwest “look.” I would wear the jeans. I’d probably admire the skirt on someone else, but (in my opinion) it borders on being a costume (Calamity Jane or Native American blanket). The black tunic is meh. The stripe shirt is a bit too masculine for my taste. I like the Wool Fit slippers a lot. For working at home, I wear my slippers all the live-long day. Must have!

  4. I really like native patterns, but prefer to see them as blankets or art pieces when visiting a lodge or museum.

  5. I love the black tunic. The other pieces would overwhelm me. the striped top is cuter in the slide show than on the display. It’s too big as shown. I searched Ralph Lauren site for the tunic. If I could find it, I might add it to my wardrobe, it’s an updated classic.

  6. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I am a big fan of Pendleton and their motifs. I love Southwest as well. The mannikin looks I did not care for, but there were several in the slide show that I liked.

  7. I do like the black shirt and patterned skirt. I don’t think it would flatter me as I am short, but someone taller could probably pull that look off beautifully.

  8. I would wear the shirt and the jeans — I like the pattern on the shirt and the colors are favorites. Happy Thanksgiving Week, y’all! 🙂

  9. I would not wear any of these pieces, for different reasons. I do not wear jeans, I do not wear black near my face and the horizontal stripes would not do any favour to a rather busty person like me. I rarely wear skirts these days and I find this one both too classic (length and style) and too loud (the pattern). On the other hand, I would wear the (same) pattern on a jacket as in the display (with brown pants and a big, white, warm sweater), for an autumnal walk, for instance.

  10. I would wear the black top but not the skirt. The pattern is striking, but I would prefer on a blanket or wall hanging, not on my body. The striped shirt is a maybe. I like the colors but would need to see it on myself to make a good assessment. That is why I prefer to shop brick & mortar stores.

  11. I love the tribal skirt with black shirt- really cute! And if the skirt fit me I’d wear it. I may wear it with a lightweight cashmere turtleneck in black for our climate. The jeans and striped top is also good looking and if the stripes worked on my body type I’d certainly wear it!
    The colors are really nice!

  12. I love the tribal skirt with black shirt- really cute! And if the skirt fit me I’d wear it. I may wear it with a lightweight cashmere turtleneck in black for our climate. The jeans and striped top is also good looking and if the stripes worked on my body type I’d certainly wear it!
    The colors are really nice!

  13. I would wear the jeans with the black top. I remember the last time southwestern fashion was in style. I wore it then, wouldn’t wear it now.

  14. Hi Pam. I am very interested in the walking sneakers. The link brings me to so many. Do you know what style they are? Are they actually running shoes? Many thanks. You don’t need to respond ASAP. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  15. For some reason these two outfits just make me think “meh”. I might wear the skirt but not with the top shown with it. The two mannequin outfits remind me of what someone might style in a thrift store, sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

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