Blog Goals 2022: Input Request

Blog Goals 2022: Input Request

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Thank you for joining in this week, as I plan content for 2022.  Let’s continue with Blog Goals 2022: Input Request.

It is so helpful to hear your thoughts about REAL WOMEN and OVER 60 WOMEN! 

If you have not given your opinion on these posts, please do…it has been very helpful to those of us who communicate to you on blogs. 


Blog Goals 2022

One of my primary missions has always been to give you ideas to look your confident best over 50.

I personally believe fashion blogs are more important to help women than ever before.  

I was someone who began as a teenager to read fashion magazines…it all started with Seventeen.

For years, I have rushed to get my latest edition of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, and Marie Claire.

But, that is all in my past.  Fashion magazines have become political tabloids focused on changing culture rather than helping women, and featuring celebrities I do not care about.

Of course, they have a right to express their views and change their perspectives…I just want to talk fashion. Period!  There are excellent political publications on both sides available…fashion magazines don’t need to help out.

This is why I believe fashion blogs are so important…especially those who target specific audiences. 

BLOG GOAL #3 for 2022:  I want to focus on bringing women ideas, information, and brands which will assist them to look their confident best and transition with style to new phases of life in an ever-changing world.

BLOG GOAL #4 for 2022: To continue to bring ideas from many price points, and share ways to stretch your current wardrobe with modern style.

Here is where I need your help….


Blog Goals 2022

There were several fashion features in 2021 found here.

I am going to list them and would like to hear which ones you like the best and which ones you don’t.

This picture represents SHOPPING WITH LEIGH & ME….would you like to see it continue?

This feature became a fun way to show you dressing room posts on two different body types. 

Blog Goals 2022

Toward the end of the year, I began to share WHAT I WORE features with the outfit explanation and a little about the events where I wore the clothing….is it a keeper?

Blog Goals 2022

WOULD YOU WEAR IT? is a feature post two days a week.  On Saturdays it is a collaboration with A Well Styled Life.

The purpose of WOULD YOU WEAR IT? has always been to generate discussions of clothing currently In stores on displays.

Some readers find it to be very helpful to see what other women like or not like about the styles.

We are not looking for displays which we think are horrendous or even amazing…we are looking for ones which make us wonder what you would think of the styles.

There are always a variety of opinions.

No matter our age, many of us grew up enjoying discussions with girlfriends about clothes…for me, it began at slumber parties!  This is a way to tap into that type of conversation.

So, would you like to see it stay or not?  WOULD YOU KEEP IT?

Blog Goals 2022

STYLING TIPS are woven throughout the blog and have always been.

I hope these help…but let me know if you would like a different approach.

Please share with me any topics you would love to see in the fashion & beauty category. How can I help you most?

My desire is to be honest and authentic with you.  There is so much on blogs targeted to our age group which concerns me….sometimes I believe we are being sold a bill of goods…remember that phrase?

If I test a product and do not like it, I simply do not promote it.  When I share products and brands with you, it is because I have tested and looked at them and know they will be helpful to you.

Tomorrow will feature the first Would You Wear It of 2022….Sunday will be the final post in seeking your opinion on Blog Goals for 2022 and it will focus on Joyful Living !  I hope you will join in again and tell me what you think!

Reading your thoughts this past week has been such a joy and as I have said many times…so helpful to me as a communicator.  Thank you ….now begin this New Year with a determination to……

KEEP SMILING!! (If you are going out to celebrate tonight, be safe!)

By Pamela Lutrell

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Over 50 Feeling 40 in 2022


  1. I so very much agree about the magazines!! And I also remember when I avidly read Seventeen and never missed the Glamour college issues! But those days are indeed long gone! I’m not bailing on your question, but I truly enjoy all of these features. I definitely look forward to your fun “Would You Wear It”, and enjoy seeing what you and Leigh Ann turn up in the stores. But I like the others too, and your women’s health articles are also good reminders and are helpful. You have always been on the right track in my opinion. I know when I “tune in” each day there will be quality content. The way you are seeking opinions of your readers tells me that this is more than a walk through your closet, something I already knew! You really do work to help us see things in new ways in order to be our confident best.

  2. Would You Wear It? is my favorite read from you and Jennifer. Please keep it going. I enjoy the comments and styling ideas. I also enjoy Shopping with Leigh. It’s nice to see current styles on both of you. Happy 2022!

  3. Please keep the shopping with Leigh & Me; what I wore; would you wear it features. In fact, I look forward to your blog every day. Your blog is the best of all the ones that I personally read and subscribe to each day. You cover the full range for women of our age and many forget about their plus size readers. Happy New Year!

  4. I enjoy the shopping and other expeditions with you and Leigh Ann. It’s always fun to go places and shop with friends who see things from a different angle than we do and seeing the two different body types trying styles is very interesting. You have a good sidekick!

    The What I Wore columns are also fun………it’s wonderful to see people going out having fun and getting out of blue jeans to do so! I live in a university town and I swear all I ever see is denim. Except on me, I don’t own any.

    Look forward to seeing you daily………

  5. I really enjoy you combining older pieces with newer ones. I keep pieces for years so seeing you style outfits encourages me to shop my closet. I am still a shopper and need to slow it down and shop for my current life. I also am going to work on finding comfortable, stylish shoes.

  6. Thanks Nyla! I have a few pieces in my closet that are 30 years old…I want to style them this year! It’s fun to mix up my old and new! And so am always on the hunt for the most comfortable shoes!!

  7. Talking about reading Seventeen magazine certainly brought back many hours of poring over each edition. And Karen mentioned College Glamour which also was a favorite. I enjoy all of the features of your blog. During these two years of pandemic staying home the “Would you wear it?” features brought merchandise in store settings that I would not see otherwise. Since I am a petite, I like to see Leigh Ann trying on clothes in my size. And I enjoy when you find something in your closet and wear it in perhaps a different way, or with a different color as you work through your wardrobe using your new colors. Your blog appeals to me because of you…your warm, outgoing, bubbly, ever-joyful personality. I marvel at your ability to pull together ideas daily and continue to go and do, cook, travel, etc.

  8. Going into a store and trying things on for us is so very helpful. An outfit hanging on a mannequin doesn’t compare to actually seeing it on a person. So please continue with the series of you and Leigh and your shopping trips. I also love when you share your excursions you and Leigh go on. I love seeing, and hearing about, places to visit in your area. It’s a great way to get to know a little bit about a part of the country you live in. So vastly different from our fields here in Indiana farm country.

  9. I love, love, love your blog Pamela! I used to follow several other bloggers in my email and now only yours arrives in my inbox! I have found you to be a breath of fresh air. It’s been a busy week for me with the kids in for the holidays, so, I haven’t had a chance to comment on your “Real Women” post. (I’ll catch up! LOL) But, for me, YOU are a real woman! I love that you share style that is affordable, realistic, fun and appropriate. I hope I am coming across with what I mean to say. LOL Bottom line, is that I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it every day. Happy New Year Pamela!

  10. My favorite is What I wore-it’s nice to see real life wardrobe put togethers for occasions. I think shopping with Leigh is a great way to show different fashion looks on different figures and offer different’s really an ingenious idea as some bloggers can only offer what looks good on them. I find the displays hit or miss and not as interesting for me.i also enjoy the product reviews, recipes, health tips and side travel trips around texas

  11. I enjoy each one of your segments. It keeps the content fresh and fun, yet predictable which is important in an unstable world. Keep them all, in my opinion. I appreciate your focus on fashion and fashion alone (no politics or personal agendas). Like you said, you just want to talk fashion…and that mission statement is a keeper! I like how you share so much of your personal story without making the blog a shrine to yourself and you don’t turn your readers into mini-versions of yourself. I loved your discovery of color and clothing personality…which encouraged me to re-discover mine…and I’m having so much fun with that. Through reading your blog, I’ve made so many purchases and don’t regret a single one!

  12. Please continue your shopping with Leigh and what I wore. Now that I’m retired my lifestyle is so casual and I’m always looking for casual chic with a touch of pizzazz. Enjoy reading your blog everyday & I haven’t read a fashion magazine in ions either! Lately I’ve been questioning the models some retailers use to showcase their clothes!!! I look forward to the Talbots look book each month almost as much as I used to look forward to those big August magazines!

  13. Your blog never fails to connect with me in some way each day,, probably because you are exactly what you have recently brought up as a discussion point—being real and authentic. I love the variety of your topics. Also I appreciate the variety of price points on fashion pieces and love the styling tips in shopping your existing wardrobe. Your blog is unique in that it’s not all about you and your colors and your clothes. It’s about sharing your journey with your readers and treating them as your partners in the journey. That sums up what I love about your blog! I personally would be fine if “Would you Wear It?”was only once a week. Your obvious joy of life starts my day off with a smile every day!

  14. Thanks Lois! I know Leigh Ann has certainly been a blessing to me as well as the readers!

  15. I enjoy your entire content every day. Because you add your personal touch, it makes it relatable. Fashion magazines no longer appeal to be because I can no longer picture myself in anything they promote. They just aren’t real. I look forward to all of your articles and really appreciate your views on your lifestyle!

  16. I understand about the models! There are a few brands who need to revisit the choices! Thanks Linda!

  17. I enjoy your blog every day — In addition to the fashion (Would You Wear It), I like reading about your day trips in and around San Antonio and occasional recipes. Fashion magazines ignore older women

  18. I like Shopping with Leigh, road trips and going out posts. I love Outfit of the Day type posts, where you style the outfits, and I would like to see how a change in accessories or one piece changes the outfit. Of all your content this year, I have loved the color analysis the most. While Saturday posts are fine for WYWI, I find the added Wednesday post too much of this content. Overall, I’m interested in the fashion, and somewhat in the makeup. I’m a vegetarian and not a cook, and have other blogs I follow for decorating, so, while I read these posts because I like your style of writing and philosophy of life, these are not favorites. I like best those articles in which you put on your journalism hat and do a deeper dive into fashion, analyzing silhouettes, color, etc. I would love to see how you take one basic and style it a whole lot of ways; with your thoroughness and journalism background, you could do a versatility series so well. Also, why one silhouette works and another doesn’t, etc. Of course, I’m personally looking for casual looks, but you address this well. You do an absolutely wonderful job and your “voice” shines. Thank you for keeping politics out of the blog. While working, I came here to relax, and now I … come here to relax :).

  19. I’m a new reader this year and I’ve really enjoyed What I Wore features. It seems like anything goes at events these days so I love to see what you choose to wear to look and feel great! I’m turning 60 in 2022 and still working, some from home, some from the office. My work from home outfits I image will be what I wear most days when I retire in the next couple of years. I’d love to see more about wardrobe transitions. Work from office to work from home, to retiring to an active home and social life, and hopefully travel! I so admire the personal transitions you’ve shared and look forward to reading your Joyful 2022 blog! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  20. Thank you for sharing, Beth. You & I are in the same boat…still working but mostly from home! It has been fun for me. Thank you for being here!

  21. Pam – I look forward to your blog every day and typically read it in the morning. A great way to start the day on a positive note! I appreciate your positive and joyful attitude. Being petite also, I appreciate the Shopping with Leigh posts. I like seeing how you restyle pieces you have to fit your current style or add / change accessories to achieve different looks. The WYWI posts are not as helpful to me as the What I Wore posts. You are encouragement to take care with my look every time I step out – not in a fussy way, but in a “what am I reflecting ” way (not sure that makes sense!). Your dedication to your health is encouraging as well! Keep up the great work Pam!

  22. I love What I Wore! So fun to see you. Probably my least favorite is Would You Wear It…probably just me…having a difficult time seeing the outfit on myself. It would be great to have makeup tips, as I’m not proficient in using various products.

    Yours is the only blog that I read. You are a beautiful inspiration! What a blessing!

  23. Thank you, Sabrina. Thank you for all of your encouragement to stay healthy! You also have helped me immensely.

  24. I enjoy your Shopping with Leigh and Me the most as I don’t live close to any major stores and have to order online for items. This gives me an idea of how it looks on someone. I have your blog saved as a favorite and visit it everyday. I also enjoy the Would you Wear It? column. Keep up the good work.

  25. Good Morning!
    I know you don’t have this on the list but my favorite was always
    Today’s News for Women Over 50. I always found those posts entertaining and enlightening because they covered a wide variety of topics. I like the Shopping with Leigh and Me posts. It reminds me of my shopping trips out with my good friend and gives me more ideas since you don’t usually choose the same items!
    This year I’m hoping to retire and would love to see more affordable options for clothes and beauty products. I love stores like Talbot but spending close to $100 on a white blouse just doesn’t work for my budget. I would be interested in knowing what other “over 60s” are wearing and from stores that aren’t so pricey. I have also decided that I need to work on my skin and suggestions for beauty products is greatly appreciated.
    I love your positivity and feel uplifted each morning as I read your posts with my coffee. Thank you for all you do to make us feel special and worthwhile in a culture that doesn’t value growing old….
    Happy New Year’s Eve!

  26. You are all special, Linda! I am re-thinking my post on Sunday. It was going to be similar to this one but focus on the lifestyle features I do like Today’s News, health; beauty; home; road trips and inspiration. But, a few of those features have been mentioned today and I do not want to wear the audience out. So, anything like what you are saying is helpful to hear. I like doing those Today’s News posts and researching important information for us. I will try to do one soon. I am also with you on finding quality, budget friendly clothing…Leigh Ann and I will be all over that one…so Stay Tuned!

  27. your blog is my favorite, I likeYou and Leigh and What I Wore is one of my favorites, i like how you show different price range and different stores to shop

  28. My favorites on your blog are What I Wore, affordable, quality options, shopping with Leigh and Me, your family stories and pictures, and product and health related references. And all the good shoe suggestions! WYWI is not necessarily my favorite. One thing I got a kick out of is when you recently took a picture of a lovely woman in a striking jacket while you were on an outing. A woman on the street piece. Maybe if you see someone, tell them what you do and ask about their outfit? For some reason that is something of interest to me. I mean, not to be a fashion stalker, but sometimes I ask strangers about components of their outfits that I love. They are usually flattered and kindly answer my questions.

  29. I really enjoy Shopping with Leigh and me, but I enjoy reading your blog every day to see what will be on it next! Happy Healthy New Year!!!

  30. I like “Would You Wear It?” and shopping trip posts the most. Being from a small city, I don’t have many stores to shop in. It’s nice to see what’s out there.

  31. I love doing street style shots, Deanna. It is not as easy as it was before the pandemic. Once I sat at a cafe outside on a street corner in Chicago and just took the most fun pictures! I will see what I can do…most women will say no if you ask, but I understand I should do that.

  32. Thanks Lily…I just spoke with Leigh Ann and she is still in to do this with me!! So watch for more!

  33. Keep Leigh & me, what I wore, but I usually skip would you wear it. Don’t find it helpful. The way your partner does it, showing her attempts to make something work is much more useful.

  34. I am glad you enjoy what Jennifer is doing on Wednesday for you. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts Teresa and for being here.

  35. Seventeen was the bible back in the day, but I want mags or posts that feature clothes not politcs. I quit Vogue for that very reason. Keep bringing Leigh into your posts Wish I had a friend like her living closer to me,one who can be objective about the outfit being attractive on you and not want they want you to buy! All in all stay the same. Happy new year to you and all your readers!

  36. I just plain enjoy your posts, even the ones that don’t resonate so much. I think the Woman on the Street idea would be wonderful, sort of like what that NYT photographer did. I am mostly interested in upping my every day style, rather than my defaulting to jeans or knit pants and a t shirt— I’d like coordinating outfits or put together looks. How about more shoes? Especially everyday good looking supportive styles, with info on the fit so one can order them . I loved the Seventeen fall issue and Glamour mags. I haven’t turned to fashion magazines for years because the looks simply aren’t accessible. Even if I had the money I wouldn’t wear many of those looks. . I need to travel for 2-3 hours to reach my favorite stores like Chico’s and Talbots so I need to order online but I find sizing really varies and any helps you can give on the fit of styles you showcase is a big help. As far as politics, religion, etc, I really prefer not to read about those personal issues on a blog such as this.

  37. I loved Seventeen when I was a teenager! I continue to love fashion magazines! Our politics may be different, Pam, but I love you dearly. You are genuine & facilitate great conversations. I love that your best friend, Leigh, is part of the blog. I treasure your spiritual nature & faith in God. I enjoy hearing about your family. I also enjoy your recipes & cooking stories. I am confident that you will lead us on another delightful journey in 2022.

  38. Hi Sue! Thank you for the support. I will steer clear of politics and religion. My strong relationship with God has nothing to do with religion, but is what makes me, me. Occasionally, I will continue to discuss that relationship. But I am happy to not discuss religion!

  39. What I like most about your blog, Pam, is the variety of your posts.

    “Shopping with Leigh & Me” was such a fun addition this year. But, I also really enjoy “What I Wore” and “Would You Wear It.” They give me insight into what is current and what styles would be best for me. I also enjoy reading the comments from your readers — they are great!

    I’d love to see more posts about ‘problematic’ situations. For example, I have very wide feet and have a hard time finding styles and stores that carry shoes for me.

    Mostly though, you are the ‘go to’ blog for women over 50. You present fashion in a variety of price ranges and styles. You provide helpful health information for our age group. You discuss issues that are relevant for our age group!!!! Thank you and looking forward to 2022 with you!

  40. You just made my day, Beth! I would love to become a go-to blog for women over 50! Thank you for the encouragement!

  41. Pam, I so enjoy your blog everyday! Just like you I am over 60 and I don’t have a model perfect figure. But I’m happy with me. I need to cultivate who I am, not who the magazines think I should be. I really appreciate seeing clothes that are more in line with my retired life. I am often inspired by your blog to seek more information on recipes, nutrition, skincare. When I see something I like on your blog I always click through with your link. Thank you for being honest and real.

  42. Thank you, Dori! I definitely am not picture perfect but doing my best to dress with confidence and seek joy one day at a time! Thank you for being here!

  43. I was a long-time subscriber to Glamour magazine but stopped reading it when it became political & featured clothing no real woman would wear. I appreciate that you keep politics out of the picture. I like all the features you mentioned. Since I am short, I like seeing Leigh Ann try things on. It would be nice to see different body types featured a bit more. I am short but also a bit fluffy. I enjoy Would You Wear It & appreciate your efforts to keep it kind. Just because a garment isn’t to my taste doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look fabulous on someone else. I do enjoy your lifestyle features. Some things resonate more with me & my season of life than others, but there is value in all of them. Happy New!

  44. One of my favorite parts of your blog is the News for women over 50. I appreciate the extensive research you have done to bring that capsule of good finds to your readers. I always find something I would definately have missed if you hadn’t pointed it out. I agree with you about the attitude of style magazines…they often have a focus I don’t enjoy reading. Your “news” is a unique feature I haven’t seen done by any other bloggers. I enjoy your trips with Leigh Ann since her style choices are close to mine.

  45. I like Would You Wear It”, and enjoy seeing what you and Leigh Ann turn up in the stores.

  46. Pam, you are most definitely a favorite, and I appreciate all of the content in your blog. I especially love the shopping trips you do with Leigh Ann! I also love seeing your grandchildren and family on the blog along with your recipes. You keep it real, and it’s obvious you love what you do! I too gave up fashion magazines a long time ago, and look to blogs like yours for fashion inspiration. Keep up the great work….we all love and appreciate you!

  47. Everyone else covered these topics, well. Joy notes and holiday home decor and recipes are also fun occasionally. I would like to see, just once, a discussion about our underpinnings. Bras, slips, panties, etc. Thank you for providing an over 50 edition of Glamour and Seventeen. Have a blessed New Year.

  48. I’m late to the game here today, but wanted to reiterate what so many have said here today that you are my favorite blogger, and whatever features you post I am a happy daily reader. I loved the couple of video posts you did some time back also because that gave a more personal glimpse into who you are. For that same reason I enjoy seeing friends and family pictures, reading about your events and outings. The fashion is fun, but honestly you could write about anything and I’d be here simply because I like who you are and how openly you share yourself with your audience of readers/friends.
    Happy New Year!

  49. I like the WHAT I WORE posts, particularly when you share a bit about the event or location. The same is true of SHOPPING WITH LEIGH & ME. I enjoyed the road trip posts a lot, but less so the trying on in a store posts. I seldom read WOULD YOU WEAR IT? anymore although I always glance at the mannequin photos. I would prefer to see these less often, perhaps once or twice a month. On the other hand, if this feature is of interest to enough of your readers, you should certainly continue the more frequent schedule. I particularly enjoy styling tips, but I’m also interested more serious topics like sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Recently, I find myself looking for blogs with a broader focus than just fashion; ones that also include things like books and travel.

  50. I too would like to mention the ‘Today’s News for Women Over 50’ columns. I don’t often read all that you post in it but I would say 2/3rds. I think they add a little of the unexpected to your blog and encourage me to look to new areas of thought and consideration. I am still a little bummed that you and Leigh Ann were identified as falls as I am and always have been a winter. Perhaps you have another friend hiding in the bushes who is a winter and would like to join your shopping excursions.

  51. Hi Linda, I am going to bring back Today’s News very soon. Leigh Ann and I are trying out best to show colors for everyone. We always have that in mind when we head out to shop!

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