What I wore to brunch with Santa

What I wore to brunch with Santa

Welcome, Friends!  Today, I am showing you what I wore to brunch with Santa!

Yes!  I was bold enough to wear a vibrant orange color to a Christmas brunch where the majority were wearing red!


What I wore to brunch with Santa

Before we arrived at the main event, Mr. B spotted a Pamela Drive! He said…let’s take a picture!

Brunch with Santa was in North Texas, and it was cold that day.  I am so glad I took this fun outfit featuring Talbot’s pieces.

You know I am determined to wear my best colors ….no matter what…and I actually felt great in this outfit.

It features:

Talbot’s Easy Knit Blazer in Orange Zinnia (I believe it is sold out, but has been perfect for this vibrant autumn girl)

Talbot’s Reindeer Fair Isle Sweater

Talbot’s Sculpt Pull-On Jeggings

Rockport’s Women’s Cobb Hill Laci Twin-Gore Slip On on metallic leather (Love these)

Though the majority of ladies wore Christmas-red, I was confident and believed I stuck out in a good way…I received several compliments (that always helps for affirmation)

The Talbot’s orange zinnia has been a perfect color for me this fall.



What I wore to brunch with Santa

Santa, of course, stole the show arriving in a helicopter with a dramatic fly over!  

He thoroughly pleased my grandchildren as well as others….and all of the children were so cute and Christmasy!

Watching the excitement of the children when Santa arrives is worth the whole event.  They were all precious.

What I wore to brunch with Santa

What I wore to brunch with Santa

We also were treated to a fabulous meal!  But, the best part was just being with family.

What I wore to brunch with Santa

These guys are three of my six reasons to love the season so much….our experiences so far this year have been wonderful.

It was a fun road trip as well.


What I wore to brunch with Santa


What I wore to brunch with Santa

This will be my first winter with a completely new color palette and wardrobe pieces.  No matter what, I will wear vibrant autumn colors in the winter.

So far, it has been so much fun to do this and I do not feel like “the crazy woman in the crowd” wearing orange at Christmas.  Wearing my best colors helps me to shine and smile!

Here are some great selections still available at Talbot’s….Today, select cashmere sweaters are on sale!

As you can tell, I have been a busy little bee!  I will return with another winter look tomorrow…there is so much fun ahead.

Also, tomorrow, I will share how I cook Pinto Beans since a few asked for the recipe!  See you then…and make certain that you …..


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. So nice to see hair bows and smocking,…….very few people dress their children traditionally any more. Too bad! and how lovely to have street named for you. I had a friend who wore the same color Talbots was featuring that year. Between us,we bought everything that came out in Terracotta that year(from Talbots), But then the next year,no longer was it he favorite color! Anyway,hope you and yours have a wonderful merry Christmas, no matter what color you are wearing! It’s the right one!

  2. Your Santa visit outfit is one of the best ever. Maybe it was that giant smile of grandmother love that put you over the top. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  3. Hi Susan, Some of the best advice I received when I decided to stick with my colors, was to purchase my palette when I saw it because it would disappear for awhile. I am ready for next fall and winter with lovely Autumn colors…just in case they are gone. This orange zinnia is a great color and I purchased several pieces in it…perfect for a vibrant autumn. Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Pamela,

    I love that you are your own person, good for you for staying true to yourself and wearing the vibrant orange blazer. You look adorable in front of the street sign named after YOU, PAMELA.
    The grandboys are precious, and the children lined up looking at Santa is priceless. They are beautiful looking children.

  5. Pam,
    So glad.you wore your Autumn colors to the brunch. I really liked the sweater blazer combination.

  6. I love that your day was so lively and kiveky. You look really fabulous in your Talbots sweater and blazer! Very nice!
    And to find a namesake street! Wow!
    Like you I spent last Saturday at a holiday festival outside with two of my grandchildren, 3 year old twins. Fun times with lots of red plaid in our wardrobes and little Bay wore-her darling red wool coat to emphasize the season! It was cold and drizzly but we enjoyed the Christmas music, and a visit from Santa! Under a tent!

  7. I really like the color options Talbots gave me for fall. They worked together perfectly! Thanks so much, Audrey!

  8. I have a similar Christmas festival to share next week. They are so much fun….thanks so much, Paulette!

  9. You look great AND festive in your outfit. What a fun outing. I can imagine the excitement of waiting for Santa’s arrival via helicopter. Ordering your metallic shoes today – they are on sale! Merry Christmas to me! LOL I’m trying to decide on wide vs the regular width. Any suggestions?

  10. For us Autumns, orange is the new red. Especially with the reindeer underneath, you -had- this. As for me, I bought a rusty, brick red sweater with sequins on sale from Alfani to wear to my Christmas gatherings. Green would have been an option too, had I not found this piece. I figured I can always wear navy too, with some red and green, over-the-top festive earrings or a large brooch. Just like every Christmas tree doesn’t have to be red and green, not every outfit has to be red.

  11. I love these shoes! I sized up 1/2 because of my hammer toes, but I did get regular and not wide. I have been happy with every pair I get from Rockport! Thank you for using my links! So helpful.

  12. This is one of the best outfit I’ve seen on you. I think the reason I like it so much and it looks so fabulous on you is that it is more fitted and actually shows off your figure. To me, you look 15 to 20 pounds lighter wearing fitted clothes. I read your blog posts every day and enjoy it so much. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas and may the next year be filled with joy and happiness and miracles, if needed.

  13. Thank you, Judy. I was very pleased with my Talbot’s jackets this fall, and I agree they are more slimming! I also like a beautiful, flown kimono type topper and so glad to have both in my wardrobe! Thanks for the encouragement and for being here!

  14. This looks like such a fun event, and how nice to see people dressing for the occasion! That line of little girls in their dresses is just so cute! And what handsome guys your grandsons are! Really growing up! I love the color of your jacket. That was one of Talbot’s best colors this year! It certainly looked festive with the beautiful sweater!

  15. I think you look very festive with the reindeer sweater! Red is not my best color. I’ve found some wonderful holiday options in shades of pink and blue. I add a sparkly snowflake pin or necklace and I’m set. I just attended a holiday event and was the only person not in bright red or bright green. I wore a soft gray sweater studded with a few sequins, gray velour pants and a pink & gray sweater topper with a few silver threads. I felt very confident. Guess who got a lot of compliments?😉

  16. Of course, you did! Wearing colors that give us confidence and result in smiles will always bring on attention… in a good way!!

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