What I wore to Winterfest…by accident!

What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

Happy Thursday, friends!  I know you are busy like I am preparing for the big event, but I wanted to share a story with you of what I wore to Winterfest…by accident!

Many communities have similar events to the Winterfest celebration I ended up attending…without knowing at the beginning of the day where I was headed.


What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

Mr. B and I began that day with a four hour road trip ahead of us to visit my daughter and her family.

The weather was cool…not cold.  I originally dressed to be comfortable for the trip and perhaps an evening around the house with my grandchildren.

I decided to wear my purple Eileen Fisher knit tunic which I have owned for awhile…with black leggings…and I threw on my snowflake scarf for a touch of something seasonal.

I knew we were not going to walk much, so I wore my favorite comfy shoes for the journey.

What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

We stopped in our favorite hill country town…Fredericksburg…to walk our dog and for me to get my favorite wine.

The Fredericksburg Winery has bottled a spiced Christmas Wine for years that I love.  It is a red wine with seasonal spices and best served warm from a slow cooker.

It is sooo good and, in fact, they told me that it has become so popular that they will now offer it all year long.  But, I picked up several bottles for us, for Christmas Day and as special gifts.

For this part of the journey, I was dressed just right to visit this quaint Texas-German town.

What I wore to Winterfest...by accident


What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

Little did I know, that these little eyes had bigger plans for Gigi!

On the way, our daughter called and said. “If you make it in time, we are going to Winterfest, a light show event.”

In my mind, this was the old school “drive-around-a-neighborhood” and look at lights event…au contraire!

What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

This is a really fun and well done event that spans across a countryside for a few miles.

It features so many photo opportunities and includes food trucks and fire pits.

What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

While everyone loved it and had a great time, this little three-year-old did not want to miss a thing.

He wanted me to take his picture literally at every opportunity and needed to stop at each display at touch and see it all.

His joy with this event was infectious.

I had arrived at the house (before we headed out) with Christmas PJs and Santa hats for all three boys.

This little guy quickly put them on and wore them to the event!

Gotta love it!

What I wore


What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

The entire family had a memorable evening…in fact, I came home and created a Shutterfly book from the images I took.

It is already wrapped and under the tree.

What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

While we were there, a cold front began to blow in stirring up the West Texas dirt even more.

My entire outfit was covered in dust.


What I wore to Winterfest by accident

This is what my shoes looked like at the end of the evening…they are still waiting to be polished.  Mr. B says he will make them look like new.

In hindsight, I wish I had worn my Chico’s jeans; one of my fun sweatshirts from Talbots; my Altra sneakers from Nordstrom; and a handsfree travel bag.

This was one occasion which required function over fashion.

Live and learn…now I know in the future to plan better for what might happen in the evening ahead of the trip!

Asking the right questions is important.

What I wore to Winterfest...by accident

Gigi and Beck were the last two to leave the event.  Others patiently waited for us…and a good time was had by all! (Except for the one who ate way too much funnel cake!)

I officially declared this night a “grandmother resilience test!”  I think I passed!

I hope these WHAT I WORE posts have been helpful to you!  I have one more for tomorrow before we leave holiday wear 2021 behind.

Thank you so much to those who are shopping with my SHOPPING LINKS in order to support this blog…your support means the world.

Hope to see you tomorrow…and like a three-year-old at Winterfest…make sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Great story and wonderful memories! Good for you making the photo book right away! That little guy in his Christmas pj’s, too, too cute!! Only a three-year-old, right?! I think you look relaxed and comfortable, somehow leggings make it easier to enjoy that funnel cake, and shoes can be fixed. Happy memories made with the kids are priceless. Rest assured, you look really appropriate for the season. I also love warm, spiced wine and have some here that I’ve been enjoying in the evenings. It’s more common to see it here in the winter, but I’ve seen it at other times too. It’s one of the cozy things that is like my Christmas treat…it probably wouldn’t feel the same in the summer, but who knows until you try?!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Who knows…I love this wine so much, I just might try it all year. Christmas Day is predicted to be in the upper 80s so there isn’t much difference here any way!!

  3. Happy happy memories and you were the good sport Grammy! Looks like a lot of fun for your grandson and for you……I feel the salvation of the holidays are leggings, or jeggings (pull on)! You were smart!
    Fun story!

  4. Why do you like the altar sneakers? I have neuropathy and looking for good, comfortable sneakers! Thanks.

  5. I love my Altra sneakers so much. They are the difference between walking three miles or one mile! I have hammer toes and one foot with a pin in it and these sneakers keep me moving. When I want comfort and exercise, they keep me going. They are also my husbands go-to running shoe. I highly recommend the brand.

  6. I think you looked very appropriate for the situation. I always carry along a cardigan and comfortable shoes just in case they are needed, just like I always carry a book. What fun GiGi and her little ones must have had as evidenced by the wonderful pictures. This Winterfest looks like quite a spectacular event, and I know the littles ones were excited to explore. I’m sure you appreciated that the weather was mild, rather than severe as you folks in Texas experienced last winter for a spell. As our grandchildren are now grown or almost grown, I love seeing the joy that smaller grandchildren bring to any situation, especially Christmas.

  7. that looks like a blast! gotta love men and shoes, my hubby can make them shine beautifully too…and in the old days when there were shoe shine men in the airports where we worked, he always treated himself to a shine when we were traveling out, he may not have a lot of shoes, but he’s always taken very good care of what he does have. and if I m nice, I can get him to shine my favorites up.

  8. I have learned my lesson,Celia! I now know to have my walking sneakers in the car and to ask better questions. You are so right about the blessings of being able to have experiences with young children yet again!

  9. Right, Sheryl? Many men love to have perfectly shined shoes and, yes, the event was a blast!

  10. So glad you made it and had a good time! I’ve always wanted to visit Fredericksburg. The town’s history is fascinating! One of these years, we’ll drive down and stay in a B&B and just enjoy it. We just always pass the exit as we drive down to Galveston a couple of times a year.
    My dad was our resident shoe shiner, he even had a shoeshine box that my brother now has. Fond memories of Saturday nights getting our shoes shined for church!

  11. Sounds like fond memories…I love it! Thank you for sharing! Fredericksburg is also wonderful in the spring! Take the exit next year!

  12. What fun memories! Your precious grandson will always remember this special night with GiGi. Even if it wasn’t what you dressed for, you still managed to look great. My husband has always liked immaculate shoes. I don’t know if your husband was ever in the military, but that explains my husband’s wanting those shiny shoes. Merry Christmas!

  13. Great memories, and wonderful photos. Thx for sharing. Love the pajamas, too cute. What a thoughtful gift to give, it looks like they were a BIG hit.

  14. Just curious what ‘Winterfest’ means in this context? Because I’ve heard it used in a non denominational way in the past (like ‘Happy Holidays’), but here I see Christmas specific lighting like Santa Claus etc?

    Just asking because I’m a little confused as a non American. Thanks.

  15. Hi Zaeboi, I did not plan or host the event, so I am not sure why they selected this name. It was mostly Christmas scenes with Santa, Jesus, and patriotism and some winter scenes. In Texas, we have mostly mild winters except in our Panhandle cities. So we use the “winter” description without thought to what a real winter looks like to many. Again, I really do not know why they named it the way they did.

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