Would You Wear It – Comfy Cozy

Would You Wear It - Comfy Cozy

It’s getting exciting!  Happy Wednesday…three more days until Christmas!  Today, let’s look over a Would You Wear It – Comfy Cozy!

For this week only,  Jennifer and I are bringing you our dual Would You Wear It displays for your consideration…only because Christmas Day is Saturday. 

Winter has officially arrived, and we are entering that comfy cozy stretch of days spent at home relaxing in warm soft clothing..often under warm soft blankets.


Would You Wear It - Comfy Cozy

I am showing you three comfy cozy displays from Dillard’s.  

I believe in the past two years, women (&men) have paid closer attention to our comfy cozy at-home wear.

So, look these mannequins over and explain with constructive thought if you would or would not wear the styles.

Of course, you can always recommend different ways to style them.

Would You Wear It - Comfy Cozy

So, ladies, please look over my comfy cozy mannequins and tell us……………………………………………………………………


Would You Wear It - Comfy Cozy

Here are so other styles I discovered at Dillard’s…plus cozy socks fun for your feet!


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

Leigh Ann was shopping last week and in Macy’s discovered these displays.  

She is always watching for Would You Wear It displays, but these took her aback.

I thought….

On the the positive side, maybe Christmas sales are up and they are literally selling the clothes off the mannequins.

On the downside, maybe they do not have enough workers (like so many) and just cannot get to the displays as quickly as they previously did.

Leigh Ann and I agree that those displays are pretty important and we would make sure they were immediately dressed.

So, what are your thoughts??


Would You Wear It

Now, tell us what you think of the comfy cozy displays….would you wear it?

Also, what is your reaction to the Macy’s mannequins…and make sure you go to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer if you would wear what she is showing.  

Thank you for being here…and make sure among the hustle and bustle to always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. CommentThe comfy cozy outfits are a joy, with a touch of whimsy, and would be great family gifts as well. I was very taken by the underdressed/undressed mannequins and wondering how they might be counting their blessings – perhaps along the lines of “Thank goodness we are still in ok shape, and these supply chain issues will pass”. Thanks for bringing a laugh, Pam and Leigh Ann, and very best wishes for the festive season.

  2. The comfy cozy outfits look very cute and comfortable, and I would happily wear them. I like the sparkly tee on the Macy’s display. Too bad there aren’t any pants or skirt as well.

  3. The outfits all look comfy and cozy. I agree with Kath, that they would make great family gifts.
    The mannequins, however, were a bit of a surprise. I, too, would try to make it a priority to have them “dressed”. They are what people see for fashion styling, and draw shoppers in. Interesting that there were so many in one store. Maybe it is a staffing issue?

  4. Well, well. I would wear the socks 🙂 And perhaps the red set with stripes on the top, inside my bed, if it is really cold. But my idea of simple, casual, comfy is more a straight pair of corduroy pants with a wool, oversize, sweater, something in which I can go out in a minute with a scarf and some accessories. As for the Macy’s display… I felt quite cold looking at these poor ladies. Seriously, it seems an unfortunate moment, between two completed displays (perhaps indeed a staffing issue, as was said).

  5. The comfy cozy styles would be good for me and/or as gifts! The naked mannequins? Perhaps a sign of increased sales? unstable supply? decreased workforce? One might be explained but multiple displays in one store leaves shoppers wondering…

  6. Merry Christmas! (Almost) to you Pamela. Well there is really nothing to change here! I’d slip right into either outfit to cozy up on a stormy cold day here in the Northeast. Love them.
    This is a home run!

  7. Forgot to comment on mannequins- sad but interesting! Yes labor shortages most likely -if I were manager I’d take a few minutes to dress them in red bra and undies then each day or so place a new and different robe over her shoulders. (Could get done at closing time ?). Not difficult or at least to me it’s not difficult.

  8. I think these are cute, but maybe a little too pajama-ish for daily wear for my style. I’m also still getting used to the idea of matched sets of loungewear (or any separates outfit). My go tos for at home wear are dark leggings or joggers with a soft, relaxed and cozy top that coordinates but doesn’t match. I also have been gradually adding slippers that can be worn briefly outdoors and look more like street shoes. Something to make me feel dressed on stay home days. I’d love to see a post with some options in footwear. Thanks for showing outfits like this. In retirement, I’m honoring all parts of my real life, and that includes what I wear to relax at home.

  9. Oh my gosh, I would wear all of these comfy and cost outfits! They are so cute!! We are going to Yosemite in January and they would be perfect for lounging around in our hotel room in the evenings. I clicked the link but it’s to the Dillard’s main website and not for the particular items you have shown. Unfortunately I’m unable to find the items on the website but I’m sure they are there somewhere! Do you have a link to the items in the displays? I’m sure I could use another Christmas present or two! 🙂 Merry Christmas Pamela to you and your family!

  10. My first thought about the poor undressed mannequins was, if it’s a staffing shortage, or not, wouldn’t it be fun to have a few volunteer dressers? I’m sure some of us would be delighted to help out! But of course, I realize there’s so much more to getting volunteers organized. Still, I think it would be a great promotion for a store.

  11. These don’t work for me. If I’m hanging put at home, I am dressed in clothes, not sweats. It’s bizarre I know but I sleep in pjs and get dressed each morning unless I am deathly ill. Let’s hope they were just swapping outfits on the naked mannequins:)

  12. I’m on the same page as Jennifer. The only time I’m in pajamas & a robe is when I first get up in the morning & right before bedtime at night & just don’t wear sweats at all. The rest of the day, I’m dressed for whatever the day might hold. I would be quite surprised to come upon mannequins like those. I certainly hope the ladies received some clothes soon thereafter.

  13. That cable knit sweater looks so comfy. I would definitely wear that on my stay-at-home days this winter. I’m not a pajama person (usually long t-shirts) but those plaid pants are cute and would look great with that sweater.

    As for the poor half-dressed mannequins, I have a feeling that the stores are understaffed and just can’t keep up with all the things that need to be attended to.

    I’ve noticed lots of empty shelves in both grocery and retail stores over the past couple of months, so imagine mannequins are just one more example of being short-staffed.

  14. Love the cable knit sweater! I just bought a similar one at J. Crew, but like the neckline of this one better. I would wear it with skinny jeans, knee high boots and a plaid blanket scarf. I already have plenty of loungewear, so would have to pass on the other items, although they do look very cozy. As for the half-dressed mannequins–things are tough all over these days!

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