Would You Wear It – Holiday Black

Would You Wear It

Happy December 1, ladies!  Welcome to the mid-week pop-up titled Would You Wear It – Holiday Black?

The drill is the same….tell us what you think of the display…would you or would not wear it?

Would You Wear It

This is a display featuring holiday wear for those who love black.

Please remember, comment in such a way that is helpful to others and is constructive and not destructive.

There have been a couple of comments lately that were a tad ugly and might make women who have a different opinions feel bad.

You don’t need to give clothing an ugly label to comment…just tell us what works and doesn’t for you.  The comments so often help others.

Would You Wear It

The details at the bottom of these pants are rhinestones….

So tell us………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Today’s display is from Talbot’s….here is more for those who love black!


Would You Wear It

I would wear these beautiful holiday sparkle, ethically produced flats by FUSCHIA…I have plans for these shoes.

Would You Wear It

I am also enjoying wearing these comfy, warm WOOLFIT German slippers.  They come in many lovely colors.

Would You Wear It

Also, I am still wearing these three products by The Route.  I have used the Golden Rule retinol serum at night for a couple of months.

They have lasted a long time.

I use the cleanser and the primer daily.  I do recommend these products and I am so happy to find them at Ulta.

The Route Skin Loving Glow Primer

The Route Triple Cleanse

The Route Golden Rule Next Generation Retinoid


Would You Wear It

I am so excited that my Stonewall Kitchen Holiday Jam shipment has arrived!

I have a recipe in my head that I am going to create with this jam…if it works, you will see it on the blog.

Now I am ready to get cooking ….again!

Please tell us what you think of today’s display…and thank you so much for being here and supporting me with the SHOPPING LINKS…you guys are amazing….


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Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: There are links within this post which provide compensation to me, but the words and recommendations are my own.

Christmas Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. I really like the detail on the pants and would definitely wear those. I like that they are not cropped. I really have no need for the bulky vest, and the shirt is cute, but not for me. The pants though, definitely would have fun wearing those!

    1. I like the pants with the cute sparkly buttons and the black vest with the fur trim. . Instead of the gray shirt I would wear a colorful sweater or blouse in red, green, gold, silver, or white. Add some holiday shoes and then festive jewelry. This outfit could be dressed up or down.

  2. I think this outfit is fun and easy for a casual holiday outing and I would wear it. Living in the South where our winters are usually quite temperate, vests are often the only outerwear that I wear on cool days.

  3. I love this! The buttons on the pants are a nice detail. I think I will duplicate this outfit for a day of Christmas shopping. I have the top and a similar vest but will substitute black jeans for the pants.

  4. I like the whole outfit and the glitzy detail on the pant hem is so cute! This is a great layered look for taller, curvy gals like me and works well in warmer winter climates – as the day warms up, the vest comes off and the outfit is still just as cute, slimming and seasonally fun. Nice choice, Pam!

  5. Very cute little outfit! I don’t typically go for seasonal themed tees, but in the grey it is understated. I have the coral vest from Talbot’s and love it and would enjoy having another but probably not in black since I lean more to spring or neutral colors. Of course with their 40% off sale a gal could be tempted! I will check out the pants as these would be a super cute pair for upcoming recital and neighborhood party. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

  6. I definitely would wear everything! Love it! Looks so festive. Everything produced by Stonewall Kitchen is yummy! Hot Pepper Peach Jam over cream cheese is an excellent appetizer and also with the Holiday Jam! Yum! Good luck on the recipe. Looking forward to hearing the results.

  7. I have and still wear a black vest like this; it’s one of my few black pieces I still reach for. But while I still wear my black bottoms, I don’t plan to add more black to my wardrobe. I might pick them up in navy, brown or a holiday color if available, because I do like the silhouette and fun detail. I’m not a fan of grey, or of graphic tees in general, so I would put a warm-colored light sweater under this and add the teal/orange plaid scarf that was a recent Eddie Bauer purchase and has elevated everything I’ve worn it with.

  8. I would wear the pants for sure, but find the tee and vest rather casual for those particular pants. I avoid obviously holiday motif items as I prefer to stretch my clothes through seasons if possible. The tee also feels too much like a pajama top to me.

  9. I love this outfit! I usually pass on over-the-top holiday clothes but I would buy this simple grey holiday shirt. I love the buttons on the pants. Generally, I am not a vest wearer but this black one would be a good purchase for me.

    If your feelings have been hurt by various comments, please keep in mind that there are lots of people like me who appreciate your comments. If you love something that I do not like, it is helpful to me to hear how you would wear it – why you like it, etc. Sometimes, I change my opinion about a piece of clothing & give it a try. And, your comments also help me shop for other people because I gain a better understanding of what various people find attractive.

  10. I love the detail on the pants so would wear those. The design on the T-shirt would be limiting for me; I would only wear it in Dec. I’d like more pizzaz so a different colored T. I’d need to know the weight of the vest. It would need to go under outer wear, easily. All that said, if possible, I’d switch out the black for navy.

  11. I can see myself wearing the vest and the pants but probably not together. I would put a slightly dressier top with the pants because the rhinestones are not sporty and the vest is. I wear a lot of black but usually with a pop of color somewhere whether it be a scarf or a pair of my Rothy’s shoes!

  12. I would wear the top & pants. The gray is a bit different from the normal holiday wear & is a good color for me. The button detail on the pants adds a little something to the outfit. I would not wear the vest. If the weather is cold enough for a heavy vest, I would likely want something warmer on my arms than a t-shirt, & I have never really liked how I looked in anything puffy.

  13. I recently visited a Talbots store, and while I did not purchase those pants, I did see them and liked them. I do wear black, and the vest is nice. I would rather have more color for the T shirt under that black vest; that’s personal preference, not a criticism.

  14. The whole outfit just sings to me. Black and grey are a colour combo that I wear regularly. The button detail on the trousers is cute. I have a couple of black gilet in my wardrobe and a seasonal grey top would be a change from the traditional red.

  15. A pass for me. I’m not typically a black wearer and for a party, especially, I would look for something I couldn’t wear to work: bright colors, fun textures and so on. (I’m the target audience for pink velvet maxi skirts.) To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the shirt either. There is a tricky divide between playful and juvenile and, for some reason, this strikes me as the latter.

  16. An outfit like that is perfect for the casual holidays many of us will have. I’d dress it up with a sparkly sequined top or bright Christmas green or red. It lends itself to “zhuzhing”. Yes, I swore to wear less black, but I didn’t say none!

  17. I agree with those who would wear the vest and the pants but maybe ( not necessarily) together. I’d wear the black pants with a holiday white sweater with a bit of silvery threads or a few clear beads or a bit of bling. The vest I’d wear with my good black jeans with a white long sleeve high quality tee or a white lightweight sweater.

  18. I’m a big vest person, so my answer is, “I wear this sort of thing regularly!”
    I wish I could find a vest without the bulky collar. I’ve got lots of great scarves I like to accessorize with but between the scarf and the collar my neckline get too busy.

    The t-shirt is cute and I like the silvery bear on it.

  19. Though not a big fan of motif tops do like the reindeer on this one and is something I’d wear with leggings when hanging out with the Grand Children … ☺. As to the vest; for our weather require something more substantial whereas the pants give me inspiration to go through my collection of decorative buttons and add them to a pair of velveteen slim legged pants that I have teamed with a dressier top etc. -Brenda-

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