Would You Wear It – Holiday Gold

Would You Wear It

Love December Saturdays!  Welcome, and thank you for joining me for Would You Wear It – Holiday Gold?

Today I team up with Jennifer Connolly to bring you a Would You Wear It fashion display in our two areas of the country.

Can you hear the music…”Silver and Gold, silver and gold”…..metallics and sparkles seem to play a bigger role this time of year.


Would You Wear It

We ask that you look our displays over and tell us with constructive thought if you would or would not wear what you see.

Also, feel free to offer styling advice for the looks if you feel there are ways to improve the styles.

I tried to zoom closer to these black pants so that you can see there is a pattern on them.

Would You Wear It

So, please look this display over carefully and tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


My display was discovered in the Michael Kors department at Dillard’s in The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio.

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Would You Wear It

The lovely people at Fuchsia Flats saw a lot of interest in their shoes from this audience.

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Ethically produced and lovely for those times you want to up your game with a flat!

Would You Wear It

One more reminder about the excellent products of Sonoma Lavender co….I love my Sonoma Lavender!  And they are on Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year!

Please join us tomorrow for Joy Note #5, and Monday for another road trip!!  Such fun….

Now, make sure you tell us what you think of the display…head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on that display…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I would not wear either of these styles. The dress looks shapeless to me, and I don’t care for off-the-shoulder ruffled tops. The prints are not something I would choose. The pants are pretty standard and appear to be more ankle pants than crops, so those I’d wear, but they aren’t the holiday gold that we’re considering. This display would not draw me in so these are a “no” for me!

  2. im not against the gold sparkle in holiday fashion. I don’t care for these two featured pieces though, the blouse just seems young to me, I don’t think there are many, if any ruffles in my closet. the dress might be cute on a young woman. neither pattern would make me stop and get interested. in years past we had holiday parties to go to, but that’s tapered way off since retirement and Covid, so I haven’t bought anything from this category in awhile. I do like those gold pants Chicos currently has, but im afraid in my size you might see them coming before you saw me, but I would try them on for fun if I ran across them in the store. and if by chance they looked better than I thought they would, I would keep everything else very low key.

  3. I like the polka dot top but wound bent it with a wide modern bkack belt. I don’t care for the look of these pants on this quick glance. Maybe need to see and touch and try on? The dress is cute! If I were younger I’d wear it! I don’t wear many dresses as it is and any dress would have to call my name before I’d wear it. Though its cute, I don’t hear it calling my name.
    Getting back to the lovely blouse. I’d pair it either with my ivory/ winter white jeans and black boots (I know faux) or with my heavy modest black ponte leggings. Dressy black flats.

  4. I love holiday sparkle but not these pieces. When I wear metallic s I keep the silhouette quite streamlined, so no ruffles, no layers no… fluff! I have an assortment of metallic sweaters that I wear with same color velvet pants. Comfy and low key.

  5. I am so glad you reminded me about the lavender products – this is perfect for my friend who went with me on our lavender weekend festival after your outing.
    As to the display, all pieces are a No for me. I wear black tops or sweaters very rarely, and find fabrics shot through with metallic threads often scratchy or irritating. I love a deep blue or burgundy velvet for a dressy holiday look, either as a dress or skirt paired with pretty white blouse.

  6. The slacks interest me because of the small print, but I would not wear the blouse because of the ruffles. Perhaps one could substitute with a crisp collared white or black shirt and bling necklace. I do like the subtle print on the dress, but as I would have no occasion to wear it – at least not many times – it would not be cost-effective. My nod to bling this season will be the pair of gold flats I ordered from Talbots. Had I not already purchased those, I’d be on the train with your flats. They make me smile and I will keep this company in mind. Do they have much support? It seems I rely on black and brown shoes…possibly boring, but mindless when choosing that part of an outfit. 🙂 Thank you and I hope you find much to smile about today! (I also enjoyed your post on traditions and grandparents!)

  7. I like some sparkle (gold or silver) in holiday outfits, I’m okay with polka dots, and I like the formula of black pants with a party top. This particular top isn’t my style (ruffles, neckline, sleeves) and while I think the dress is cute, I think it would be more flattering on a shorter person or a younger person so I wouldn’t be tempted to try it on.

  8. I love gold metallics, particularly in accessories. In clothing, it’s hard to make it look rich. I wouldn’t wear the top, because I dislike that deep ruffle and those large polka dots, which always make me look wider. It’s cold around here at Christmas, and our holiday might involve sitting on the floor, so a dress is impractical. I don’t dislike it, but I would walk right on by. I prefer to keep my outfits more simple and let the accessories do the talking..

  9. I don’t mind holiday sparkle, however because of my fair complexion and hair gold is a color that does nothing for me though do love it on others. As to the styles of the pieces; another no as do not personally care for ruffles/tiers and prefer slimmer cut pants.

  10. I like the prints here and would wear the pants, but the neckline of the polka dot top is a no for me, I do not like this large ruffle thing. The dress would be fine if longer. Much longer :).

  11. I wouldn’t wear the dress – too short and shiny for me. It would look amazing on my 20 something nieces. I would wear the top and pants with my patent leather black snakeskin low boots and dangly earrings. Unfortunately no Christmas parties for me this year.

  12. Neither of these outfits interest me. The wide ruffles at the neck & on the sleeves are not my style, & the dress is not a style that would flatter me. I don’t really care for the print, & my days of wearing anything that short are long gone.

  13. I would not wear either of these outfits. The ruffle is cheap and clownish looking and the dress is too short. Points for long sleeves though. Frankly, while I don’t usually comment on these posts, after reading them for years now, I have to wonder what the point is? We all see so many displays that are terrible. Why reproduce so many of them? Personally I am looking for ideas of outfits that look GOOD on women of a certain age, not the worst retail examples you can find. It is really hard to find clothes that are modest enough but not matronly. More examples of GOOD retail displays would be appreciated. There. I have said it. I apologize if this is harsh but really, this just does not help me in any way.

  14. Hi Annie, Thanks for voicing your opinion. We don’t go out looking for bad displays, we look for displays which will promote conversations about clothing among women. The comments are read and I know that they have been helpful to many because I hear that from you. You will see in the comments that most often there are women who like the looks, don’t like the looks and are happy to share how to make the looks work for them. We even sell the clothing on those displays at times. You can find ideas for outfits for women of a certain age most days on this blog and on Jennifer’s. The display days are how we teach one another to look for fit, colors, ideas that other women like and wear. It is one more exercise in a clothing discussion for us. I am sorry it has not been helpful to you…but I know it is helpful to others. Keep following and reading and paying attention and (after doing this for 11 years) I know you will get ideas for your clothing. I always wear and present outfit ideas that are modest. Hope to see you back.

  15. Hi, Pam, my first reaction is a no to the blouse b/c the ruffle is too big for my frame. I laughed b/c so many of us, me included, say we don’t wear ruffles, But maybe in this new ‘normal’ it’s time to move out of our comfort zones. In 2022, let’s all try 1 thing or 1 color we’d ‘never’ wear. I would try the dress but am staying home now.

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