Would You Wear It – Jogger Pants

Would You Wear It - Jogger Pants

Happy Wednesday!  Time for the mid-week pop-up and today we are discussing Would You Wear It – Jogger Pants!

When Leigh Ann and I went to the mall recently, we saw jogger pants on displays in every store in every department.

They are in athletics, lounge wear, pjs, evening wear, and casual. 

So, it made me wonder what you would think!


Would You Wear It - Jogger pants

Remember, Would You Wear It is an exercise to bring before the audience displays which show current fashion.

Then, I ask that you evaluate it with constructive thought if you would or would not wear the pieces and explain completely why.

This is more than just “I do or don’t like it”…it is to get you thinking and explaining to other women why you feel the way you do.

It is and has been very helpful to others.


Would You Wear It - Jogger Pants

I am not looking for wack-a-doo fashions…I am looking for displays that provoke conversation and thought about what women of a certain age will or won’t wear.

Would You Wear It - Jogger Pants

I am giving you several options for jogger pants today which are interesting  Feel free to comment on one or all……

And remember, please comment in a way that will not offend women who feel differently from you….

Would You Wear It - Jogger Pants

Now, look these options over and tell us, ladies…………………………..


Today’s displays and shopping below were all found at Dillard’s…Here are jogger pant and sweater options….



Would You Wear It

I have always liked the fashion I see offered by Nic + Zoe at Dillard’s.  Very creative, fun brand.

However,  their pieces do tend to run small and not fit me well at this time….but, it looks great on Leigh Ann!

I loved this “Audrey-Hepburn Chic look” on here with the Cozy all Day Ottoman Rib Knit Boat Neck Long Sleeve Top.

A lovely, causal chic, neutral style.


Would You Wear It

She also looked great in the Falling Stars Rhinestone Boat Neck Embellished Dolman Long Sleeve Statement Sweater….comes in four beautiful colors.

She paired it perfectly with the Tommy Bahama Metallic Stretch Denim 5 pocket Ankle Length Jeans.

Would You Wear It

If you are in San Antonio, these looks today are all found at Dillard’s in the Shops at La Cantera.

Here is more fun from Nic+ Zoe:

Thanks to Leigh Ann for modeling for us today!

Now, remember Would You Wear It is all about jogger pants…so let us know what you think!  I look forward to hearing your opinions and will see you tomorrow!


Today, Susan and I will be talking about wearing color again!  I will have that link after the discussion for Thursdays post.

We are going to look at the winter season and talk about how we will approach our wardrobes from our different color perspectives.  Hope you will join in.

Those who listen live on Instagram can submit questions….

Would You Wear It

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  1. Good morning! I personally like the dressier joggers as long as they are pull-on because I do not like that tie hanging down under my top. I’ve seen some attractive ones online but have not seen anyone locally wearing them where I live in a small, Southern town. I have to drive to Tallahassee to go to a Dillard’s but am interested in that Nic +Zoe brand if they are for smaller women like Leigh Ann and me. Leigh Ann makes an excellent model.

  2. Thanks for starting us off today, Celia! Happy Wednesday and yes…She does make a good model and helps me show you different sizes!

  3. joggers are cute, I don’t care for the ones with elastic cuffs for me though. I have a couple pairs with a flare bottom, they get the most use if the weather is chilly and I have a pedicure to go to and I can roll them up easy. also for informal visits at friends homes or if someone is coming over to me for a visit. I think they’d be great for long flights as well, not that ive been on one for quite awhile nor do I anticipate one. I like the one pictured that had the coordinating jacket with a pin stripe down the leg….the gold one pictured with the sparkles, well, hmmm, I really would like to hear how and when someone would utilize those, I don’t think I could wear those with confidence, but im sure someone could.

  4. I like joggers and wear them as a casual outfit with sneakers. I mostly pair mine with a sweatshirt or graphic tee. Living in Indiana, joggers are a fair weather option. Not something I would wear during the winter months. I don’t do bare ankles this time of year…I would freeze.

  5. I love the joggers and how they displayed them at Dillards. I have a couple of pair but I can not decide what kind of shoes to wear. I see that some wear heels, boots or tennis shoes.

  6. I would wear any of the outfits pictured in the first picture as I am now retired from the ‘working world’. I love a more casual look yet ‘put together’ if I need to run to the grocery store, post office, etc. I am long waisted so would not wear the jacket on the right unless it came in a longer length. Also, with so many working remotely now, these outfits would be appropriate for that as well as informal meetings.

  7. I like the look of joggers, generally for casual wear or maybe a fun party outfit. The problem is that they are almost always too short and too short joggers look like “someone” put them in the dryer instead of hanging them up to dry. For very casual at home wear I’ve learned that men’s sweats work better.

  8. I’m with you on the bare ankles…fashion seems to give us extremes….boots to the knee or bare legs🤣

  9. Yes joggers are a mystery pant these days! True, they are everywhere but why is it that one pair can look okay on a person, but the next pair look quite silly- just wrong somehow! Maybe it’s that extra bit of length that was chopped? Or the leg is too baggy and wide? There is no consistency it seems so I’ve named them the mystery pant. I could like them very much if only they fit me with consistency.

  10. I love red, black & white so the display would catch my eye. I was not sure about the ribbing on the legs of joggers; so, I tried a pair of jogger pajamas. I learned that I like joggers with loose ribbing on the legs & preferably long in the leg – not capri-short. That said, the gold outfit calls my name . . . I can see ladies going to afternoon tea in this outfit! The surprise for me in the display is that I like the black joggers with the stripe going down the outer leg. I have never liked that look before but there is something about the black/white that works. My dad had a sweater pretty close to the one shown here so I would pass on it – not feminine enough for me. I think the front of the white jacket looks bulky so would pass on it.

  11. I like joggers and find them to be flattering with the elastic cuff. Mine are for warmer weather. The heavier weight ones remind me of sweatpants and I don’t wear those. I don’t care for the embellishments on the legs because they can twist so easily. I don’t care for joggers and socks, thus they are out for the winter. Like others have said, I’d freeze with exposed ankles! I like the classic camel and black look that Leigh Ann is wearing. That could be a winter uniform for me!

  12. I love joggers and my faves are from a brand called 32 degrees (my last three pair are from Costco!). Most days I wear either them or leggings with a sweater, so this display is pretty similar to what I would wear in “my” colors. I find them easier to style than leggings, because I don’t want or need a tunic with them and some of my working world sweaters go with them. However, I’m not a fan of matched sets, so I would likely pass on the houndstooth version. I like the banded bottom especially for home wear, because at 5 feet 5 inches, many lounge pants or pajama bottoms drag and create a tripping hazard.

  13. I I love Nic & Zoe! I’m a 14-16 and have several pairs of their pull on rayon, nylon, spandex pants. They don’t wrinkle, wash well and pack like a dream. I also have a pair of pull on jeans. I usually size up in this brand in pants and size down for sweaters. Keep trying them. As always, Leann looks darling in almost anything.

  14. Thanks Jane! I am going to try again when I lose more weight. I am losing but didn’t try on any thing when we went in!

  15. I am definitely in the minority, but I do not care for joggers for myself. It is just a personal issue. They remind me too much of sweatpants which take me back to a bad period in my life.

  16. I would wear all the jogger sets except the gold. I would wear the gold sequin joggers with a winter white sweater & pumps to dress them down a tad. I do have a pair of black sequin joggers that I wear with a black sweater & patent leather pumps to semi dressy events. I LOVE joggers! They are so comfy and versatile & comfy!

  17. I like joggers to actually jog or walk in — the red ones on the model are nice, I think. I am not big on joggers for casual wear because I like a more tailored look. The one surprise for me was how much I liked sequined joggers w/strappy heals for going out. I saw them styled with a belted tunic over them — very classy — but think a black velvet sweater with silvery necklaces would be lovely too. I’m a about 5′ 3″, so most joggers are at least ankle length on me.

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