Chico’s kimonos, tea rooms and art

Chico's kimonos, tea rooms and art

Happy Friday, everyone!  Time for the weekend, so let’s head out with joy as I discuss Chico’s kimonos, tea rooms, and art!

These are three of my favorite topics!  Leigh Ann and I decided to seek out local tea rooms, so join us on the journey!


Chicos kimonos tea rooms and art

I have loved Chico’s kimonos for years, and this artisan Crane-print kimono is fabulous and speaks to my creative/artistic side.

I decided to wear it over a column of my new favorite color jasper with the jasper Tailored Ponte leggings, and jasper Touch of Cool Long Sleeve Layering Tee.

I topped it off with the Faux Opal Goldtone Chain Necklace.  The opal complements the color in this kimono perfectly.

The long necklace and column of jasper are elongating and slimming features when wearing a kimono.  The column of jasper will be something I now wear through winter.

The kimono is going to be worn all year long…love it for that. 

I am going to be discussing my personal style decisions next week and how I have tweaked my selections since last year’s style refresh.

This kimono and artisan style fits it to a “T.”

Here are more beautiful toppers currently at Chico’s.  I always size down when possible in these garments, and many are offered in petite sizing….



Chicos kimonos, tea rooms and art

Chicos kimonos, Tea rooms and art

I love tea rooms…typical girl…right?

Many have closed, but in San Antonio a favorite is The Bread Box.

You can actually book tea parties there…great idea for showers or special events.

Chicos kimonos, tea rooms and art

Leigh Ann and I had heard about their amazing English muffins, so both of us ordered a breakfast sandwich and they were wonderful.  

I like my green tea iced, so I did not need the cute little teapot!

Chicos kimonos, tea rooms and art

Chicos kimonos, tea rooms and art


Chicos Kimonos, Tea Rooms, and art

The tearoom is located at a place called The Alley on Bitters.

It is a fun little vintage complex of artisans and vintage shops.  I love it and was happy to wear such a masterpiece in design to celebrate along with the other artists located there.

Of course, jewelry is a lovely way to add a touch of creativity to your style.  Here are some wonderful offerings at Chico’s right now!

I spent my Christmas gift card quickly on items I believe I will love…however, I wish I had another gift card!!  NEWS FLASH:  PICK UP THESE LEGGINGS TODAY FOR 29!!!

Thank you for joining me to discuss Chico’s kimonos, tea rooms and art!  Does anyone else love to seek out tea rooms and have you found a favorite?  Please share….then go out and always…


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was provided pieces for this post, but the words are my very own!

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  1. Good Morning.
    Loving your post.
    Love the whole outfit. The kimono is exceptional.
    Have a great day!

  2. Three years ago a bunch of friends and I went to a tea room for afternoon tea and it was fantastic. Such fun to dress up and enjoy. We are in another shutdown and no restaurants or socializing for the rest of the month, so these things are on hold again, but do look forward to more fun later this year….. I hope. I love the look of their kimonos and the jewellery slide show is fun.

  3. Sorry that you are shut down, Diane! Hopefully giving you something to look forward to!

  4. Your combination of jasper top and leggings with the organge blossom-colored ruana is a colorful, pleasing mix. I had not noticed your necklace on the Chico’s site, but it is certainly pretty, and such a reasonable price now. I have several ruanas from Chico’s and enjoy wearing them. The blue agate necklace in the slideshow is one I’ve had my eye on for some time, and have not bought yet. There was a purple one I also wanted, but when I looked at it yesterday, it was sadly sold out. I should learn if I want something bad enough, buy it, where I tend to wait to see if it’s price is reduced. The tea room you enjoyed looks like a lovely place. That lavender china cabinet reminds me of several my friend shows on her fb page that have been painted with the Dixie Belle paint she sells. We “girls” enjoy our frilly, decorative, “girly “ places from time to time.

  5. Yes we do, Celia! I also waited too long on a garment I wanted at Chico’s. These days it is best to get it while available!!

  6. The first of my jasper pieces arrived yesterday, including the touch of cool tee. I had ordered it in two sizes because it looked fitted, and ended up with the larger one. I know it’s supposed to be snug, but snug shows a few too many bulges. Even in the larger size, it will layer nicely under a denim jacket, cotton jacket, cardigan or blazer, which are all more my style than a more flowing top piece. I can’t believe what a chameleon this color is … it goes with almost everything. I love tea rooms. At an artist-friendly town near here, a British expat started a tearoom with homemade scones and real clotted cream, and even pub lunches with English pickles. It’s 14 degrees here … your outfit made me long for summer!

  7. Today it is even cold here! Just came in from walking Tux and I am cold…but I do love this kimono…in my climate I can wear it most of the year. Your tea room sounds perfect Linda!

  8. Beautiful outfit! Right now it’s 16 big degrees where I am, and I’d really love to go out in a kimono, but they sure don’t work under heavy coats! You look so fresh and stylish!! Love the tea room, and that sandwich looks fabulous! I’m looking forward to kimono days! My sister and I go to a tea room locally called Miss Molly’s. It’s decorated in a Victorian style and has wonderful food and tea. Tea rooms are such pleasant places to spend time chatting with a friend! Yesterday I was trying to purchase the a.n.a. jeans and appreciated Leigh Ann’s response. I was very disappointed that the inseam is only 27 inches and I am looking for full length. If you two see any in your shopping trips, please pass along a link! This is a fun and cheerful post today!!

  9. Thank you, Karen! I hope this post takes everyone into the weekend with a smile! I wanted to feature this kimono now so those who love it could secure it and be ready when it is warmer. These magnificent pieces seem to go quickly. I will definitely let you know if we see what you are looking for.

  10. Love your post today. The next time my daughter comes down we will go to a tea room for sure! I wish there were more around. Hmmm. Maybe I just need to invite my friends over for a tea party!

  11. I love kimonos and this is a magnificent one (the jasper column is perfection on you). At the moment, though, I am more in a mood for cashmere sweaters and scarfs (several of them, one above the others, it is cold, cold, cold, here :). What a dream to be outside in such a beautiful setting, thank you for sharing it. Have a nice week-end.

  12. You as well, Catherine! We are blessed with more mild weather than extreme. Stay warm and have a cozy weekend!

  13. Love your Bohemian look with the wrap, Pam! Question for you and readers concerning those of us who are short (I’m 5’1″): has anyone ever hemmed a ruana? It’s so hard to find something that looks like I’m not playing house with my mom’s bathrobe… They are sometimes sold “one size” (or possibly S/M or L) but lengths don’t seem to be adjusted for petites. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that ruanas are sadly not for me, but I do so love the fabulous colors and prints.

  14. Hi Lou, I do know a few of the Ruanas are available in petite sizing. Years ago I took a kimono to a seamstress and had it shortened, I loved it and wore it into the ground. Some times it is worth it to go to a tailor to get the fit you want!

  15. Years ago, one of our local department stores had a lovely tearoom. Sadly, the store closed, & the tearoom was no more. Recently, the state historical museum has recreated this tearoom as part of their holiday display. They even serve the same chicken velvet soup & chicken salad sandwiches for which the tearoom was famous.

  16. I love that they did that! San Antonio had a wonderful tea room in a hardware store…you read that right…a hardware store. My mother-in-law introduced me to it and, of course, once I fell for it, it closed. So sad!

  17. Pam I love your artistic flair today! Just beautiful.

    You are totally in your element!

  18. Thanks Beth! I feel like I am in my element…what a great creative piece does for me!

  19. How very cool Beth! Medina is such a pretty little town with great shops! Always makes for a fun day out!

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