How I wore Chico’s to see “Hamilton”

How I wore Chico's to see Hamilton

Happy Sunday, friends!  Welcome!   Today I am showing you How I wore Chico’s to see “Hamilton.”

“Hamilton” was showing last week at the amazing Majestic Theater in San Antonio.  We have season passes and looked forward to our first time to see this musical.

As I often do, I had spent time considering many looks for the theater, but one big factor came In around noon that day…a windy, substantial cool front for South Texas. 


How I wore Chico's to see Hamilton

I wanted to make sure I was warm…not bulky…and always vibrant and fun!

The theater seats are old…tiny aisles and seats…and I knew (typical of how we respond to just a little cold) we would be in a warm building. Texans tend to overdo the heat once a front comes in.

The New Faux-Suede Snake-print Shacket was perfect for an outing downtown to enjoy the surroundings and then attend “Hamilton.”

This is a little more casual than I usually dress for the theater, but it worked for a casual-chic style.  People wore a little bit of everything that night from sloppy tee shirts to ball gowns!

Shackets are new designs in the fashion world created in order to meet needs for more stylish casual options.  They are a cross between a shirt and a jacket.

How I wore Chico's to see Hamilton

This is a great neutral shacket for my autumn wardrobe.  

One thing about being a long time “Chico’s Lady” is that the pieces look as if they were in the same collections.  My orange leopard top purchased over a year ago matched this shacket perfectly.

I also wore two pieces of jewelry from my longtime-building Chico’s collection.

I find this design to be functional, stylish, comfortable, and modern.  I would like to add one or two more to my new wardrobe…depending on color.

Here are other options currently at Chico’s:


How I wore Chico's

I wore my Chico’s on top, and Eileen Fisher brown pants and Naturalizer boots on the bottom to roam Downtown San Antonio in chilly winds.

How I wore Chico's

This time we decided to eat at the delicious Acenar on the Riverwalk.  

It is sooooo good.  Yes, our waiter is making our guacamole unique to our liking at our table…not too hot…not too cold…but just right.

How I wore Chico's

I loved the vegetarian enchiladas.  Mr. B decided to veer out of his box and try something new…Mole Enchiladas…and he loved them too…and he is a picky Mexican food expert!

His dish had a taste of peanut butter chocolate which completely worked.

We highly recommend this restaurant if you are attending the theater.  They made note when we told them we were going and made sure we were on our way in time.

Downtown San Antonio is always a good idea.  As the song says…”Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go downtown!”  A nod to Petula Clarke!

How I wore Chico's

We finally made our way to the theater to see a highly acclaimed production we were looking forward to.

“Hamilton” is brilliantly” staged…was performed well (LOVED George Washington!)…choreographed to perfection.

However, (you could feel the but coming couldn’t you?) our season pass seats are located high in the balcony and often from there, the rap music was very difficult to follow or understand.

But, I did hear loud & clear several strong cuss words.  I do not believe men in the 1700s knew the F-word or GD.  I found it to be unnecessary and to detract from the performance…at least for me.

I am one of those people who does not attend many modern movies because of the bad language they are laced with. 

Especially with so many young children in the audience!  Really?  Just not necessary.

Otherwise, the performance was enjoyable and I am now going to dive into some history…it made me want to research and re-visit Alexander Hamilton’s life.  I have already ordered the book that inspired the play.

How I wore Chico's

I was so comfortable in my outfit and did not fuss with it at all.  Super glad I wore Chico’s to Hamilton.

Now, your turn…what do you think of Shackets??  

Please share your thoughts…..and thank you so much for being here and participating with me…you are a blessing!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

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  1. Love the shaket style, and this one is so pretty.!
    Whether or no we like it, those words have been around a long long time. They were taboo in dictionaries but etymology shows the the f one originated in the 14-1500’s, and the gd word has been around a long long time too, even earlier. I don’t think our forefathers were saints by any means!

    1. I agree…I believe expletives have always existed….that is interesting about origination. I would have to research myself. At any rate…I don’t like it in my entertainment. Thanks Susan…glad you like the outfit!

  2. I loved Hamilton when it first played in Providence a few years back (pre- Covid) and such a coincidence- I lioness tge portraying of George Washington too! A character!
    On shackets- I don’t own one, but I have friends who do- in red/black and in a neutral green. Right now we need longer heavier coats as we are entering the coldest part of winter up here, but in March/April when we start with cold mornings that warm up during the day, they’d be delightful. You look very very nice! I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

    1. I did enjoy the show…the profanity was a slight annoyance, but did not ruin the overall production for me. Thanks Paulette!

  3. I love these sophisticated classic look shackets that you featured. However, Chicos clothing does not come in plus sizes. I wish they did. The one you are wearing is lovely and all the choices in the options are classic looks as well.

    1. Have you tried the sizing larger than 3, Charlene? You might go into a store and see if a 4 works for you.

  4. I apologize- I missed where you found the profanity annoying and not needed. I think the producers were trying to show the gritty side of these men (leaders) even back then.
    Fortunately no small children were in attendance the night I was there (that I recall)..

    1. I do believe it was used for the grit and the stress of the times. I still don’t like it, but suppose I get it.

    2. I have looked at the shackets at Chico’s but have not purchased one yet although I like the look of them. I often wear a longer shirt over a tee to tank to get a similar effect of coverage and warmth. I’m happy for you that you got to enjoy the theatrical production of Hamilton. I miss our membership to the Alabama Shakespeare Theater in Montgomery where we had season tickets for years. They have just started having productions again, but we are not comfortable in large groups yet. As far as the language used in the play is concerned, I remember distinctly watching the Eddie Murphy movie, “ Beverly Hills Cop” back in 1984 and being so appalled at the language. I too am not a fan of such language no matter the reason it is included in the script. I don’t use it and don’t like to hear it.

  5. Hi Pam,

    My hubby and me loved Hamilton, we saw it several years ago. I am glad you did too except for some of the off color words.

    1. Thanks Kimberly! We actually had already planned to do that! I also listened to the soundtrack on YouTube yesterday while I worked.

  6. I adore Hamilton. It took me 9 months to prepare for it. I read Ron Chernow’s biography. It’s lengthy, but excellent. I listened to the musical score to help me sort out the rap. To this day the music helps me zip up my step on my daily walks.

    There are often things in theater or opera that make me uncomfortable.

    Here’s a quote from Alexander Hamilton himself from his letter of Aug. 13, 1782: “I have thought it my duty to exhibit things as they are, not as they ought to be.”

  7. First, I highly suggest you watch H on Disney- and they get rid of the ONE F-bomb in the show and it’s easier to understand some of the lyrics (which do get fast paced no matter WHERE you sit). And I’m a George Washington fangirl as well!

    Second, you are incorrect on the history of swearing.

    They absolutely used foul language in the 1700s and the f*ck originated in literature in the 1500s. A 1790 poem by St. George Tucker has a father upset with his bookish son say “I’d not give [a f*ck] for all you’ve read”. Originally printed as “I’d not give —— for all you’ve read”, scholars agree that the words a f*ck were removed, making the poem the first recorded instance of the now-common phrase I don’t give a f*ck.

    1. Thanks Andrea. I do want to do my own research. You ladies have created a desire to do that. Thanks so much.,,

  8. Looks like another beautiful night on the town, and thanks for the tip of another great eatery. My best friend and I have pencilled in San Antonio as our 2023 dream destination!! In the photo outside the theater I see what looks like a gorgeous church/cathedral down the street to the left. Can’t wait to explore!

    1. The architecture is lovely, Connie. So much of the Spanish/Mexican heritage here…you would love the San Antonio Missions. Coming during the holidays or Fiesta in April is always additional fun.

  9. I think I’m the last person on earth who has not seen Hamilton, but I figure I will at some point. I’ve given up on judging the cussing and graphic violence in everything I see and just try to move on from it. It’s shocking to watch Sunday afternoon cable and realize small children are parked in front of the tv at that time. I’m interested in the shacket trend, and tried some on at Old Navy, because I don’t want to invest in a trend. I also “double trended” by trying on plaid ones. I didn’t like them on me, but the quality wasn’t as good as my favorite stores (badly cut, mismatched plaids, etc) and so I’m not sure if that was the reason. In store at Chicos, they showed a jasper pleather one that looked interesting, but I didn’t try it on. It’s a great look on you. Maybe it’s worth another try.

    1. I am so glad I tried this piece, Linda. It is a keeper and was a surprise…such a perfect upgrade for casual style. You might try one of the Chico’s styles. They are designed to be flattering with purposeful placement of seams.

  10. I love your “what I wore to …” stories! You looked classy! Your meal sounds yummy. Swearing is off-putting to me too. Yet, I don’t want to miss cultural events – movies included. My response is to pray a quick “God bless us all.” when I hear the swearing. It’s become so automatic that sometimes I know there was swearing only because I remember praying these words – ha!

  11. My high school English teacher told us that bad words have always been around and will probably always be but that we did not have to lower ourselves to use them. She thought that there was an abundance of other words in the English language to get our message across! Of course, I’m a little older than you but I have never used the Fword and GD, to me, is taking the Lord’s name in vain. When upset, I definitely have other words, as my kids will attest to! HaHa. Love your column and always look forward to it. We visited San Antonio years ago and loved it so much and hope to visit again.

  12. We’ve been wearing shirts over a tank or tee for the past 10 years, so a shacket was a natural progression, only warmer, and it embraces the new post-pandemic casual we’ve all come to love as an option to the more formal blazer. I am, however, resistant to wrapping myself in “snake” but other options are limitless. I love that shirt you have on. I picked it up on a sale and wear it often with camel or black slim pants. Comfortable and polished. And about the language, I’m with you. People who have to resort to vulgarity are unimaginative.

  13. I love stackers! They’re a great option here in spring and fall. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading about your evening out and seeing the photos of San Antonio. It looks like a vibrant and colourful city. I appreciated your review of Hamilton and agree that the language you described was unnecessary and in poor taste.

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