Shopping JCP winter with Leigh & Me

Shopping JCP winter with Leigh & Me

Happy Thursday!  We are back!  Let’s go together shopping JCP winter with Leigh & me.

Leigh Ann & I have so much fun on our shopping trips and returned to shopping JCP together because so many of you like the brand and responded when we shopped there before.

They have a gorgeous dressing room area at North Star Mall in San Antonio which also makes the whole experience enjoyable.

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Shopping JCP

First of all,  please allow me to explain that we went into our most recent shopping trips looking for colors that work best for a variety of women.

We did not try on all of one palette, but did our best to cover all palettes. Many of you have asked us to do just that.

For her first outfit today, Leigh Ann selected these pieces:

Liz Claiborne Quilted Vest in the color called Crema.

a.n.a. – Womens high-rise straight leg jeans in natural (we are big fans of this brand – I love the pair I purchased and wear often)

a.n.a. womens v neck long sleeve pullover sweater in rust combo

You might also like the Worthington Womens Turtleneck Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater.


Shopping JCP

Shopping JCP

Hi there!  I also started with a fun red Liz Claiborne Midweight Quilted jacket.  A great deal for $35!!  The color is called Cabaret Red Geo.

For those who love black, I wore the coat with this lovely embellished Liz Claiborne sweater.  Again, it appears to be sold out online, but here are some lovely options:

Liz Claiborne Womens Embellished Turtleneck which comes in five colors.

Liz Claiborne Womens Crew Neck Long Sleeve Pullover only now available in black.


Shopping JCP


Shopping JCP

This trip, we discovered a new athleisure- wear brand (new to us anyway) called Stylus.

Both of us were impressed with the quality and the fit of what we saw.

Leigh Ann wanted to show you this top, though she could’ve sized down in it. But the size she has on is a SMALL.  She usually wears a medium, but would like to try on an x-small. Sizing is generous.

She liked the zippers on the sides as a design element.

She is wearing the:

Stylus Women Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Tunic Top in Sand Peach.

and the….Stylus Mid-rise legging in light herringbone

Shopping JCP

This is a lovely color for all of you who can wear it and in a fun casual top. (Mary Found the Link! Stylus Sweatshirt!)

It is another one of those which must be sold out online, however,  JCP has many modern sweatshirts with some as low as $12…sweatshirt design has come a long way!  See below:


Shopping JCP

I saw this top from across a department and told Leigh Ann it would look great on her…and it did.

This is the Worthington Womens Turtleneck Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater in Oatmeal Heather.  It does come in four colors…I love the brown.

Shopping JCP

Dressing room posts are a challenge right now with low inventories after the holidays and a slow supply chain…however, we did find enough to have fun at JCP.

You just cannot beat the prices and often will discover a true gem…like I did with my a.n.a. jeans.  The cost per wear of these jeans for me is very, very low.

Let us know if you have questions and watch for another shopping with Leigh & Me next week!!


By Pamela Lutrell

Over 50 Feeling 40 in 2022

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  1. I have a question! The a.n.a. pants that Leigh Ann is wearing in the first photo…I honestly have been searching for ivory pants and need them to fit like the ones she is showing, that you also have. It’s usually pretty difficult to find them in the store in the color I want, so I’d like to purchase through your link. I’m really concerned about sizing. Penney’s, in my experience, does not do vanity sizing, and I appreciate that. Since most stores do, I’m wondering what size to buy. I’ve also found a.n.a. styles to run a little smaller. In Levi’s, jeans that fit me perfectly every time, I buy a size 4. At Talbot’s, I have bought both 4 and 6, but don’t like their pants because the waist gaps. What would you recommend? The size finders they put on the site are risky because they aren’t really all that accurate. I honestly have a need for these in my wardrobe so I’m really interested. I think I’m shaped a lot like Leigh Ann, from what I can tell from pictures. Sorry for the lengthy question!!

    1. Never apologize for a question, Karen! Let me ask Leigh Ann her thoughts and I will comment again this morning. Mine were true to size and I love the way the leg. Watch for more from Leigh Ann later!

      1. Thank you Pam! I’ll just add that I don’t have thin thighs. When I gain weight it’s always in my thighs. They aren’t thick, but they aren’t thin. I have to be careful with light colored jeans because I don’t want lumpy skin showing, but I don’t want them to be loose either. Hers appear to be straight and that’s what I’m after.

    2. Good morning, Karen –
      In response to sizing, I would say the jeans were true to fit. I am usually a size 6 and that is the size I tried on. The fit felt good, especially in the thighs. The length surprised me—in a good way—as they were regular sizing (not short or petite) and they fit perfectly with the boots I was wearing.
      Hope this helps!
      Take care, Leigh Ann

      1. Thank you Leigh Ann! It does help. I’m in the store right now, they only have distressed in this style but I came specifically to check sizes. They fit like the Levi’s fit me, so that’s good. I’m going to go through the link to buy them and will have to check the inseam because the ones in the store are too short. Thank you for responding, it really helps!

  2. Years ago I wore many Liz Claiborne items, and think I bought them from a Liz Claiborne store. Then when the brand moved to JCP , I continued to seek them out until my nearest store closed. You and Leigh Ann showed us several items that are attractive and so reasonably priced. I am especially interested in the leisure wear items as I have started walking daily in addition to going to yoga so I need some attractive, comfortable clothing for those activities. I will be investigating those items more closely as well as the a.n.a. brand jeans.

    1. We have been impressed so far with what we have seen. If it had been just me, I do not think I would have tried the a.n.a. brand. I tried them for the blog and then loved the pants so much…my color and fit were perfect for me.
      At these prices, they are worth a look.

  3. You ladies look great in all the outfits! JCP is reasonable with cute styles if you spend the time looking. I’m off to order the A.N.A. ecru jeans Leigh Ann is wearing. Great color, hard to find. Thanks.

    1. I hope they work for you…I have really enjoyed mine. One of my goals during this time of inflation is to find more affordable options for everyone. When I see them, I will bring them!

  4. I’m heading to our closest JCP- I want these natural colored pants too! Size 6 I think. But would love to try on first as I’m unfamiliar with these brands. Thanks for sharing! Abd Pam I love the red quilted coat too! Beautiful!

    1. JCP is like a treasure hunt, Paulette. Take several things in the dressing room. Some will surprise you with fit and quality. I was very surprised by the pants but so glad I gave them a look.

  5. Great finds today at a sweet price for any of us who are trying to up our loungewear or workout style game. I prefer to order on line, but with a new to me retailer I go into the nearest store and just try a variety of things on to get a sense of their sizing and cuts. It’s been years since I shopped JCP, but we do have a local store. Thanks to both of you for hunting through the dreck of post Christmas fashion. I went out the other day shopping in person for the first time in a long time. There was hardly any stock around here in several of the stores I visited.

    1. As you see in the post Linda…there are differences between what is in store and online. We were not sure what we would find…but it turned out to be a fun shopping venture.

  6. So many cute things here! I love the Worthington’s turtleneck long sleeved pullover in oatmeal on Leigh Ann.

    1. Thank you for finding the link to the Mint Green sweatshirt top! You are the best…i changed it and added the link to the post!

      1. You’re very welcome! I do love a good challenge. I believe I may have found the sweater under Leigh Ann’s cream vest as well. Such pretty colors there. Would you like that too?

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