A day of self care with Leigh & me

A day of self care

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I want to take you on a day of self care with Leigh & me.

One thing is for sure after the past two years, we can all use a little self care…sprucing up…R & R…whatever you want to call it.

Before Christmas, the Hiatus Spa near Hotel Emma in San Antonio ran specials to use for gifts.

Leigh Ann has been such a blessing to me with assistance on the blog and I know a blessing to you, that  I decided we would begin the new year with a little self care!

We waited a little while for the current numbers of the pandemic to go down, and this week headed downtown to for our self care day!


day of self care

Our day was gorgeous…morning temps in the thirties;  low humidity and a clear blue sky.

I was glad to have the Chico’s Plush Shacket in Classic Navy to wear for warmth and style.  It is such a great addition to my winter wardrobe.

On this day, I matched the awnings at Southerleigh’s with the Bold Stripe and Paisley Oblong Scarf.

Today, I am styling these with a top I recently purchased at Loft…and I really like it and it Is going to be perfect for any time of year.

This is the Bee Ruffle Top…and it is super cute and looks so good when your adjectives include creativity and joy.

I am actually wearing on my collar a gold bee pin which was a gift from a friend years ago.   Reminds me to BEE HAPPY!

The denim pull-on jeggings and Comfortiva Sneakers have been regulars in my outfits for awhile.

I like the mixing of the prints in the scarf and blouse.  Ir works because the colors are the same and it is a subtle way to mix things up. 

day of self care

I cannot link to Leigh Ann’s selections today, but she looked ready for our spa visit in her Loft sweatshirt from last fall, leggings, sneakers and her scarf of autumn palette colors.


day of self care

A day of self care really should revolve around a great spa…as ours did at Hiatus Spa.

day of self care

Both of us selected facials and massage for our visit .  The only thing I hate about spa visits Is that I have to eventually leave….so sad.

day of self care

The Himalayan Salt Lamps…soothing spa music…heated beds and towels…self care pampering…why would you want to leave?

I did receive some good news from the esthetician!  She asked about the skincare products I use and I told her all about Chamonix.

She confirmed…”You are using great products. You skin looks amazing and is in perfect shape for your age.  I am impressed.”

It is always nice to here a professional affirm your choices.  Thanks Chamonix (they currently have a Valentine’s sale in progress)

I have been a big proponent of facials for a long time.  I always benefit from a refreshing, deep cleaning, exfoliating and tightening treatment.  Our treatment was called The 29 Again Facial.

So now, I am over 50, feeling 40, looking 29…again!

Day of Self Care

After our two treatments, we relaxed in a resting area where essential oils flowed, soft lights ruled, and comforting tea was enjoyed…it was a delicious herbal tea.

What I learned in my excellent Deep Tissue Massage was that I have not been stretching enough before I walk or workout.  

When I went to a gym, I was faithful to stretch.  I need to get back to that. 


Day of Self Care

A day of self care really should include some time outside if possible.

The Pearl area is perfect on days like this to grab a healthy meal and eat outside to watch the fun.

Like cute kids feeding birds!

Day of Self Care

Other ladies getting some vitamin D outside by the water pad.

Note:  We were careful to eat in the shade.  It is dangerous for your skin to eat in the sun right after a facial.  We were careful and also drank lots of water!

Drinking lots of water flushes your system after a massage.

Day of Self Care

So many cute ones to watch on this day and enjoy.  She was captivated with the large leaves which had fallen from the trees in this areas.

A day of self care

Every day of self care should end with smiles and ours did.   I adored this young lady with her dog and how they were both smiling.

This day was a shot in the arm I needed to just relax for awhile.  If you are desiring to refresh you skin, you might check out the beauty products at Sephora, Ulta, Dillard’s, or Nordstrom.

At Nordstrom, you will find the Hydropeptide collection and that is what the spa used for our facials.  Both of us were very impressed with this line…including the blueberry mask!

Or, go with my proven success with Chamonix…they even have a line of SPA PRODUCTS…then you can have a spa at home.

Leigh Ann is going to purchase a small crock pot at Bed, Bath & Beyond to use for warm towels at home…love the idea and I would add a touch of essential oils in the mix with the towels!

My nail technician said the crockpot works the best for towels if you line the bottom in stones.

Also, I am still a fan of this excellent sunscreen!   You will love the way your skin looks after putting it on.

Hope this day will inspire you to do a little self care soon!  I have more skin care reviews coming up in the next two weeks….you might watch for those.  I have been asked to look at these products.


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Such a nice day for you both! I appreciate your caution about the shade. I had a friend once who had a facial treatment, then went out and washed her car … she blistered! I am home taking care of a sick hubby today, so something like this sounds heavenly.

  2. A well deserved self care outing for the two of you! Enjoyed your “people on the street” pictures too. Congrats on your 29 year old skin! Your skin routine and dedication to your products really shows

  3. Thanks Deanna! I do love my products and I also love to learn about new products on the market.

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