Consistency is key to style, health and beauty

Consistency is key

Happy Thursday, ladies…February is moving right along!  Today, I would like to discuss how Consistency is key to style, health and beauty.

We are bombarded with messages in these areas, but I have learned, that if I pick a path and stick to it, then I will achieve the success I am seeking.

Consistency is key.  From Daily Quotes: “If you are persistent you will get it…if you are consistent you will keep it.”


Consistency is Key

One of the reasons I love My Foundational Five Building Blocks to Personal Style is they have taught me much about how consistency really is a key.

If I am consistent to dress and shop with my five adjectives (joyful, approachable, creative, polished and current) then I do see a personal style that is unique to me.

Even in an outfit for walking in the neighborhood like this Zenergy Jacket in Red Zinnia Zenergy Pants in Navy, and the Side Split tank in cherry pop, I can meet all of my adjectives.Once 

My vibrant autumn color palette at times helps me to communicate that I am creative and current…vibrant and joyful. 

My unique style begins to develop with the consistency of dressing with my best colors and with my intention to communicate the adjectives I have selected.

Here are more fun items currently at Chico’s…and if you love black & white it is everywhere for spring:

Once you select your adjectives just remember success comes with CONSISTENCY.





Consistency is Key

I am only going to discuss skincare today and how consistency is a key with healthy, youth restoring care.  

I have a couple of older friends who often go days without washing or hydrating their skin.  They believe aging is inevitable (TRUE) so there is no reason to practice daily care (FALSE – I believe).

No matter where I am or what I am doing, I care for my complexion twice a day and always see the results.  Fresh, glowing, healthy skin is always youth restoring.

It is also one of the reasons I go for a facial at least 2-3 times a year.  It is amazing what a little exfoliation and a masque will do.

For a few years now, after cleansing my face, I use daily Chamonix products…Genucel Deep Firming Serum Genucel XV,  Genucel Jawline Treatment, and  Genucel Dark Circle Treatment.

They have several new products I want to try, and the consistency with these has paid off!

Recently, an esthetician told me that my skin was great and very hydrated…Thanks Chamonix.

After this visit to the spa where the esthetician worked, I was impressed with the HydroPeptide line.  So, I am currently using the exfoliating cleanser, cleansing gel, and Power Lift cream at night.

I like it…the products feel so amazing on my skin.  Whatever you do, do something….remember CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY.


Consistency is key

I know consistency works when caring for our personal health…but I am about to confess to you that I still have much to learn….even at age 68.

I am very consistent with my supplements and according to my blood tests, that has paid off immeasurably for better immunity.

Also, during warmer months I am consistent daily with exercise and healthy eating.  However, from October – March, I often hit a wall.

Holiday cooking and eating has been a set back for me every year, and there is something about cold weather that will shut down my movement, if I allow it to.

It is good to recognize your personal issues that block consistency…in any of these areas…that is key to overcoming the problems and remaining consistent.

I am determined this year to be consistent with exercise and healthy eating through cold and warm weather.  The set backs can be so discouraging.

Since the pandemic, I still have not returned to the gym and do not know if I will.  But, I must be consistent with weight training without it or go back.

I have returned to using the videos by Paula B…which are specifically for women over 50. These are great workouts for the days it is too cold to go out.

And this week I returned to a program I have done off and on for years…now I need to keep it going…Consistency is the key!

I am one who has experienced past success with the Weight Watchers app.  I will eat better if I am consistent to log it in and count the points.  The plate at the top here has only one point and was a great breakfast.

I have finally synced my FitBit to the WW app so I get my movement properly in line with my eating.  

The hardest thing for me right now is not cooking…I love to cook…but I will share the healthy eating recipes here too.

So, today I am preaching to myself in this area of exercise and healthy eating.  It is time to begin again and STICK WITH IT!

Just remember…consistent good choices leads to good health…consistent care of our complexions leads to a youthful glow…and consistent messaging with our clothing leads to a unique strong personal style.

Thank you for being here.  Please join in the conversation…and join me with hope for changes we can all make as we continue to….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Oh my can I relate to all of this. My foot was fractured in August and took about 6 months to completely heal to where I felt I could walk for fitness again. I have not gone back to the gym either because I can’t exercise in a mask. I use a large variety of Leslie Sansone workouts inside in the winter because of snow and ice on trails and sidewalks. I can’t wait to get back outside on some natural terrain! But I’m consistent with my indoor workouts and they do pay off after indulging during the holidays! Skin care is a must, especially with sweating during exercise and then having my face routinely “kissed” by the pup!! It’s tough enough seeing the changes through the years without neglect. Like you, I love to cook. It’s like a hobby. Since I cook only for me unless I have someone over, I have a freezer packed with leftovers, and I’m eating far more salads and plant-based things these days which don’t need more than quick sauteing or roasting at the most. I miss regular cooking a lot!! That said, I have witnessed some devastating effects of neglecting health and exercise, so on I go with a more healthy routine. Finding what works is the key. Doing what you enjoy and can do. I really like that Travelers skirt and the indigo Travelers pants in the slideshow. I think those have a place in my wardrobe! I wish the skirt came in petites, but either way, it would work. Probably going to be happening today!! Wish I could walk with you in your beautiful neighborhood (away from the ice!!)

    1. I wish we could walk together as well, Karen! In January, I switched to more of a plant based Meal plan and I really like it… but not Mr. B…I have to find a way to feed him and not allow it to tempt me. Someday I will conquer all of it! Sigh….

  2. Despite chronic knee issues (cold and dampness exaggerate this) I get out and walk all winter:2-3 miles sometimes in two walks am and pm depending on how much snow is a round but no walking if icy. That’s a huge rule! Ice is treacherous!
    I’ve kept the ten pounds Off that was a pre pandemic effort. I also cannot eat mist pasta or pastry or pizza because of celiac disease. And those GF substitutes are just not great, so I’m forced to eat more healthy! Thanks for your continued inspiration Pan!

    1. Sometimes those things that force us into healthy living are silver linings. Thanks for the encouragement, Paulette!

  3. Thanks to your talking about Pahla’s 5-0 weight loss plan, I started following her program last June 1. I consistently count my calories daily, attempt to drink 64 oz. of water daily ( 1/2 oz. for every pound of my weight), and exercise. I try to walk a mile+ daily in a city cemetery behind our house, and did even on our coldest days. I go to yoga twice a week, and I usually follow one of Pahla’s videos daily. I have not lost the weight I hoped to lose (15 lbs.), but I do feel healthier and more fit. I lost about four pounds and seemed to plateau, but I’ve continued to follow the program although I’m not losing any weight.

    1. Thanks for sharing Celia! Your consistency is inspirational. I just finished a Paula B cardio and added a personal small weight workout before it. Glad to be back in the saddle again.

  4. Two foot surgeries and almost 10 months of scooter/walker/restricted activities made 2021 hard, but I I’m back up to 2 miles a day if not icy out. Soon, I hope, I will be able to add more. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years, but it was a much harder transition for my husband. But our labs prove our much improved health, so that’s motivating. If you like to cook, you eventually will find many recipes that reward your efforts. It’s a journey for sure, and I’ve found adding mushrooms and more spices to meals helps with that missing umami. My husband, the main daily cook here, says it’s more about “chopping” than “cooking” when you’re plant based; it’s still time in the kitchen, but with a different mindset. The last couple of years have indeed been challenging, and although I got the holiday weight gain off, my slow weight loss has not continued. I too have not been back to the gym, between surgery and Covid. But last year was last year. You’re right! Time to get consistent!

  5. Pamela~Wonderful post on consistency! You gave me the nudge I needed to get back on track with exercise and skincare. For that matter whole body skincare! We all can do this together. Doctors orders walk 20 minutes each day and block of excercises. No diet cheating for me. The holidays are always filled with food temptations. 10 lbs to goal! Your posts are always filled with wonderful suggestions and help! Beautiful colors you wore today! Be well!

  6. What great advice ~ to be true to yourself! You’ve even defined it by 5 adjectives to remind you of who you are (joyful, approachable, creative, polished and current). I’m going to take some time to think about how I see myself too… And to remember that consistency is key, even the little things we do can help us to remain on track towards our goals!

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